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Updated on 2023-04-13


Future Energy Solar is a small Solar panel installation company that is located in Melrose, Massachusetts. The business was founded in 2015, and has serviced hundreds of homes since then.

Future Energy Solar Has a strong focus on personalized service. Their installer will be in constant communication with their client throughout the build, and will assist the homeowner with any applications for solar incentives. They have an almost perfect record of customer reviews online, with a 4.9 star rating on one website, and a 5 star rating on another.  They offer a range of panels, covering the mid to high cost range.  Installation costs are on par with competitors.



Future Energy Solar Services and Specifics

Future Energy Solar service residential and commercial customers. They will cover all aspects of solar installation, from the sale, design and installation through to any building code, or solar rebate applications.


Solar Panels

Future Energy Solar offer a large variety of panels from Solaria through to LG, and are an authorized Panasonic Dealer.


Solaria Solar Panels:

These solar panels have a 19.9% – 20.5% efficiency rating, and have enhanced shade performance. Solaria has a patented Pure black™ technology that makes them a very good looking panel. They come with a 25 year power, parts and labor warranty, which makes them a good quality panel in the mid-range price point.


Q Cells:

These solar panels have a slightly lower efficiency rating of 19.8% – 21.4%. They are known as reliable panels, and score consistently well in the independent testing from PVEL. Their warranties range from 12-25 years, and are a well regarded solar panel in the low to mid range price point.



Panasonic solar panels are considered to be some of the best quality panels available. They have announced that as of 2022 all of their panels will be manufactured by third party companies. This may potentially change the quality of their product. Their efficiency rating can be from 19.1% – 21.7%. Panasonic’s solar warranty is highly regarded. They guarantee that their panels will operate between 90% and 92% of their initial power rating after 25 years. They are a high cost, high quality panel.


Types of Solar offered:

Future Energy Solar cater to residential and commercial buildings, and can install both roof and ground mount systems. They have also recently begun to install batteries.


Installation Costs and Processes


Future Energy Solar Costs

Future Energy Solar has a reputation for being good value. Reviewers state that the quotes given by them were highly competitive.  Customers were also very pleased that the prices quoted were what was charged after the completion. As they offer a large variety of panels, the costs can vary quite a bit.  Future Energy Solar is known for good value installation, and giving a good price point for specific panels chosen.

If the cost of solar panels is too much up front, Future Energy Solar offers 2 different financing options through My Solar Loan, or Green Biz Financial.  The company is also very helpful with finding and applying for any financial incentives provided by state and federal governments. 


Future Energy Solar Legitimacy

Future Energy Solar has been around for almost 10 years and has a sound online presence.  All but one review was positive.  The one that was not seems to have been a booking error that they attempted to fix, rather than around service issues.

They are a registered Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) within the State of Massachusetts.  Future Energy Solar is transparent with all of their contact details, providing their location, email and phone number on their website and other social media platforms.  

Adalberto Reis Filho (AJ) is the co – manager, head installer, and customer liaison. John Frances Carey III is listed as a second manager.

Future Energy Solar seems like a legitimate company that is easy and transparent to work with.


Future Energy Solar Maintenance:

Future Energy Solar only work with products with a minimum 25 year warranty, and pride themselves on their quality products and workmanship. They offer free quotes, and seem to be very easy to get hold of any time required.

Future Energy Solar are dedicated to maintain their work, with many reviews praising the service and follow up provided by them.



The SolarEmpower view

Future Energy Solar seems to be a reliable and reputable company that offers a range of solar panels to fit any budget. They are a small business that has a friendly, professional team.

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Are Future Energy Solar Trustworthy?

Yes, from everything we have found on the company Future Energy Solar seem like a great solar panel installation provider.

I can’t get into contact with Future Solar Energy, what should I do?

If you cannot contact Future Solar Energy directly by phone, you can email them at [email protected] or contact them via Facebook or instagram.  They are usually responsive, so should get back to you very shortly.

Does Future Energy Solar Provide a free consultation?


Future Energy Solar Solar Details

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5 Short St.
Melrose, Ma

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krishna deepak
krishna deepak
February 28, 2023
AJ did an amazing job…
AJ did an amazing job with solar installation. My journey started few months ago by reaching out to around 20 installers. Most of them could not give a quote since the house was a new construction and not showing up in their satellite map software. Some of them gave a vague estimate but they were not installing the equipment (REC brand panels + Enphase micro inverters) I was looking for. AJ(owner of future energy)was the only installer who was in-person at house to discuss the details and provide with a quote with the panels I was looking for. His quote ended up the best I have in-terms of price and installation timeline. He did the installation within 2 months and active after a month.He took care of all the paperwork on time and was present in person on the days of installation and inspection which is not the case with some of the other installers as we deal with only sales people over phone. If you are a nerd like me, you can even suggest some design changes as well. AJ even installed slightly better panels than agreed in contract without any markup. Since AJ works hard and handles everything at his company on his own, sometimes there might be delays but that’s not a big deal. He was always a text message away when I had questions. I would highly suggest Future Energy for solar installation.
February 1, 2023
We had a very specific…
We had a very specific set of requirements that we wanted for our solar installation. We did a lot of research prior to reaching out to companies to ensure we knew what we wanted. Our biggest requirement was to use Enphase storage batteries. Other solar installation companies either wouldn't provide them, support them and tried to talk us out of what we wanted. AJ was the first to be flexible to our requirements and worked with us to make sure we were getting the best setup for what we wanted. His technical skill and knowledge is excellent, but we were also impressed with how much attention he paid to the aesthetics of the installation. Any place he could improve the look (concealing cables, etc) he did...even when it meant more work for him.

