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Updated on 2023-02-04



GWA Solar is based in Altoona, Iowa and was established in 2008. They provide solar design and installation with over 25 years of staff experience in energy systems. The company is run by a small team of less than 25 people and we estimate that the company brings in less than five million dollars annually, perhaps pointing towards a slightly smaller operation than other companies.  They have their BBB certification and have several high customer ratings.

The company does not have a large internet presence, but it seems a legitimate business with BBB accreditation and an active company site. 

GWA Solar Specifics

Services Provided

Design & Installation

GWA provides ground mount, roof mount, grid-tied, and off grid solar panel systems. Many brands are utilized for their installations, but all of their panels and inverters are UL certified. The company has distribution deals with several manufacturers and wholesalers, both domestic and international. 

Once customers reach out, the company will design a system suitable to the customer’s needs and limitations. After work is agreed upon, the company will provide a detailed invoice with parts and labor costs. They provide different financing options and will assist with state solar rebates and tax credits.

Monitoring & Maintenance

All solar systems the company installs come with 24/7 monitoring to keep them running efficiently and to make repairs simpler. The company is committed to keeping solar panels running for their full lifespan, between 25 to 30 years. Customers can see all of the monitors for the company’s systems on their website.

In addition to the monitoring, GWA also provides repair and maintenance services like cleaning and preventative maintenance. They are on-call at all times to assist customers with any equipment failures. 

System Optimization

Longevity is important for solar systems and GWA also provides system optimization services for customers. This ensures the best possible energy out. Some of the ways the company does this is with periodic system diagnostic tests, reviews of systems to identify any core issues that need to change, and warranty services for all parts. 


For those customers who aren’t quite sure, GWA offers in depth consulting with over 25 years of industry experience. They assist with grant writing, feasibility studies, both project and environmental permits, and geotechnical analysis. 

They provide resources and educational materials so that potential customers can be more knowledgeable before spending. Long-time solar users also benefit from the company’s constant updates of solar product news and law. 

Installation Process & Costs


Prospective customers must schedule a consultation with the company. A technician is sent to the area. The technician will inspect the area and run a slew of tests to make an educated decision about which system would be suitable. Taking the customer’s desires into account, a design is created and discussed with the customer. Once work is agreed, the company sends a licensed team to install the system. 


Based on research, the company offers fair and competitive prices for their work. Solar panel installation can be quite expensive, so there are several financing options and the company will help with any tax rebates available. Previous customers have said that they do offer discounts for certain parts since they have direct contacts with manufacturers. 


GWA Solar is BBB accredited and has been in business for well over a decade years. They don’t have much of a social media presence, not posting anything since 2016. However, all of their reviews have been five stars. There are video reviews on their company page from customers. Not many reviews exist, however, which is uncommon for a company that works in several states. There is an office and a company number. For these reasons, we would recommend GWA Solar, but perhaps point you towards a slightly bigger company if you are looking for a better-established operation.

The SolarEmpower View

GWA Solar seems to be a good company that provides expert service and maintenance. Customer feedback is immaculate, with all ratings landing five stars. Many of the services they provide are unique and a lot more than some competitors may provide. This is attractive and shows that they will try to save you money in the long run.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is GWA Solar trustworthy?

The company is BBB accredited and all of their technicians are board certified. All of the customer reviews available are high and no negative reviews. There aren’t many employees and they claim to cover the entire Midwest, a large area for such a small team. However, they are a legitimate company.

Will GWA Solar provide proper maintenance?

GWA provides extremely thorough maintenance with 24/7 support and monitoring. They will pick up anything wrong and provide any necessary services to keep the panels operating.

Does GWA Solar provide free consultation?

No, unfortunately GWA does charge for consultation. They don’t provide anything for free.

GWA Solar Solar Details

707 17th Avenue SW
Altoona IA

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