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Updated on 2023-06-19

Green Light Solar Overview

Green Light Solar is a small-sized solar panel installation company founded in 2015, based in Austin, Texas, and also has another office in Houston, Texas. Green Light Solar offers residential and commercial grid-tied solar energy solutions. Its main business source appears to be installing as many new projects as possible, with around 350 projects per month.

Most reviews about the company do not paint a pretty picture, further enhanced by a lack of BBB accreditation or rating by the platform. An average review score of 3.7 means that one should approach the company with a substantial degree of caution. 

However, it appears there has been a recent change in management, with owner Jimmy Garrett personally reaching out to clients to reassure them of Green Light Solar’s dedication to each project.



Green Light Solar’s Solar Panel Services and Features

Specific solar panels offered

Green Light Solar provides customers with just one solar panel brand to choose from, which is SolarEdge. Although the cost is undoubtedly attractive, this company often lacks quality. 

Between failing components, lack of adequate customer support, and delays when sending replacement parts for any issues experienced by customers, SolarEdge is not among the more highly-rated companies.

Enphase provides inverters.


Specific types of solar solutions offered

Green Light Solar offers grid-tied systems only for residential and commercial projects. 



Installation costs & process


Green Light Solar’s average installation cost is $14,025, slightly above the market average for Austin, Texas. However, each solar panel installation project is different, meaning prices will almost always differ. 

Green Light Solar’s website does not mention free estimates as part of their services, which is contrary to the industry norm but is now wholly unusual. However, one customer review speaks of a very informative “consultation visit,” which could indicate that free consultations are available.

There’s very little information on the company website regarding the installation process. However, gathering information from various reviews can outline the process more or less.

Customer reviews tend to praise the sales team, describing them as responsive and sparing no detail for queries asked, which tends to be the starting point. After that, the normal process would be that the company handles permit applications before moving on to installation. 

However, several reviews claim that Green Light Solar becomes challenging to get a hold of once signing the contract. One customer even stated that they had to sort out the permits themselves.

Although not mentioned on the website, it appears that Green Light Solar offers financing options, going as far as offering to make the first payment on behalf of the client, as one customer review alleged.



Historically, Green Light Solar does not have the best record in terms of legitimacy. However, there appears to be an overhaul in operations, and there might be hope for the company.

  • Only a 3.7-star average rating from 120 reviews.
  • Not BBB certified or rated.
  • Plenty of negative reviews across various platforms; some even claim that once contracts are signed, Green Light Solar becomes very difficult to contact.
  • Lack of information regarding the installation process and contact details on the website.
  • Owner Jimmy Garrett appears to be at the heart of overhauling the approach and has personally reassured customers that any faults with their systems will be seen too.
  • Texas Electrician Licence #32051.



There appears to be no mention of maintenance provided on the company website. However, on different review sites, customers were far from happy with the level of service offered. For example, one customer said:

“to say their communication and follow-through are lacking is an understatement.” 
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Other reviews, particularly about maintenance, include the words “terrible service,” “deserve no stars,” and “unprofessional.”


Customer Service (Review Analysis)

Reviews about Green Light Solar’s customer service are rather damning. Though there is praise for the sales team, who come across as well-informed and pleasant to deal with, the same cannot always be said for the teams involved in the subsequent steps.

The polarization in experiences, however, is highlighted thus: one review claims that “five stars is not enough,” while another advises people to “stay away from this company.” Therefore, it would only be fair to look closely at both and compare them.

For the positive review, the customer was pleased with the interactions with Green Light Solar right from the beginning, praising the sales agent’s “pleasant demeanor,” product knowledge, and the company’s overall responsiveness. The customer also praised the installation team, whom he explains worked extremely hard to complete the job on time. He was also happy that Green Light Solar took it upon themselves to replace some outdated electrical components in his home setup, leading to the customer’s verdict that “a better Solar company to work with does NOT exist, anywhere.”

On the negative side, the customer explains that while the experience started well with the sales team, things worsened. After a nearly two-month delay to get the project started, what should have been a two-day job turned into a week-long slog, with the heavy machinery tearing up the ground in the customer’s yard, even exposing a random pipe. Once the installation was complete and should have been up and running, someone from Green Light Solar was supposed to conduct a site visit, but it appears that this did not happen.

To compound matters, the electrical company contacted the customer to inform him that the system was not generating any energy two months after installation. Upon closer inspection, the customer found that two breakers were off, and the USB that was supposed to send out a signal was plugged into the wrong port.

This review was responded to by owner Jimmy Garrett, asking the customer to contact him so that the issues can be resolved. However, the customer updated his review to claim that despite calling the number that Garrett provided, no answer was forthcoming.



The SolarEmpower View

Despite some five-star reviews, Green Light Solar appears to have many reparations to establish its name as a quality solar energy provider. However, its choice to offer solely SolarEdge solar panels does not bode well since its solar panels are far from efficient, although they might be easier on the budget.

Too many reviews speak of a lack of communication and a lack of adequate follow-through once installations were completed. However, most positive interactions were with the installation team, though there were a couple of complaints about the occasional lack of cleanup.

