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Updated on 2023-03-23

Future Energy Overview

Future Energy is a solar power company based in California, operating across the state and wider area with the majority of its business being driven from its base of Los Angeles. Founded in 2016, the young company offers premium solutions for customers who require reliable and inventive solar power installations. The majority of the market is thus priced out of their services, but their high customer review performance suggests that they are going on steady in their smaller corner of the market. 

Future Energy has limited its service range to the residential and commercial sectors, including interesting and less common services such as solar powered electric vehicle charging and solar pool pumps to appeal to high income residential and commercial districts.



Future Energy services and features

Future Energy Products

Future Energy exclusively works with Solar Power, offering high quality solar energy systems primarily in the residential sector, with some commercial work. Their concept of a ‘one-stop shop’ to convert an ordinary home into one entirely reliant on green and state incentivised solar power is an attractive one to their target market. Integrations between multiple systems such as solar roofing, solar pool pumps, solar backed electric vehicle chargers and storage batteries is a specifically targeted range that few solar power companies can compete with. 

Future Energy are also partnered with a wide range of industry leaders, including but not limited to household names such as LG Solar and SIEMENS energy. This is in keeping with their aim of offering services at the top end of the solar power market. 

Future Energy do not offer any Off-Grid services, which limits their versatility slightly and will be disappointing to some potential customers. 

Future Energy Costs

The biggest issue for potential customers looking into Future Energy as an option will be price. The service Future Energy offers is generally a universal solar power conversion, with a wide range of top-end products, some of them less than common in the market. Although research proves these improvements will typically yield an average ROI of 300%, in addition to raising the property value of the home, it is generally not the most cost effective option. 

Although peace of mind-inducing, 25-year warranties and solid promises of maintenance make the price of entry somewhat easier to understand, a customer should consider if this universal ‘luxury’ standard of solar power is something they think is worth paying for. As it is clear that the tempting range of Future Energy’s products comes with a hefty premium. 


Future Energy Legitimacy

Future Energy can be considered a legitimate company, as although it lacks the BBB accreditation typically expected for businesses in the solar power industry. The online profile of the company and its consistently solid reviews suggest it can be trusted. 

It also boasts partnerships with several industry giants previously mentioned, this is a good sign of legitimacy. 

Future Energy is based on a clean and clear website with all of the required information needed for research openly displayed. This standard for transparency, with its contact details and address laid out at the bottom makes complaints and queries easy to raise. 


Future Energy Maintenance

Future Energy matches the industry and market standards of guaranteeing 25 year warranties on any products and services they offer, considering the high ROI of these solar power products, this kind of warranty makes solar power a safe bet for a customer who can afford the high price of entry. The omission of 24/7 monitoring will perhaps discourage customers in the commercial or high-stress sectors, though with Future Energy tailoring its product range for residential lots and homes, this is not as significant of a drawback as it first appears.



The SolarEmpower view

In conclusion, Future Energy is a fledgling, new company that has already established itself in California as a provider for a premium solar power package. Its costs are as high as they go when solar power installation companies are considered, and many customers will rightfully feel left out by this. Though for those who can afford it, and desire a universal and varied solar power aspect to their home, this is an option to consider.



Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (866)598-2221

Address: 16735 Saticoy St, Suite 105, Van Nuys CA 91406

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Is Future Energy worth it?

It depends. For the average customer, there are certainly more cost effective options that you should go for first. Though, for the niche market of high income customers looking for that perfect solar power package to bring their home into the best green energy has to offer, Future Energy is a great option.

Are Future Energy good to work for?

Unfortunately, a lack of clear data has made it impossible to get a clear insight into the work culture of Future Energy. However, a lack of formal complaints or workers reviews against the company suggest there is no serious issue in the work climate of Future Energy.

Are Future Energy trustworthy?

Yes, their customer reviews across the internet are varied and impressive, offering a range of positive feedback that gives the company a good air of trustworthiness. In addition, the clear contact details and publically available address of the company will make getting in touch over a complaint convenient for you.

Can I cancel a contract with Future Energy?

It is very unlikely.According to Californian state and federal law, unless there are exceptional circumstances, a contract binding you with a company cannot be backed out from once it has been signed.

Future Energy Solar Details

Licensing Information


16735 Saticoy St, Suite 105
Van Nuys CA

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