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Green Point Wind and Solar is a professional wind and solar equipment installation company based in Georgia, United States. The company was founded in 2009, nearly almost thirteen years ago. Green Point Wind and Solar has an annual revenue of over $55 thousand.

Green Point Wind and Solar specializes in the sales and installation of small wind and solar photovoltaic power generation systems. They also take pride in providing high-quality commercial, residential, and government renewable energy installations. 

Green Point Wind and Solar Services and Specifics

Solar Panels and services offered by Green Point Wind and Solar

Green Point Wind and Solar is a full-service solar energy installation company that provides a number of products and services which include: 

Wind and Solar PV Power Generation Systems: The company installs wind and solar electric photovoltaic power generation systems.

Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems: Green Point Wind and Solar also sells thermal water heating systems to be used for residential and commercial applications. 

Small Wind Turbines: These turbines utilize wind energy to turn a generator that produces usable clean and renewable electricity for both residential and business purposes. This clean electricity contributes greatly to reduced carbon emissions.

Green Point Wind & Solar primarily provides its services to North Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and metropolitan Atlanta. 

Installation costs and processes

Green Point Wind and Solar Costs: 

While there are no customer reviews available about the company’s pricing, Green Point Wind and Solar strives to provide its customers with the most affordable prices. Also, they are focused on delivering the highest quality products.

The mix of affordable pricing and quality products and services is good for the image of the company.

Green Point Wind and Solar Legitimacy:

There isn’t much information available online about Green Point Wind and Solar, so we would advise that you tread carefully before making a firm decision to work with them. Although licenses aren’t required for solar installers in GA, here are some pieces of information we found:

  • The company’s contact details and address are easily accessible on the internet.
  • Green Point Wind and Solar is registered by the Georgia Corporations Division as a domestic limited liability company.

Green Point Wind and Solar Maintenance: 

Green Point Wind and Solar strongly claims to focus on customer service and satisfaction through its high quality installations using the best quality components. The company has rightly asserted that the satisfaction of their customers with their products is extremely important.

However, our experts found no evidence of these statements in practice. Again, we’d advise that you contact the company about specifics, given that their information is available readily online. 

The SolarEmpower View

Added to the fact that their website isn’t accessible, the lack of online reviews has made it difficult to ascertain how customers feel about the company. However, Green Point Wind and Solar appears to be a legitimate wind and solar equipment installation company. Nonetheless, we’d advise exercising some caution before jumping to a conclusion.


Contact details:

Phone: (706) 374-6520

Address: 47 Sparks Rd, Morganton, PO Box 59, GA 30560

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Green Point Wind and Solar recommended?

Based on the fact that there isn’t much data available on the company, we do not recommend Green Point Wind and Solar. Their website doesn’t function; there are no customer reviews, and their products aren’t well explained. We recommend that you try out other solar installation companies that have more information about their products/services on the internet.

Are Green Point Wind and Solar good to work for?

There is insufficient available data to judge the company’s work culture.

Does Green Point Wind and Solar provide a good service?

It seems as though Green Point Wind and Solar strongly aims to provide their customers with the best service possible.

Green Point Wind & Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

No license required

PO Box 59
Morganton GA

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