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Updated on 2023-07-01

Energywize Overview

Energywize LLC, is a mid-sized company based out of Xenia, Ohio, catering to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. 

The company has been in business since 2008 and provides photovoltaic solar and thermal hot water installations, as well as insulation and HVAC services.



Energywize services and features

Energywize Products

Solar Energy: Energywize provides photovoltaic and thermal solar installations to power and heat residential, commercial, educational, and agricultural properties. They assist customers with federal grants and rebates and renewable energy loan programs. They are suppliers of Mage-Solar PV panels and services.

Insulation and sealing: Energywize provides insulation services, including traditional and spray foam insulation for walls, attics, crawl spaces, basements, etc. Weatherization services seal air leaks to improve energy efficiency.

Heating and cooling: Energywize provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installations, as well as electrical and mechanical services.

Home Inspection services: Provide energy analysis audits and recommendations using blower door tests, infrared cameras, and utility analysis.


Energywize Costs

Energywize Energy costs will depend on the size, application, and requirements of your installation.  For specific cost estimates, contact Energywize directly.


Energywize Legitimacy

Our research found that Energywize:

  • is listed with the Better Business Bureau, but it is not accredited and has a no rating (NR) listing, with no complaints on the OH BBB site.  
  • is accredited with the Building Performance Institute (BPI).
  • is a member of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association, and Green Energy Ohio.
  • is an Energy First – Energy Audit company.
  • is a certified contractor able to implement Vectren and Dayton Power & Lighting energy upgrade programs and rebates.


Energywize Maintenance

Energywize Energy provides maintenance for their products. You will have to contact them for specific details on their maintenance program, which will depend on the solar configuration and equipment you choose.



The SolarEmpower view

Energywize is an experienced solar installation contractor. They not only provide installations in residential and educational settings. They also provide extensive and unique solar solutions for the agricultural industry, including solar power systems for crop and grain drying, heating greenhouses, supplying electricity to remote off-grid agricultural settings, electric livestock fencing, electric livestock watering systems, and more. They’ve installed large solar applications for commercial and industrial buildings and projects. They are an established business experienced in numerous solar installations and applications, from small and simple, to large and complex, as well as out of the box/unique solutions.

Even though their website is outdated and could be better organized, it is obvious from the information they provide they are experts in their field and really care about the industry they are in, and the future of solar energy.

We rate them 8/10. This rating would be higher if they had official credentials and a rating with the better business bureau, and if more independent customer reviews were available across the internet.



Energywize Contact details

Phone: (937) 470-6825

Address: 2375 Sieber Trace, Xenia, OH  45385

Email: [email protected]



Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Energywize Energy worth it?

We believe they are worth it. They have more than a decade of experience and carry numerous industry certifications. However, as with any large purchase, make sure you do your own due diligence in terms of research and quality assurance.

Is Energywize good to work for?

Energywize does not have any employee reviews at any employment review site we looked at.

Is Energywize trustworthy?

Our customer-review research found that Energywize has few customer reviews on independent review sites. The customer reviews on their own website are very good, and establish how experienced they are and how much they care about their customers.


The fact that they are certified with numerous trade industries and government contractor programs is an indication that they are trustworthy and have done work that meets regulatory approval.

Can I cancel a contract with Energywize?

According to Ohio’s Home Solicitation Act, a customer may cancel a contract within 3 business days (Monday through Saturday are considered business days). If you would like further clarity on whether a contract can be cancelled after it has been signed, you should contact an attorney directly, or contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section at 800-282-0515. You can also contact Energywize to ask what their cancellation policy is.

Energywize Solar Details

2375 Sieber Trace
Xenia OH

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