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Updated on 2023-05-29

Erus Energy Overview

Erus Energy is a large solar provider based in Phoenix, AZ. The company has completed more than 17,000 installations since it was founded in 2005, spanning three states, and also plans to expand to across a further five in the upcoming months.

The company strives to be responsible, transparent, and to serve its customers with first-class support. As a result, Erus Energy has grown to become one of the most respected and innovative solar companies in the industry.


Erus Energy Services and Specifics

Specific Solar Panels Offered

The company’s website doesn’t state their preferred solar panel suppliers, but based on our research, we did identify that the company has the following manufacturer certifications:


Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panels

Hanwha Q Cells ranks among the top four global suppliers when it comes to producing high-efficiency solar cells and module shipment, which is an incredible achievement that enables them to remain competitive in the international market. While their price may lean on the higher side of the cost spectrum, customers can rest easy in the knowledge that their investment is being placed in one of the best solar companies and product lineups around.  


EnPhase Solar Panels

EnPhase Energy is an energy technology company and one of the world’s largest suppliers of micro-inverter based solar systems. The Enphase Energy IQ systems is the company’s most popular line, providing users with an all-in-one solar, battery, and software solution that can be controlled via their state of the art mobile application, which has been deployed in over 130 countries worldwide. 


Solaria Solar Panels

Solaria develops some of the most aesthetically pleasing solar panels on the market which feature an all-black design that deliver 20% more energy per square meter than traditional solar panels. The PowerXT range is the company’s flagship model and is known for its industry-leading efficiency. Solaria is an American solar manufacturer. The company’s newest solar panel is the 400-Watt PowerXT. 


Specific Types of Solar offered

Erus Energy only offers solutions to residential properties. As the brand is committed to only serving residential property owners, they offer several added services to ensure optimal energy efficiency in your home.

The company makes residential solar installation easy with its set four-step process.

  1. Free quote 
  2. Design 
  3. Installation
  4. Inspection


Residential Systems: When it comes to solar installation at your home, Erus Energy considers how you can gain optimally from such an installation. It also offers Aeroseal solutions to seal the properties ducts to ensure no energy is wasted in your heating and cooling systems. Added to that is their Perfect Power Box system that minimizes EMF radiation, resulting in lower energy consumption on the property. 


Additional Services

  • Purchasing 
  • Leasing
  • Battery Storage
  • Energy Monitoring


Installation costs and process


The average cost of solar panels in Arizona is between $2.45 and $2.88 per watt. This means that a solar system that is 5 kilowatts in size would generally cost between $12,500 – $18,500 to install. Erus Energy does not advertise a specific cost for its solar installation since its system’s costs vary depending on factors such as the design, size, and materials used.

There is also no mention in previous customer reviews that the company offers exceptionally great prices on their solutions. It clearly is not the brand’s approach to market itself as the most affordable option available. However, through the many purchasing options on offer and how they support their clients to enjoy optimal tax benefits, they make this a more affordable choice.



Erus Energy is a legitimate company, even while not BBB-rated.

Erus Energy has been a registered business in Arizona since 2009.
Since its establishment, the company has expanded across five states
The company is a NABCEP Certified PV Installer.
Erus Energy has completed more than 17,000 projects.
Erus Energy was bought by Lincoln International, a leading mid-market investment bank in 2016.
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Awards and Accreditations:

  • Certified Member – American Solar Energy Society
  • Certified Member – Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Pro Partner – Q Cells, Solaria 
  • Certified Installer – LG Chem


While the company is fully legitimate, it does not have a BBB accreditation, which is something that we tend to look for in solar installation companies. In addition, the company has generated hundreds of customer reviews across each of its branches and it is quite noticeable that there is a fairly large number of negative reviews about the company.

The San Antonio and Arizona branches were of particular concern, with both receiving fewer than 4-star ratings overall.



Erus Energy’s array of warranties are extremely impressive on paper and includes the following:

25 Year Installation Warranty
25 Year Workmanship Warranty
25 Year Everest Racking Product Warranty
25 Year URE Solar Product Warranty
25 Year Product Warranty – Q Cells, Enphase
Optional 5 Year Extended Warranty
In-house contractors
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The company advertises that it assists with all types of repairs and maintenance, including to solar systems that it did not install personally. However, this is one of the major areas that customers seem to have expressed dissatisfaction with the company. 

One of the common issues raised by customers was that the company either damaged their roofs, or charged hefty rates to fix existing roof issues. Another was related to delays in completing installations. Here is an example: 

“Beware of this company they are a rip off. They go and sell their solar to people without inspecting the roof first.  They should inspect a roof prior to putting solars because if they need a new roof that should be done 1st before solar gets put on. They pray on the eliterally. They put solar on my parents roof a year ago and now my parents need a new roof. This company now wants to charge $7000.00  to remove the panels  so the roof can get repaird.  After the salesman told them they wouldn’t have that charge if there was ever future repair to the roof.  2nd issue is roof inspector said panels are on north side of the roof. Not getting any sun. My psrents put panels on to save money on their electric bill. They contine to get high electric bills wheres the savings?   SHAME ON YOU!!! RIP OFFS!!!”
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Unfortunately, the company did not respond to this customer and we also noticed a fair few other negative comments that were also left unresponded.


The SolarEmpower View

Erus Energy may not be BBB rated, and the brand may have several negative reviews, but, in general, the brand appears to be a popular choice. This is likely because it offers quality products, comprehensive solutions, and invests heavily in sales and marketing to attract new customers. However, the frequency of issues and dissatisfaction expressed by customers is alarming and raises questions about the company’s ability to provide exceptional service to such a large client base.

Erus Energy is a popular choice and a legitimate company; however, we would advise all potential customers to conduct their own due diligence, especially around the companies maintenance and customer service before committing.

💲Cost: 8/10 ✅Legitimacy: 7/10
⭐️Quality: 7/10 📞Customer Service: 6/10
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Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Who owns Erus Energy?

The company is part of a portfolio of companies owned by GPB Capital Holdings, LLC.

Where are Erus Energy’s services available?

The company services most areas in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.

How many employees does Erus Energy have?

Erus Energy has over 100 employees across all its offices.

Erus Energy Solar Details

Licensing Information

AZ: ROC 305508. NM: GB02 #382417. TX: TECL #30936. SC: G120073. FL: EC13007730.

21402 North 7th Ave.
Phoenix AZ

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