We did hit some hiccups on the way, some issues with National Grid, etc, but at each step, AJ made sure to provide exactly what was needed to get us to the next step. He was a pleasure to work with and his openness to work on new technology is fantastic.

We would absolutely work with AJ and his team again in the future. We are very pleased with our solar and battery installation. AJ is knowledgeable, flexible, professional and a pleasure to work with.
Jay Harris
Jay Harris
January 18, 2023
AJ and his crew at…
AJ and his crew at Future Energy Solar were excellent in every way. AJ oversaw the whole process from permitting to activation, staying on top of it at every step. The installation (38 panels) took barely half a day; everything done professionally. If not for the panels on the roof (and the modifications to the electrical panel) you wouldn't know they were even there. They left everything cleaner than it was when they arrived.

Since activation AJ has been available to answer any questions. We couldn't be more satisfied.
Chetna patel
Chetna patel
January 18, 2023
If you’re thinking about having…
If you’re thinking about having solar project, go with AJ from Future Energy Solar. AJ is very responsive, great communication, did all the paperwork from permits to rebates. Great price compare to other competitors in the market. Finish putting all 25 panels in one day and looks great. Thank you!
Susan Smith
Susan Smith
January 17, 2023
November 2021 we decided to…
November 2021 we decided to install solar panels on our home. We reached out on Energy Sage and also through Home Depot for estimates. We ultimately chose Future Energy Solar. We were initially drawn to them because they were the only company to offer a package that would meet 100% of our energy needs. But once meeting the owner AJ Reis it was an easy decision. He was clear and knowledgeable and motivated. He had our 42 panel system installed before the end of December, ensuring that we would receive the tax incentives offered. It was the best decision. We have not paid an electric bill all year!
AJ continues to respond promptly to any questions that i reach out with. I highly recommend Future Energy Solar!
Paul and Susan Smith
Ricky Goloski
Ricky Goloski
January 17, 2023
Couldn’t be happier to have…
Couldn't be happier to have a solar system thanks to AJ! Very friendly and helpful throughout the process. This was the best price of all the companies (and I quoted many) and was also the best customer experience. These guys only install quality products, so there is a great warranty on these high-performance parts. I would definitely recommend Future Energy Solar to anyone looking for solar in the area!
Jimmy V
Jimmy V
October 13, 2022
A bunch of fake reviews….
A bunch of fake reviews. This is a tiny operation with an unprofessional contractor. Avoid at all cost. Even if you get a dirt cheap price, there's no way he could back up any service promises. Do not risk your home.
JJ Augenbraun
JJ Augenbraun
July 5, 2022
AJ and his team at…
AJ and his team at Future Energy Solar recently completed the installation of a 10 kW system on my house in Wakefield. From start to finish, the experience was A+ and 5 stars. I am very happy with how it all turned out, and I would 100% recommend Future Energy Solar to anyone who is considering solar.

I did a lot of research and talked to 7 companies before selecting Future Energy Solar. Of that group, AJ was absolutely the most responsive and the most patient with all my questions (and I had a lot of them). He also didn’t try any pushy sales tactics like some of the other companies. Rather than trying to sell me one brand of panels or inverters, AJ explained the pros and cons of each choice and made a recommendation but never tried to push me toward a particular brand. This made me comfortable that I was getting the best combination of components for my house (some of the companies I spoke to only offered one type of panel and one type of inverter and didn’t adjust based on the specifics of my site and shading). To top it all of, I was very happy with AJ’s pricing.

Once we signed a contract, AJ quickly got the permitting started and took care of every step of the process with the utility and the town. He kept me updated as things progressed and was always super responsive if I had any questions for him during the application and permitting process.

Before I knew it, installation day arrived. AJ and his team did an amazing job with the installation and everything looks great. We knew from the design phase that the size of the roof was marginal for fitting all 25 panels, but AJ and his crew worked with me on figuring out a layout that was able to accommodate all the panels. We may eventually finish our attic, so AJ and his team also spent the extra time to figure out a way to run the conduit so it wouldn’t reduce the usable space in the attic. They were also flexible in where they ran the conduit down the outside of the house and where they installed the meter so that there was no aesthetic impact to the house. The overall installation looks great.

In terms of timeline, contract signature to system activation was faster than promised and very speedy compared to the estimates I had received from other companies.

Overall, I am thrilled that I went with AJ and Future Energy Solar. From the work quality to responsiveness to communication to end results, AJ was top notch. AJ truly goes above and beyond. I would not hesitate at all to use AJ again or to recommend him to anyone else considering solar.
Charles Meggy
Charles Meggy
May 28, 2022
So many ways to begin…
So many ways to begin this review but I’ll summarize by saying with AJ, it’s personal.

This is a major investment for anyone and for many, entering an industry where there is so much conflicting or competing information on the web is daunting. From the very first interaction to the system getting switched on, he was there every step of the way. My project ended up not being the easiest however, I could tell throughout he never took his focus away and did everything possible to help support me whether it was with the utility, understanding options, permits, paperwork etc. I never felt out of my depth and knew I had his guidance at each milestone.

Couldn’t be happier with the final product and who I chose originally. Will definitely be working with AJ again.
Peter Goldis
Peter Goldis
April 18, 2022
I had five different companies…
I had five different companies talk to me about my solar energy project and I did as much due diligence on them as I could. I chose Future Energy Solar and am very happy with that decision. A.J. and his crew were extremely professional, competent, neat and respectful of the property. They finished a 28-panel install in less than a day and did beautiful work. A.J. was extremely responsive to my suggestions and requirements and kept me informed in detail about every step throughout the application and permitting processes. Future Energy Solar's pricing was very competitive as well.

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