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Updated on 2023-02-04

ESD Solar LLC Overview

ESD (Energy Solutions Direct) Solar is a solar company that services multiple states within the U.S. This company has locations in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

ESD Solar is a large company that started in 2015 and has expertise in solar installations and related tasks. They service commercial clients, as well as residential customers and homeowners.

ESD Solar is seen as one of the biggest solar companies in the state of Florida. The professionals at the company are proud of the experience they have accumulated over the years. ESD Solar also focuses on showing people how solar solutions can be used to improve life. They aim to give houses and properties a good assessment so that they can make the best decision possible when delivering services.



ESD Solar Services and Specifics

Solar Products and Services Offered by ESD Solar

ESD Solar has solutions for people seeking renewable sources of energy:


Solar Panels 

ESD Solar has durable products that have a smooth design, are lightweight, and are waterproof.


Types of Solar Systems

Residential Solar Systems

ESD Solar installs solar on homes and residences. A solar professional can assess or evaluate the property and obtain permits. A system can then be designed and installed at the residence, allowing the customer to become energy-independent.


Commercial Solar Systems

ESD Solar provides solar installation for businesses. The company offers commercial customers a chance to save on costs while still having the energy they need to keep their businesses up and running.


Grid-Tied Systems

The company can install systems for properties that are grid-tied. As a result, ESD Solar can help customers improve their energy usage and efficiency.


Off-Grid Systems

ESD Solar also helps customers with off-grid solar alternatives. Off-grid solar systems can be very valuable for creating and maintaining energy independence.


Rooftop Systems

ESD Solar installs solar systems on rooftops. They’ve also provided multiple examples of their work to give people a glimpse of rooftop installations that they’ve made in the past.


Ground-mounted Systems

ESD Solar can set up ground-mounted solar systems if setups on rooftops aren’t possible or if there is a preference to have the system working from somewhere other than the roof.


Battery Backups

ESD Solar offers solutions for battery backups as an additional resource of energy storage. 


ESD Solar technicians offer different solar products and services for different situations. The company services areas in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, and Colorado.



Installation Costs and Process

ESD Solar Costs

No information on exact costs of solar installation from ESD Solar was found. Yet, ESD Solar does provide quotes so that people can get an idea of how much it might cost to use their services. The company seems to be knowledgeable about how customers can save money. ESD Solar also mentioned that people could reduce their monthly electric costs by up to 100% as a result of going solar. 

When SolarEmpower did more research into ESD Solar, we found that they offer different options to pay for their services.

ESD Solar offers solar loans and no-money-down options. Some reviews have mentioned that solar systems from ESD Solar were expensive, while others found costs from the company to be affordable. From this, we can gather that it’s important to explore any quotes and estimates given in order to further gain an understanding of costs and fees that may be required during the process.


ESD Solar Legitimacy

ESD Solar is a legitimate solar company:

  • ESD Solar is registered in the state of Florida with license ID CBC 053072 
  • ESD Solar has been accredited since 2020 and has an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • ESD Solar is transparent about contact information and provides contact details, including an email, address, and phone number for people to reach out.
  • They are an EnergySage Elite Installer 


ESD Solar Maintenance

ESD Solar didn’t provide much detail on their maintenance services. The solar systems they install are low maintenance, usually not requiring a lot of upkeep. Yet, the company may help with questions and issues regarding a solar system should they arise. For added security, ESD Solar has a 25-year warranty on its products.

Some reviewers seemed to have a good experience with ESD Solar, while others mentioned having trouble with maintenance after the installation was complete. It was also said that ESD Solar performed work and services quickly. As results were mixed with maintenance, maintenance may be an area where the company could improve upon.


ESD Solar Customer Service

ESD Solar can be reached between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Communication, friendliness, and professionalism were seen positively by some reviewers. ESD Solar was also said to provide good explanations and keep customers informed. In addition to positive feedback, there are several complaints and negative reviews for ESD Solar. Some people complained of a lack of responsiveness to calls, repair issues, and problems with installation and products.



The SolarEmpower View 

While there were some good things about ESD Solar, there were also many negative reviews and experiences. As such, it’s best to practice caution before trying any services from this company.



Company Contact Details

Phone: (800) 425-1175

Address: 6076 Park Blvd. N, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is ESD Solar a trustworthy company?

ESD Solar has received some good responses from past customers; however, many bad reviews state problems with key areas of the process, including installation, communication, customer service, and solar products.

Is ESD Solar good to work for?

We've located a few reviews from people that have worked for ESD Solar. Some reviews described ESD Solar as a great place to work, that the workplace was positive, and that the pay frequency was good. Other reviews revealed problems with management and layoffs. As such, the view of ESD Solar is mixed, and it's unclear whether ESD Solar is a good place to work.

Does ESD Solar provide good service?

As there may be key areas where people seem to have problems, this company's service seems questionable.

ESD Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 year full warranty
Licensing Information

CBC 053072

6076 Park Blvd N,Pinellas
Park, FL

ESD Solar User Reviews

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Adam Cupp
Adam Cupp
Belleview, Florida
January 10, 2023
Trust the Bad Reviews: Be Prepared to Wait
I started looking for companies with a year ago. I signed the contract with ESD on 3/28/22. Over 2 weeks later, a tech came out and walked on my roof; didn't take measurements and left. A day later I get an updated contract with less panels because he thought they couldn't get them all on. 3 weeks later they submitted a permit which was approved in 2 weeks. Another month until the panels were installed. I looked at the roof after the installers were done and they ground down to asphalt a huge amount of shingles. Electrician was scheduled to come out 1 month later to connect panels to breaker, but the week before ESD called me to say they needed to resubmit plans based upon the change back in April, but waited till then to do so. 2 weeks later the Permit was issued and another month passed before the electrician showed up to connect. Oh, but we're still not done. Electrician left the solar on when he left. The Electric Company told me that since i had an old meter, I was paying them for all the solar that was collecting since the old meter couldn't tell a difference between usage or collection. Thanks ESD; now I'm paying for the solar energy that I'm collecting too. Another month and i get a new meter thanks to my Solar Company checking on me. Electrical Inspection failed because the plans didn't match the install, so waiting for another month due to ESD incompetence; then permit approved in 4 days. ESD waited a whole month to schedule the inspection again (for no possible reason). Once approved (after 8 months), they submitted paperwork to my Energy Company which was denied because their designs were wrong to the installed system. (Seeing a pattern here?). ESD wanted to schedule a tech to come out 2 weeks later to take a picture (yes, really), I said i will take the picture and sent it to them. Then ESD said they needed to update a diagram because it was wrong to the installed hardware; another 2 weeks turnaround. Finally, I helped push this to conclusion and after nearly 9 months I'm producing solar. (Oh, but I'm not done yet) I get a call asking to schedule for next week for someone to come map my panels to the online Enphase system. This entailed dismounting every solar panel again to check each serial number. I told them that the installers mapped it and took the mapping with them; After getting the run around they said they were no longer working with that company and didn't have the mapping. Fortunately, I had taken a picture of it and sent to them. Still no mapping. Two weeks later, they called to say they were sending someone out to connect the system to Enphase. The guy they sent had license plates from halfway across the country, was nice, but spoke NO ENGLISH and spent 4 hours trying to connect it to Enphase; on the phone with Enphase tech support the whole time. It appeared I was his first ever connection. Everything’s working for now...after 9 months.