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Updated on 2023-03-18

Helios Solar System LLC Overview

Helios Solar is a relatively small company, providing engineering consulting services and solar powered solutions to both homeowners and businesses alike.  The company was founded in Virginia in 2009, with the main aim of advancing the use of solar power on homes, businesses, towns and counties in the area.  Helios Solar pride themselves in performing their work in an efficient, precise and conscientious manner, without frustrating or interrupting those around them, all whilst doing the right thing for the environment.  The company strive to exceed customer expectations with a team who has credentials and skills far beyond their competitors, putting them a cut above the rest, which is reflective on multiple review databases and platforms.

They have a team of fewer than 25 professional and courteous individuals, and produce a turnover of less than $5 Million per annum.



Helios Solar services and features

What Helios do

The company focusses on providing custom solar power solutions to both residential and businesses as well as offer a consulting service.  The aim is to provide the customer with the power to make any project a reality by using the energy from the sun to directly convert into power for the home or business, which in turn cancels out the amount of electricity purchased from a power company.  By doing so, it saves customers large amounts in electricity bills, and creates a cleaner environment.  



For residential homes, the company offers full installation services for new systems and projects, as well as service and repair existing and current systems.  The Company offers unbiased and balanced assessments with a free solar energy appraisal.

Helios Solar offer the residential sector the following:

  • Project management of the solar project, from ensuring that the projects are completed on time and within the expected schedule.  The Company ensures that all requirements are defined up front, that they are in line with the expectations of the customer,  and managed up to and including completion, within the specified budget/cost and timeously. 
  • Solar feasibility studies are conducted by the Company, in advance, and before any large serious commitment is taken regarding capital of a potential project.  The company will look at various aspects such as the economic benefits, the particular site and its surroundings, the validity of the solar production and whether there is sufficient demand for the project and what structures are available to determine the feasibility of solar power before executing.
  • Design and engineering are probably the most important two aspects of the solar power project.  Helios Solar will ensure that all designs are in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and the International Residential and Building Codes.  The Company will review designs and thoroughly verifying performance calculations meticulously, ensuring they are correct. 
  • Installation, testing and commissioning is a full service offered by Helios Solar.  The Company offers a turnkey service whereby they will design, specify, permit, order and deliver equipment.  In addition, the company will install, test and commission each solar system.  Once commissioned by the client, Helios Solar will monitor, and service the solar equipment over its lifespan.



Much like residential homes, the company can offer the same services to businesses and/or commercial clients.  Solar power systems can be classified as an asset for any business, and can be depreciated for tax purposes.  

Helios Solar offer the commercial sector the following:

  • Project management from  the company offers large commercial and government programs support with their Project Offices to ensure that complex projects are successful in meeting all technical, cost and schedule objectives.  This is done through Microsoft Project platform, assisting schedulers to effectively and efficiently manage the project.
  • Solar feasibility studies are also conducted by the Company for commercial clients, business owners and for those who own real property.  These studies almost always ensure that solar power will make a great deal of economic sense, all whilst ensuring a safer and cleaner environment for all.
  • Design and engineering served by the company include support with specifications, design drawings, performance estimates, calculations, inspections, permitting and construction observation, transforming the clients objectives into detailed packages, and converting objectives into a reality, saving the clients thousands each year.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning is a full service offered by Helios Solar Systems to all business and/or commercial clients.  The Company offers a turnkey service, and have wholesale agreements with numerous suppliers to ensure they are not tied up to any one product.  This in turn assists with providing the best equipment at the best price suitable to the client at any time.  This unbiased approach ensures that the client is happy and satisfied with both quality and price.


Helios Solar Costs

They do not specifically specify any costs, as each solar powered project is unique to the client or customer and their specific demands and needs.  According to multiple review sources and databases, customers have only ever commended Helios Solar with competitive pricing, without any hidden costs, and always getting value for money.  Customers have specifically mentioned that they have received excellent service, quality products and an expert, friendly team to top it off.  

Our experts are of the opinion that customers have paid their quoted price and did not have to pay any amounts in excess of what was envisioned and/or promised.   