A 3.7-star average rating means significant caution should be used when approaching this company. In addition, it holds no rating on BBB and is not accredited by the platform either, which is never a good sign.

Customer Service: 4/10 Legitimacy: 4/10
Solar Panel Quality: 3/10 Installation Quality: 6/10
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Contact Details

Phone: 210-593-8433

Address: 6705 W. Hwy 290, Suite #50240, Austin, Texas, TX 78735

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Green Light Solar good to work for?

A 2.8-star average employer rating does not bode well, although the reviews explain that paid training is provided. However, one review claims that there is no fall protection for employees and that the pay is nowhere near what it should be. Another review points to a lack of experience from the management team and overall disorganization, which means that Green Light Solar might not be so good to work for.

Is Green Light Solar a good company?

Too many reviews speak of a company that does not adequately follow through once contracts are signed, or the project is installed.

Does Green Light Solar offer free consultations?

This is not entirely clear. There's no mention of free consultations on the company's website. However, one customer review thanks the company for a positive "solar consultation visit." It would be best to ask the company itself.

Will Green Light Solar provide proper maintenance?

Judging by customer reviews, no. There's no mention of maintenance provided on the company website. With many reviews stating that the company is difficult to contact, it would appear that should any issues arise, it will take time for them to be solved. Some reviews clearly state that entire months pass before problems are acknowledged and resolved.

Green Light Solar (TX) Solar Details

Licensing Information

TECL #32051

6705 W. Hwy 290 Suite # 50240
Austin TX

Green Light Solar (TX) User Reviews

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San Antonio, Puerto Rico
June 19, 2023
Great experience
Fast install, Great communication overall I would recommend. They came out early morning and done by the evening and cleaned up. Power I’m producing has eliminated my first bill so far. Anytime I have called to ask questions, I got a response before the end of the day.
Matthew Crummey
Matthew Crummey
April 12, 2023
Really great experience. Daniel was…
Really great experience. Daniel was excellent to work with. Good communication, very professional.
Thompson Jeffrey
Thompson Jeffrey
April 12, 2023
The installation team was fabulous….
The installation team was fabulous. They really knew their business. I botherrd them with questions all day long and they were very patient with me explaining how the system works and what they were doing. Highly recommend them!
April 12, 2023
The installation went smoothly. They…
The installation went smoothly. They didn't leave until everything was hooked up and running now just waiting to see how much money. I'm gonna save but I was very impressed with the work that was done on my house the other day
Josh Holland
Josh Holland
April 11, 2023
Everything seemed to run smooth,…
Everything seemed to run smooth, crew was very professional and knowledgeable whenever I had any questions.
Deb Hatter
Deb Hatter
April 6, 2023
What an awesome experience! Casey…
What an awesome experience! Casey and the crew were the best!--friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy. They did a great job installing our solar panels and getting everything up and running. They were more than happy to answer all of my questions and help me get on the app etc. I can’t say enough about these guys! Thank you!
David Byrd
David Byrd
April 6, 2023
I recently had my home…
I recently had my home outfitted with solar panels and chose to go with Greenlight Solar. The crew had to drive from Dallas and I'm sure were tired from the drive but started working at my house as soon as they got there. Derin was very helpful and communicated everything I needed to know along the way. He also walked through my system once finished and even sent me a picture with my garage door opener in the agreed upon place because I wouldn't be home when the contractor finished. They did a very thorough job and everything turned out spectacular.

Casey the regional construction manager was also very kind and responsive and upheld what they said they would do as far as sticking to any addendums to the initial site assessment that was conducted. He was quick to respond with any question I had.

I would recommend this company and construction team to anyone. Highly trustworthy and very hard working to make sure every detail was correct before they left.
Lisseth Peña
Lisseth Peña
April 2, 2023
(Translated by Google) Not one…
(Translated by Google) Not one star deserves this company dial, bad service they do not answer, I have been waiting for a year for the connection of the panels and no one gives me an answer, not even a centerpoint, much less the adviser who offered them to me, they just hooked me just to get a ticket from a Bill that is useless, I have left many emails and they do not even return my call, hello better not paying. Already there communicate with one ?

Ni una estrella merece esta disque compañía, mal servicio no contestan ya tengo un año esperando la coneccion de los paneles y nadie me da respuesta, ni centerpoint, ni muchos menos la asesora que me los ofreció, solo me engancharon nada más para sacarle billete de un Bill que no sirve , les e dejado muchos correo y ni me regresan la llamada aló mejor dejando de pagar. Ya ahí se comuniquen con uno ?
Cynthia Rogers
Cynthia Rogers
March 31, 2023
I have called and left…
I have called and left messages and I have emailed - I have not received responses. My microinverters are "not reporting" and "the gateway has not been reported" so my system, which I have fully paid for, is not working. I am aggravated and upset and very, very disappointed.
Kim Brown
Kim Brown
March 31, 2023
If I had to make…
If I had to make the choice again, I would not use Green Light Solar. After they get your money good luck in getting a response.

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