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Updated on 2023-05-29

Energy Service Partners Overview

Energy Service Partners provides residential solar installation services and work for a growing network of salespeople operating as independent authorized dealers. Founded in 2015, the company is based in California but also conducts services in Nevada. The company focuses on helping outside salespeople find work and enjoyment in solar energy, conducted through the company’s Authorized Dealer Program. The company provides homeowners with long-term savings and an enjoyable life of green living by partnering with Tier 1 product manufacturers, providing solid warranties, and using trusted installation partners. 

The company has 73 employees, a current annual revenue of $21 million, and is BBB accredited with an A+ rating; however, its customer reviews are mixed, which may suggest some concerns regarding the company. 



Energy Service Partners Services and Specifics

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Energy Service Partners only caters to residential customers. On its homepage, the company promotes the APTOS 400W Premium BASE panels. APTOS is a Tier 1 industry-recognized manufacturer, and the panels have excellent manufacturer reviews. The company’s page also shows that they use QCell 320 and Longi 355, both Tier 1 solar panels. 


Specific Types of Solar Offered

While the company focuses on solar panels and inverters, the company also offers the following services:

Solar Panel Array Cleaning
Pearl Home Solar Certification
Critter Guard Installation
Removal and Reinstallation for Re-Roofing
Sense Home Energy Monitoring
Zigbee Installation
Cell Modem Kit Installation
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The inverters installed are Enphase and SolarEdge products, both of which are Tier 1 industry-recognized product manufacturers. 



Energy Service Partners Installation costs and process


As Energy Service Partners split their focus between dealers and customers, the company may not offer as many cost-cutting options as other companies. They do discuss the following:

The company offers three solar service subscription plans – Standard, Advantage and Premier. 
The company offers various finance options, including loans, PPA, cash or credit and PACE.
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Analyzing their permits, the average price of their projects is $9,000, with 40% of their public projects under $5,000. Upon further investigation, no specific information could be found regarding the pricing. When SolarEmpower emailed, no response was received. Negative customer reviews, however, discuss the company overcharging and claim the company to be a waste of money. 

After an extensive search, no positive reviews reflected on the pricing of Energy Service Partners’ installations. The average solar panel cost in California is $2.82/W, and the average price of a 5kW system before ITC is $14,100. Nevada has an average solar panel cost of $2.55/W and a 5kW system average of $12,750. We recommend using these as benchmarks to decide the competitiveness of the company’s pricing.  



Energy Service Partners is a highly legitimate company:

  • The company is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating.
  • The company has partnerships with Quativa, Goodleap, Sunlight Financial, Sunrun, Pearl Solar, Enphase, SolarEdge, Givepower, and Aptos solar technology.
  • The company holds multiple awards, mainly with Inc. 5000. 
  • The company is insured by the State Compensation Insurance Fund.
  • The company is bonded by Wesco Insurance Company.
  • The company has verified active licenses #619149 in Butte County and #1022887 in California. 
  • The company is transparent about its employees and contact details, providing their full names and photographs and the company’s location, email, phone number, and social media handles on its website for easy contact. 
  • The company is an Enphase Gold Installer, LG-Chem Certified Installer, and a Sungage Financial Certified Partner. 
  • The company has an educational blog.
  • The company has over 800 google customer reviews. 

Despite these, customer reviews are mixed, which may dampen and restrict the company’s legitimacy. 



The company provides an array of warranties, including:

  • 10-Year Roof Warranty
  • 25-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Microinverter 25-Year Warranty
  • Panel Manufacturer 25-Year Warranty 
  • Extended Inverter 25-Year Warranty
  • Standard Inverter 25-Year Warranty

It is worth noting that customer reviews suggest issues with maintenance, so we recommend checking the terms and conditions of the company’s warranties or what services fall under them. 

Despite having a fairly high customer rating (4.4) on one site, customer ratings on other trusted expert websites rate the company low. Looking at the one-star reviews, customers criticize their communication and customer service (something we have firsthand experience with), claiming that salespeople are unresponsive and deceitful and promises made by the salespeople are not in line with the services, pricing, and experience produced by the company. 

Many discuss issues with money and professionalism from employees and find the company’s process can be extremely delayed and difficult to work with. All reviews have been responded to, and it seems like all issues have been dealt with – hence their A+ BBB rating. One thing the company does note is that they are not a sales organization and do not take full responsibility for issues concerning salespeople. 



The SolarEmpower View

Based on our analysis, Energy Service Partners is an extremely legit company and offer a range of high-quality services and warranties. Despite many high ratings, good customer reviews, awards, and an A+ BBB rating, their usage of outside salespeople has resulted in a few issues regarding communication, money, and maintenance. Therefore, we would recommend proceeding with some caution. 