Helios Solar offer a free solar power appraisal for each potential project.  These appraisals aim to show each client, whether residential or commercial, the vast amount of money they can save from using solar power.  The appraisals also assist customers in having peace of mind that all reviews have first been done, prior to commitment, in order to determine whether the structure is a good candidate for solar power or not.  The Company will also go as far as providing a monthly solar power production estimate, which can be used in comparison to their current electricity bill, to know exactly how much money they are able to save.

The company will provide business and commercial clients with a summary of all the incentives offered by government in their specific city and state, which can possibly save thousands in tax.  

Customer reviews have led our experts to believe that the costs are well affordable, and according to multiple review databases, are content and happy with the pricing and costs required to save thousands on their bills.  Customers raved about the designs being elegant and the team being professional, organized, prepared and well knowledgeable.

Our experts recommend Helios Solar for quality products that are not unsightly and blend in with the environment.  In addition, the Company is transparent with their visions, and the costs that correlate with it, leaving customers happy and satisfied.   


Helios Solar Legitimacy

Helios Solar have secured top-class and highly knowledgeable mechanical and electrical engineers for designing all their engineering drawings.  In addition, Helios Solar is a NABCEP certified solar PV installer (091110-100).  They are licensed in the state of Virginia (VA 2705-132488) and also insured.  To further their legitimacy, the Company not only has a professional engineer for approval of all engineering drawings and zoning/permitting services, but also a highly qualified and certified project management professional to manage the costs and schedule of each project.  Helios Solar make the use of highly insightful, intelligent and experienced electricians for installations, tests, assessments, and trouble-shooting, using Bluehost technologies.

Despite Helios Solar not being BBB accredited, our experts continue to view the company as a reliable and trustworthy service provider, who provide a wonderful and warm service to its clients.  According to multiple review databases, Helios Solar were given five star ratings by various customers, specifically for being on schedule, providing quality products and services, at competitive pricing with no hidden costs.


Helios Solar Maintenance

Helios Solar are generally easy to contact, with an option which allows potential customers to get started immediately by making use of the direct email address provided, which is available around the clock, and all year through.  When getting started, the Company provides a summary of the specific type of service selected, which helps the customer decide whether that specific type of service is valuable to them.  Although the Company does not offer the customer any address details or contact numbers, nor an updated social media platforms, customers have reported the Company to respond speedily to enquiries and with great care and knowledge, including offering all clients a free solar power appraisal in order to introduce the services they can offer to save money.

According to various sources and databases, the owner of the Company responds directly to the clients and always gives a valid and transparent answer to any questions which may arise.  Customers have given some wonderful feedback in their testimonials, commending the Company for impressive and beautiful work completed.

According to our experts and various sources and databases Helios Solar pride themselves in leaving customers completely satisfied with their excellent work.




Helios Solar provide good value for money products and solutions for both businesses and homeowners.  The Company believes that the key solution to the world’s energy problem is solar power, and the best way to get started is by making use of their free solar appraisal to show you exactly how you can contribute towards a healthy and happy environment.  Analyses has shown that Helios Solar have friendly, efficient and knowledgeable experts, who assist in providing their customers with a wonderful all round experience.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
UL Certification
UL Certification
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
Solar Power World
Solar Power World

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Does Solar power make economic sense?

Of course!  The study found that Helios Solar do not only use one particular product line, and therefore offer the best quality product at the best possible competitive price.  Not only do you save money with the equipment installed, but also by using the energy from the sun to power your home, saving you money all the way.

Does Helios Solar offer an assessment?

Yes, the company offers a free solar power appraisal, where an investigation is performed to determine the best possible solution for your home or business, and whether the property is a feasible or suitable candidate for solar power.

What does the free solar power appraisal include?

An image of the home or business showing the best place to install the solar panels in order to get the best results.  In addition, the company will provide a monthly solar power production estimate, comparing it your current electrical bill, so a customer can see how money they will save. Furthermore, the appraisal will provide a synopsis of the various incentives the government offers in your city and state, saving the customer thousands in tax breaks. 

Helios Solar Systems Solar Details

21023 Powderhorn Court
Ashburn VA

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