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Updated on 2023-02-04

Epic Energies Overview

EPIC Energies is a micro-enterprise based in two locations in Weston, Florida. As such, they extend their services across the entire state of Florida. They were founded in 2019 and are currently led by Joseph Belmont, its Chief Executive Officer, and Mike Papsidero, its Chief Business Officer. Despite being a small, recently established company, EPIC Energies has already garnered almost $5 million in revenue. 

As the nation’s premier full-scale renewable energy developer, EPIC Energies believes that energy independence is epic. They help customers optimize energy usage, design the most efficient PV arrays, as well as construct energy systems with the highest quality and longest warranties. EPIC Energies boasts 150 million square feet of installed roofing, 3,500 total completed projects, and 20 years of experience with renewable energy.



EPIC Energies Services

Epic Energies’ primary focus is product and planet, and with their expertise in real estate valuation and finance, they are able to provide the greatest environmental and financial returns to their customers and themselves. They also proudly offer their unique and patented GreenRite system. This provides customers with a 25-year-long, on-site solar energy solution supported by well-trusted and high-quality component manufacturing. 


Commercial Solar Solutions: EPIC Energies specialize in commercial solar solutions. Their solar energy array systems are of high quality, have great performance, and benefit from a very long warranty period.


Bifacial Solar Expertise: EPIC Energies specialize in bifacial solar systems, which allow solar energy collection in the front and back side of the panels. Bifacial solar systems can maximize a customer’s return on investment.


Microgrid Solutions: EPIC Energies specialize in microgrid solutions, which put money back into customers’ pockets, as it allows them to sell their excess energy back to the grid.


Complete Solar Solutions: EPIC Energies offers complete solar solutions in the form of solar panel and energy solution design, as well as engineering and installation.


Roofing Solutions: EPIC Energies offers roofing solutions in the form of assessment, repair, and installation services for its commercial as well as residential systems. 


Construction Services: EPIC Energies offers construction services in the form of structural assessment, engineering, and construction.


General Contractor Services: EPIC Energies also offers general contractor services in the form of new remodels and renovations.


EPIC Energies mainly offers solar installation, construction, roofing, electrical contracting, and general contracting. It offers these services with EPIC Construction Ops, or ECO, their exclusive installation and construction company. ECO is based in Florida but is capable of extending its services nationwide.  



Installation Costs and Processes

EPIC Energies Costs

Customers of EPIC Energies can determine costs from a free quote, which can be requested through an inquiry form submission at the EPIC Energies website. Customers also share that the cost justified the quality of the products and services. Furthermore, customers can contact EPIC Energies at their phone number and email, published on the website, to further inquire about costs.


EPIC Energies Legitimacy

In terms of legitimacy, EPIC Energies is licensed in the state of Florida and also offers insurance. Their general certifications are from Blue Planet, Sonnen, LG Silver Dealer, and SMA Pro Partner. 

They also have manufacturer certifications from BLUE ION Energy Storage Systems as a Certified Dealer and SMA Power Up. EPIC Energies is partnered with APTOS Solar Technology, SolarStrack, and Opsun. They also offer a 3-year warranty. 


EPIC Energies Maintenance

Its customers highly rate EPIC Energies in terms of responsiveness, quality, value, and service. Customers report having a top-notch experience with EPIC Energies, as the company was able to visit sites several times, brought experts to resolve challenges, and was very clear with communications.

EPIC Energies is said to be highly knowledgeable, with some staff coming late in the evenings to answer questions. Despite reports of malfunctions with their installed systems, EPIC Energies always handled them efficiently. They are also said to be very accessible, working with customers and educating them throughout the entire solar installation process. Overall, many customers are happy they chose EPIC Energies.



The SolarEmpower View

As a newly established company, EPIC Energies is still a small business in Florida. Despite claiming to be the nation’s premier full-scale renewable energy developer, the information published online does not affirm this. Compared to other solar companies, EPIC Energies have less information on its website and social media pages and fewer reviews. However, this can be improved in time.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

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Does EPIC Energies provide a free consultation?

Yes. Through their website via an inquiry submission form, EPIC Energies provide customers with a free consultation.

Is EPIC Energies recommended?

EPIC Energies comes recommended by its customers, who highly rate the company based on value, quality, service, and responsiveness.

Is EPIC Energies trustworthy?

Since they are licensed in the state of Florida and have various certifications, EPIC Energies is considered trustworthy.

Does EPIC Energies provide a good service?

According to customers, EPIC Energies not only provides good service, but are also knowledgeable and accessible throughout the installation process.

EPIC Energies Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
3 years
Licensing Information

CGC 1525751

1725 Main Street #223
Weston, FL
Office Locations
1725 Main Street #201
Weston, FL

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