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HES Solar Overview

HES Solar is a medium-sized solar energy and storage provider. They were founded in 2001 by Doctor Learn and provide its services to the San Diego area. Since 2001 the company has seen good growth, it currently employs roughly 24 staff with a revenue of around $13 million.

The company provides a range of services to homes and businesses including solar power and storage as well as a maintenance service for existing solar owners.



HES Solar services and features

HES Solar Products

Specific Solar Panels Offered

HES Solar predominantly uses panels manufactured by SunPower, a highly rated company. SunPower cells are some of the most efficient on the market, with an efficiency of upto 22.8%. They are also some of the most reliable, degrading at just 0.25% a year, meaning they should remain viable for at least forty years.


Specific Types of Solar Power Offered

Residential- HES Solar’s residential installations are tailor-made for the needs of the individual client. As such they offer a range of different types of installation. They offer both roof-mounted systems and ground-mounted systems depending on what the customer wants.

They also offer energy storage in the form of the highly respected TESLA power wall, of which they are certified installers. 

For EV owners they also offer EV chargers and are certified installers of both Chargepoint and TESLA options.

HES Solar offers both grid-tied and off-the-grid installs. In a grid-tied system, the customer is still partially dependent on their utility provider whereas an off-the-grid system is more expensive but makes the customer completely independent. 


Commercial- HES Solar has installed over 20 million watts of commercial solar since 2001. They specialize in designing and installing innovative and efficient commercial systems utilizing ground mounts, ballasted roof mounts, and carports to name a few.

As well as solar panels they can install both energy storage and EV chargers on a commercial scale. 


Solar Services- Not just an install HES Solar also works as a solar maintenance company. Existing owners of solar panels (not just HES customers) can arrange for a technician to visit and inspect their panels. The company offers a yearly subscription service that includes 3 tiers, or customers can pay for a one-off visit. 



HES Solar Installation Costs

For most of its services HES Solar does not list prices on its site, instead customers must visit the site for a free quote. However, by reading customer reviews online we can make some conclusions as to installation costs. 

Universally customers appear to be happy with the prices quoted by HES Solar. Most customers state that HES solars quotes were comparable, if not better, than other local installers. It would seem that their size and close ties to their partners allow them to keep costs down while also offering excellent service.

Customers also felt that quotes were fair and customers were never pressured into paying for services they did not need or ask for. No customers mentioned paying more than their original quote. The high efficiency of the panels HES Solar offers means several customers mentioned being very happy with the returns they have made from their systems.

For a one-off technician call out HES Solar quotes anything from $50-150 per hour depending on the job and level of technician required. Their maintenance plans cost between $499-899 depending on whether you are an existing customer or not and the level of service you require.

For those worried about cost, HES Solar offers loan and lease options to make installation more affordable. They also offer a referral program where customers are paid $500 for each referral and an extra $500 for every batch of 5. 

Overall HES Solar offers an excellent level of cost vs benefit. Their systems are fairly priced and their consultation procedure seems trustworthy. Existing customers are all more than happy with both the price they paid and their returns. 


HES Solar Legitimacy

HES Solar is a large, successful company and there is no doubt as to its Legitimacy:

The company is accredited with the BBB
Recognized and licensed to operate in San Dİego
Certified TESLA Powerwall installer
Winner of 2021 Intelegant Award for Commercial Solar Design
NABCEP certified
Long established with over 20 million watts of energy installed
Transparent with contact details
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On top of this Eagle Solar and Light have almost exclusively positive reviews, averaging 5/5 on google with over 115 legitimate sounding reviews.

We could only find two negative reviews online. Both had a similar theme, complaining about how hard it was to contact HES solar after installation. One negative review, in particular, mentions water damage due to a roof damaged during installation which HES was apparently slow to rectify. 

Overall despite the two negative reviews, we are confident in stating that HES Solar is a reliable and trustworthy company. The two negative reviews appear to be outliers in an otherwise legitimate service. 


HES Solar Maintenance

HES Solar offers a high level of post-installation maintenance for both existing and new customers. 

The vast majority of customers are happy with the level of customer service they have received. Several state outright that HES customer services reps were always easy to contact and quick to rectify any issues customers had experienced. Several customers stated issues with their original installations were repaired at no extra cost. 

Only two customers complained about customer service. The first had a damaged roof that caused water damage. Whilst the company did eventually repair the damage the customer was not happy with how long it took or the hoops they had to jump through to get it done. They felt their customer service rep repeatedly dropped the ball.

The second contacted the company post-installation about having a battery installed. They felt the company wasn’t interested in the job and wasted his time. Ultimately the customer chose to look elsewhere. 

All HES Solar products come with a warranty. Installation is covered for 10 years, including any roof leaks near the installation. The panels themselves come with a 25-year warranty, including any reinstallation that may be needed in the event of a dud panel. 

The company also offers an annual maintenance service which comes in three tiers. The free tier offers online monitoring, alert updates, and phone support. For $499 customers get an annual service call and preventative maintenance. For $799 the service focuses on maximizing energy production. 

Whilst useful customers should look at their yearly returns from their panels before choosing one of HES Solar’s maintenance packages. Any profit from the panels could be eaten up in maintenance costs.

Overall customers appear to be happy with the maintenance done by HES solar. ‘ negative reviews notwithstanding most customers found it easy to contact the company and schedule appointments. The maintenance packages are a nice option but the price means they may not be suitable for everyone. 



The SolarEmpower view

On the whole HES Solar is a great choice for anyone looking for experienced solar installers in the San Diego area. The company offers an excellent mixture of expertise and customer service that comes at a fair price.

The vast majority of customers appear to be more than happy with their panels and the returns they are making. While the two negative reviews are unfortunate we feel they are exceptions to the rule and as such have no problems recommending HES Solar.

💲Cost: 8/10 ✅Legitimacy: 10/10
⭐️Quality: 10/10 📞Customer Service: 8/10
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Contact details

Phone: 619 692 2015

Address: 9085 Aero Dr., Suite A, San Diego, CA 92123

Email: Via website at: https://hessolar.com/contact/

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Is HES Solar worth it?

On the whole, yes. HES Solar offers a great cost vs benefit for solar installation. However, customers may want to check their returns before spending money on a maintenance package.

Do Eagle Solar and Light Provide a good Service?

Yes the vast majority of customers are more than happy with the service they received. HES solar was quick to respond to queries and offer high levels of maintenance.

Are Eagle Solar and Light trustworthy?

Yes. The company is well established and has won several awards. They enjoy almost universally positive customer reviews.

HES Solar Solar Details

9085 Aero Drive Suite A
San Diego CA

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