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Future Energy Solar is a small Solar panel installation company that is located in Melrose, Massachusetts. The business was founded in 2015, and has serviced hundreds of homes since then.

Future Energy Solar Has a strong focus on personalized service. Their installer will be in constant communication with their client throughout the build, and will assist the homeowner with any applications for solar incentives. They have an almost perfect record of customer reviews online, with a 4.9 star rating on one website, and a 5 star rating on another.  They offer a range of panels, covering the mid to high cost range.  Installation costs are on par with competitors.



Future Energy Solar Services and Specifics

Future Energy Solar service residential and commercial customers. They will cover all aspects of solar installation, from the sale, design and installation through to any building code, or solar rebate applications.


Solar Panels

Future Energy Solar offer a large variety of panels from Solaria through to LG, and are an authorized Panasonic Dealer.


Solaria Solar Panels:

These solar panels have a 19.9% – 20.5% efficiency rating, and have enhanced shade performance. Solaria has a patented Pure black™ technology that makes them a very good looking panel. They come with a 25 year power, parts and labor warranty, which makes them a good quality panel in the mid-range price point.


Q Cells:

These solar panels have a slightly lower efficiency rating of 19.8% – 21.4%. They are known as reliable panels, and score consistently well in the independent testing from PVEL. Their warranties range from 12-25 years, and are a well regarded solar panel in the low to mid range price point.



Panasonic solar panels are considered to be some of the best quality panels available. They have announced that as of 2022 all of their panels will be manufactured by third party companies. This may potentially change the quality of their product. Their efficiency rating can be from 19.1% – 21.7%. Panasonic’s solar warranty is highly regarded. They guarantee that their panels will operate between 90% and 92% of their initial power rating after 25 years. They are a high cost, high quality panel.


Types of Solar offered:

Future Energy Solar cater to residential and commercial buildings, and can install both roof and ground mount systems. They have also recently begun to install batteries.


Installation Costs and Processes


Future Energy Solar Costs

Future Energy Solar has a reputation for being good value. Reviewers state that the quotes given by them were highly competitive.  Customers were also very pleased that the prices quoted were what was charged after the completion. As they offer a large variety of panels, the costs can vary quite a bit.  Future Energy Solar is known for good value installation, and giving a good price point for specific panels chosen.

If the cost of solar panels is too much up front, Future Energy Solar offers 2 different financing options through My Solar Loan, or Green Biz Financial.  The company is also very helpful with finding and applying for any financial incentives provided by state and federal governments. 


Future Energy Solar Legitimacy

Future Energy Solar has been around for almost 10 years and has a sound online presence.  All but one review was positive.  The one that was not seems to have been a booking error that they attempted to fix, rather than around service issues.

They are a registered Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) within the State of Massachusetts.  Future Energy Solar is transparent with all of their contact details, providing their location, email and phone number on their website and other social media platforms.  

Adalberto Reis Filho (AJ) is the co – manager, head installer, and customer liaison. John Frances Carey III is listed as a second manager.

Future Energy Solar seems like a legitimate company that is easy and transparent to work with.


Future Energy Solar Maintenance:

Future Energy Solar only work with products with a minimum 25 year warranty, and pride themselves on their quality products and workmanship. They offer free quotes, and seem to be very easy to get hold of any time required.

Future Energy Solar are dedicated to maintain their work, with many reviews praising the service and follow up provided by them.



The SolarEmpower view

Future Energy Solar seems to be a reliable and reputable company that offers a range of solar panels to fit any budget. They are a small business that has a friendly, professional team.

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Are Future Energy Solar Trustworthy?

Yes, from everything we have found on the company Future Energy Solar seem like a great solar panel installation provider.

I can’t get into contact with Future Solar Energy, what should I do?

If you cannot contact Future Solar Energy directly by phone, you can email them at [email protected] or contact them via Facebook or instagram.  They are usually responsive, so should get back to you very shortly.

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