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Updated on 2023-02-04

GREENSUN Inc. Overview

GREENSUN Inc. is a turnkey solar company that will design, develop and install your solar panels from start to finish. They are based in Irvine, California and is a local installer offering a specialized and bespoke service from start to finish. The company reduces costs by taking care of everything themselves without the need for sub-contractors but this means that its installations are more expensive. The company is relatively new with not many reviews therefore meaning it is a bit of an unknown quantity in the solar sector. 



GREENSUN Inc. services and features

GREENSUN Inc. Products

The company serves both residential and commercial clients promising to provide cost-effective and cutting edge technology in all their products. This includes:

  • Construction on your property to maximize surface area for solar panel installation
  • Design, build and execute carport structures
  • Installation and maintenance of charging stations
  • Extending the life of pavement and tarmac to protect against sun and give a modern appearance
  • Off grid and Grid connected options available depending on your preference
  • Power storage packages available including custom products for commercial use

Photovoltaic solar panels are one of the most used types of solar panels. A number of solar cells will make up the photovoltaic panel that is connected to a convertor. The absorbed sunlight will produce a direct current that is changed into an alternating current. These types of panels will generally have an efficiency of 20% and their area approximately 1m2. They are stylish with a black hue and in comparison to a Polycrystalline panel; they are more efficient so a much better long term investment. 

If you live in the California area local to GREENSUN Inc. and require a more complex project undertaken by a company to perhaps provide more surface area or other aspects of construction in addition to having solar panels installed, then GREENSUN Inc. are definitely worth considering.



The company being a small operation and turnkey service provider means that they will be a lot more expensive in comparison to their competitors. GREENSUN Inc. does provide financing packages through their approved lenders which can help spread the cost of the system over your desired time period. The company specifically states that they are a more specialized installer and thus welcome challenging and complex projects that perhaps others are not willing to take on due to the amount of work involved.


GREENSUN Inc.  Legitimacy

As they are a relatively new company, as we have previously mentioned the company is somewhat of an unknown quantity. We were unable to source any reviews and their website doesn’t include a portfolio showcasing their previous projects or work that they are undertaking. Furthermore, the company does not show up in the Better Business Bureau database.



The SolarEmpower view

In our expert opinion GREENSUN Inc. provide a very niche service preferring to work with larger clients but can also accommodate residential installations. The only issue for residential clients is that they will be considerably more expensive than their competitors. However, if your project will need additional construction work that others companies do not want to get involved in, then you should certainly get in touch with them to see if they can meet your expectations. For commercial clients, they can modernize your offices by building modern carport structures with charging stations for electric vehicles and extend the life of your structures. Their power storage options also mean they can give you bespoke products that will be designed by them to ensure it can meet your requirements.



Contact details:

Address: 2801 Alton Parkway, Unit 205, Irvine, CA 92606

Tel: (949) 295-7943

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Will GREENSUN Inc. offer their clients a free consultation?

It is a common practise for companies to offer a free consultation service as part of their service but GREENSUN Inc. does not offer this.

Will GREENSUN Inc. offer proper maintenance of their installed systems?

There are no reviews for us to base our answer on but being a turnkey company, they will have expert knowledge and will be very experienced in this sector.

Is GREENSUN Inc. recommended?

Yes if you are looking for a company to undertake a large project that will have many additional components involving construction.

GREENSUN Inc. Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10 Years Workmanship.
Licensing Information


2801 Alton Parkway, Unit 205
Irvine, CA

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