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Updated on 2023-02-04

Escape 2 Renewables (E2R) Overview

There is very little information available on Escape 2 Renewables. They appear to be a small operation based in Dallas, Texas. The company was first registered in Texas in 2012, but some sources say it was founded in 2016. The company appears to be a small operation that has experienced little growth.

They install solar panels and Tesla-branded energy products in homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations. They have few reviews online, but those that they do have are overwhelmingly positive, with no reviews under 5*.



Escape 2 Renewables services and features

Escape 2 Renewables Products

E2R offers a range of services on its website.


Solar Panels: E2R uses premium Panasonic Panels integrated with Enphase IQX inverters. These inverters come with a 25-year warranty as standard. E2R doesn’t go into any further details on the specifics of their panels. They offer Grid-tied and off-grid systems.


Energy Storage: E2R offers the Tesla Powerwall as an option to store any energy made from your panels. The Powerwall is known to be an effective form of energy storage.


TESLA Charger: For anyone looking for a quick means to charge their electric car at home E2R also offers TESLA charger installation.


Consultancy: While not listed on their site, other sources list the company as offering a consultancy service. They will help you choose the system best suited to your needs and offer energy auditing services.


E2R is based in Dallas, Texas. Despite seemingly being a small company, they are listed as serving the whole of Texas. Their primary focus seems to be the supply of TESLA-associated energy products, making them an option for anyone looking to integrate themselves into that ecosystem.



Installation Costs and Processes


E2R does not list any prices or indications of prices on its website. Potential customers must go through the process of getting a quote.

Going by some of the reviews online, E2R’s previous customers appear more than happy with the company’s prices. Most customers who mentioned E2R prices online described them as being “fair” and “reasonable.” 

TESLA products do tend to be expensive as customers are spying for the brand name as well as the excellent products themselves. One customer claimed that E2R was half the price of the next cheapest quote and a quarter of the price of the most expensive quote they received. If this is accurate, it is impressive.

There is no information online about how E2R can undercut its competitors to such a large extent. Being a small company with a small team that does not appear to spend money on advertising, we can only assume they keep their overheads low.

E2R makes no mention of offering any kind of financing options on its website. Once again, other sites do list this as an option the company offers. They are listed as being associated with Sungage Financial.



It is, unfortunately, quite difficult to gauge the legitimacy of E2R as they are so unforthcoming with information.

After some digging, we found the following to support the company’s legitimacy:

  • They have been registered as a company in Texas since 2012-10-23
  • They hold licenses as Electrical Contractors, Master Electricians and are NABCEP certified
  • They have only 5* positive reviews online, albeit a very limited number


Whilst these are all positives, it is still difficult to recommend the company based on legitimacy. They offer next to no information themselves on their website. All information on the licenses and accreditations they hold had to be found elsewhere.

Furthermore, while their website predominantly pushes TESLA products, one online review states they found the company on TESLA’s approved list of installers. However, we couldn’t find them on TESLA’s list of approved Texas-based installers.



As seems to be a pattern with E2R there is next to no information online and what kind of maintenance E2R offers, if any. Their own website makes no mention of any kind of ongoing maintenance.

Online reviews offer a similar story. Customers state that E2R is very easy to get in touch with and always responds quickly to messages. Installation seems to be quick and hassle-free. However, no customer reviews really mention if they have had any experience with E2R when it comes to maintenance, either good or bad.



The SolarEmpower View

In the end, Escape 2 Renewable is simply too unforthcoming with information for us to be able to recommend them. Their website offers next to no information on the services they provide, with every link on their website just connecting customers to a contact sheet.

While the company does enjoy wholly positive reviews online, it is slightly concerning that a company that has been operating for nearly a decade has so few reviews online. Customers seem to be more than happy with the prices and the service they received, but the sample size is just too small to make an informed decision.

On the whole, we cannot recommend E2R as it is just too hard to verify their legitimacy.



Contact details

Phone: 940-217-6154

Address: 6950 Canyon Falls Drive, Argyle, TX 76226

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Are Escape 2 Renewables Trustworthy?

Unclear. They enjoy positive reviews online but offer next to no information as to legitimacy on their website.

Do Escape 2 Renewables Offer Good Service?

Previous customers online seem more than happy with the company's service. They enjoy overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

Is Escape 2 Renewables recommended?

Despite their glowing reviews online, we cannot recommend E2R. They offer too little information about themselves, making everything about them hard to verify.

Escape 2 Renewables Inc. (E2R) Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
5 years
Licensing Information

Electrical Contractor - 32136
Master Electricians - 24105
NABCEP Installer Certification - 091110-156

25098 FM 831
Oakwood, TX
Office Locations
5002 Legacy Drive
Wichita Falls, TX
5638 Bear Ln
Corpus Christie, TX
6950 Canyon Falls Drive
Argyle, TX

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