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Updated on 2023-04-13


Exact Solar, Inc is a midsize solar construction company servicing Newtown, Pennsylvania. Incorporated in 2005 by Mark Bortman, the company has experienced strong growth over the years. Despite its small team, reducing  carbon footprint and customer satisfaction remains a top priority. 

With over 16 years of experience and counting, excellent communications from initial consultations to final installations and beyond has never been compromised. 


Exact Solar Products, Services and Features

Providing quality products at affordable prices for new and existing customers remain a top priority for the team at Exact Solar. The company does this by offering: 

Solar panel mounting: Home to solar experts, the company offers solar installations in Pennsylvania. 

Solar water heating: Solar thermal technology is currently the most affordable solar technology on the market. A typical solar water heater for a family of 4 costs around $6000 after all the incentives and rebates that are currently available. Take note, prices and incentives vary depending on where you live and complexity of installation. 

Solar orphan services:  At Exact Solar, the company believes in the value and future of solar energy. To this end, the company offer help to stranded or dissatisfied customers. It believes that no customer should regret saving money on their energy consumption while saving the environment, especially when repairs are easily completed. 

Combined solar energy and EV charging:  Lately, people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are looking toward electric vehicles as a way to further reduce emissions and save even more money over time.

Should you choose to invest in an EV, the team at Exact Solar will work closely with you to make sure any current or future EV charging addition works flawlessly with your solar energy system.  

Real time production monitoring: With Exact Solar PV installations, you can monitor your production and savings real time, via an online web page dedicated to your system.

Depending on the manufacturer of your inverter, your personal website will tell you how much power you have produced today, last week, or over the life of the system in great detail. 


Exact Solar Pricing

At Exact Solar, the company offers competitive prices for its products and services. The company goes the extra mile by offering free instant ballpark estimates to enable its customers to make an informed decision. 

⭐Customers were very happy with Exact Solar’s pricing – we were unable to find any complaints. This is always a good sign, as there’s nothing worse than being caught out by surprise charges and inaccurate quotations.
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Exact Solar Legitimacy

SolarEmpower views Exact Solar as a legitimate company. Here are some of the company’s accreditations, certifications and endorsements to evidence this:

  • Exact Solar is accredited by SEIA. 
  • The company is endorsed by the Solar Energy program (SEP) Pennsylvania.
  • The company is also certified by NABCEP. 
  • We found many verified reviews online.

The company is transparent about its contact details and readily accessible online or in-person. 


Exact Solar Maintenance

The company offers high quality maintenance after every successful installation. The team at Exact Solar act professionally, and above all arrive on time. 

Reviewers had no problems with Exact Solar’s maintenance services, with follow-ups reported to be smooth and customer service readily available at most times.



Contact Details: 

Head office: 82 Walker Lane, Newtown PA, 18940

Phone: (215) 621-8353

Website: https://exactsolar.com

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Solar Power World
Solar Power World

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Exact Solar worth it?

Yes, our analysis found Exact Solar to be an excellent solar construction company.

Is Exact Solar trustworthy?

Yes, Exact Solar has several licenses, endorsement  and accreditation to its name, making it a legitimate company to do business with.

Exact Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

PA011199NJ Contractor`s License 13VH06,13VH11809100

82 Walker Lane
Newtown PA

Exact Solar User Reviews

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Ian Sebastian
Ian Sebastian
March 31, 2023
I chose Exact Solar for…
I chose Exact Solar for an Enphase rooftop solar install. They did an excellent job coordinating design, permitting, inspections, and utility approval even with the building code for solar changing during my project. Since permission to operate I've had two service issues, both of which were handled professionally and promptly. 1) was a minor issue with wiring of the system initially 2) Was the system protecting itself from a failing PECO transformer.
ยัง สุพา
ยัง สุพา
February 4, 2023
I had the pleasure of…
I had the pleasure of working with Nina Pope over the course of a few days. She was extremely knowledgeable and patient, especially considering the phone outages we experienced. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of extended warranty coverage. Nina was a pleasure to work with.
Anthony Hillman
Anthony Hillman
August 5, 2022
Working with Exact Solar has…
Working with Exact Solar has been excellent. From clear communication about options on the roof design, which included options on the panels themselves. Each option was clear on expected payback time.
Installation was exceptionally professional, the team was respectful of all aspects of the house, from the attic right down to the basement.
Exact Solar handled all township approvals and their depth of expertise made it a really simple process, as a homeowner.
Throughout the process with our electric supplier, Exact Solar was superb. There were some changes with personnel on our electric supplier side and Exact Solar was professional throughout and clearly communicated with me as we moved through the process.
Exact Solar provided options for SRECs and is helping through the process.

I can't speak highly enough of the team at Exact Solar!
If you're looking to install solar, this is the team to choose. They won't disappear on you and are dedicated to the customer.
Best Solar Installer!
John Smith
John Smith
May 7, 2022
Here is my review for…
Here is my review for the entire process installation. Through SolarizeMontgo program, I was connect with Doug to initiate the project and I feel very confident moving forward. Doug was very knowledgable and responsive . There was a small hiccup due to the township new fire safety policy . We worked together to come up with a new optimize plan without sacrificing too much of the 100% grid offset goal that I originally hoped for. When it comes to the time for installation, Nick and his team was very courteous and professional . The team was very efficient and careful with everything they do. I enjoyed the educational aspect during the installation process . Everyone on the crew is very well-informed and they did not hesitate to give me the technical explanations on whatever they do . I feel very confident with the way my 20 solar panels were mounted on the roof as well as the aesthetics of electrical components . Jeremy’s panel mounting and pipe works are most impressive. I also appreciate James getting back to me very quickly with the Enlighten app so that I can start monitoring the system the day after the installation was completed.

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