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Updated on 2023-08-13


Generasol LLC is an alternative energy consulting contractor based in Miami Beach, Florida. They design, then build commercial solar installations for customers. The company was first established in San Diego, California in 2007, but moved to Miami in 2017. There are two registered employees at the company, as they contract construction crews and buy equipment directly from manufacturers.

The company’s main area of business is in Latin America, where they work with government energy departments and local businesses to install grid-tied solar power systems. These projects are large and costly, so the company has made quite a bit of revenue, however exact figures are unavailable.



Generasol LLC Services & Specifics

Services Offered

Generasol’s main source of business is large-scale commercial solar PV installations. In addition, they provide mobile energy storage systems and waste-to-energy installations for the United States and Latin America. All equipment the company uses comes from KORE and two subsidiary companies: Northern Reliability and NOMAD.


Solar PV Services 

For solar PV services, Generasol uses Kore Power’s cells, modules, and energy storage units. Kore Power was established in … and produces high quality and high-powered equipment. The company also uses the k155 cell for their installations. The cell has a 55 AH capacity with a voltage range between 2.8 to 4.3V. Kore’s BMS architecture can support up to 40 racks, making the system capable of providing power to small cities. In addition, Kore’s energy storage units can store enough power for 30 days uninterrupted.

Kore Power is a leading manufacturer of solar equipment and has a high reputation amongst buyers. This reputation does not come cheap, so those looking to use Kore can expect to pay a high price. Their products are worth the price, and with the recent buyout of another manufacturer, Northern Reliability, their products have seen a significant increase in energy efficiency and quality.


Transportable Generators

The company utilizes transportable generators from Nomad Transportable Power Systems. The generators come in three models: the Rover, Voyager, and Traveler. Each model has a different power capacity from 660 kWh to 2 MWH respectively. All models can run power for an entire day, as well as some other safety features that are attractive to potential buyers.

The generators are large and require heavy duty vehicles to tow them. They are not meant for residential areas and are mostly used in construction sites or industrial parks. NOMAD generators are not often sold to individuals, but rather companies or governments, so those looking to buy may not have accessibility.


BESS Systems 

These are manufactured by Northern Reliability and are large commercial batteries that store any excess energy or for when the grid fails. While useful, these batteries are extremely expensive and some previous customers have found that they are not worth the cost. For those in areas with inconsistent power output, they will be useful and worth it. However, they are not recommended if you already have solar panels as they already come with their own storage units.



Installation Cost & Process


Generasol’s scope of business is limited to investors with a lot of capital or municipalities in countries in Latin America. They do not install systems for single homes. Based on research, the company handles multi-million-dollar projects that require several different manufacturers and contractors around the world.



The company holds a general contractor’s license with the state of Florida and building permits from the Department of Energy in Mexico. All their employee information is easily accessible on LinkedIn. There are few customer reviews, but the few that exist have been generally positive. With projects at that scale, there is a lot of red tape and other parties involved, so any unfinished projects have not been the fault of Generasol.

With all this in mind, it is safe to say that Generasol LLC is perfectly legitimate for those looking for large-scale solar installations and backup power solutions. The company has all necessary licensing and multiple points of contact.



Generasol does not perform routine maintenance of their installations. They simply design them and use the capital from investors to hire out contractors to install and maintain their projects. Any maintenance done is done and paid for by the customers. 



In Summary 

Generasol LLC’s scope of projects may be bigger than what the average solar customer is looking for, but they utilize high-quality manufacturers to design their solar systems and backup power grids. They are a legitimate company that is fully licensed and easy to reach. Overall, Generasol is good choice for investors looking to make some solar installations in Latin America.

Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar


Is Generasol LLC recommended?

For those looking to build a large solar installation capable of powering several buildings, then Generasol LLC is recommended. However, those looking for residential installations, Generasol is not recommended.

Does Generasol LLC provide a free consultation?

No, one of Generasol’s main lines of business is consultation. They do not provide any sort of free consultation.

Will Generasol LLC provide proper maintenance?

No, Generasol does not do maintenance since they are not directly building their designs and installations. All maintenance is handled by customers post-installation.

Generasol Solar Details

Licensing Information

Certified General Contractor
No. CGC 1505207-Profess

51 Sw 11 St #1032
Miami FL

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