💲  COST: 6/10 ✅ LEGITIMACY: 10/10
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Contact Details

Phone: 886-865-4559

Email: [email protected]


Address: 970 W 190th Street, Suite 302 Torrance 90502, Torrance, California

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Will Energy Service Partners provide proper maintenance?

Energy Service Partners does offer an array of warranties and maintenance services; however, some customer reviews may suggest otherwise. We recommend fully discussing maintenance concerns with the company before proceeding.

Does Energy Service Partners make its own panels?

No, they do not, but they use a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers to provide high-quality products.

Is Energy Service Partners trustworthy?

While there is a lot of evidence to support the legitimacy of the company, the customer reviews around the salespeople suggest otherwise. We would advise exercising some caution.

Energy Service Partners Solar Details

Licensing Information

CSLB #619149

970 W 190th St #302
Torrance, CA

Energy Service Partners User Reviews

(We try to verify user reviews as much as we can)
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Max Parker
Max Parker
San Diego, California
May 29, 2023
Extremely Unprofessional
If I could give 0 stars, I would. Our experience with Energy Service Partners has been the worst experience of our home ownership. We signed our contract in March 2022. After several delays, they completed the installation in June, but it wasn't functional. The subcontractors didn't use the proper inverter, which wasn't discovered until months after the installation. They tried to install an underpowered (cheaper) inverter.

The contract also called for a new Main Service Panel. This work wasn't completed at installation, and still hasn't been installed.

It's been a year since installation, and the solar is still not activated. We've been making payments since October 2022. After countless calls and emails, I can't even get a timetable for when this will be completed. The next step is legal action, since they are unable to give any updates. It's the most unprofessional experience I've dealt with, and I've had to deal with many contractors for my house in the past 2+ years.
Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson
April 13, 2023
Quick and professional install….
Quick and professional install.
Greg Bartheld
Greg Bartheld
April 11, 2023
Energy Service Partners is a…
Energy Service Partners is a great and reputable company from the original sales person all the way to the crew that installed the solar. The whole process was done in a very timely manner. They were super professional and did a very clean and great job. Every person involved in the different company departments involved in getting my solar installed kept me completely informed all the way I really love that. I would recommend them to anyone.
Porfirio Nunez
Porfirio Nunez
April 11, 2023
Bad customer service, not getting…
Bad customer service, not getting my situation resolved. Every time I call, I get the run around.
Hector Diaz
Hector Diaz
April 11, 2023
Very good hard workers. Excellent…
Very good hard workers. Excellent job. Thank you.
Kevin Horn
Kevin Horn
April 9, 2023
The entire team from start…
The entire team from start to finish , Alex my sales rep, Esther my Project coordinator and Xavier with the installation were always on top of things and kept my solar project stress free even through our stormy winter.
Thank you
Kevin Horn
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez
April 9, 2023
Installation was on point. Guys…
Installation was on point. Guys came in told me the plan. I told them I wanted the metal pipe hidden as possible. They say no problem. And looks great.
Johnny Munoz
Johnny Munoz
April 7, 2023
Horrible ongoing experience Energy Service Providers…
Horrible ongoing experience

Energy Service Providers has poor follow through and misleading information form this company. It has been 4 months to resolve an issue that they are at fault four. I had read the reviews and wanted to give Energy Service Providers the benefit of the doubt since I had a good experience with the sales person Adam Posacki. He did a great presentation and assured me he would help throughout the way. I agreed to the project on October 5th 2022 and had my panels installed on October 20th 2022. I was getting updates from Adam and I was also getting messages from ESP from Stephanie in regards to my project. I knew it would take a few months for permits and to have the system running, but I wasn’t too worried. While working on a back project I had to take a look at my electrical panel and noticed that the solar installation team installed over my Spa breaker and was not able to use my spa anymore. I brought this issue up with Adam and Stephanie and they assured me they would look into this and this was on December 5th. I had to send them pictures and had to keep following up with them. Adam said he would reach out to people since he “knew the head honchos” and Stephanie said she would be sending this information to the installers for review. Adam would tell me to reach out to Stephanie and Stephanie would tell me to let her know what Adam came up with. At one point I had my permits approved and my system running, but my issue is not resolved. Given the holidays and bad weather I figured they would be a bit delayed in responding. Then, I am sent a text message with a new contact provider for customer support once the permits were approved. I give them a call and a guy named Miguel answered and he tells me that Stephanie does not know what is going on since she no longer has access to my account. He said he would be reaching out to the team and would give me a call to let me know what was going on. I receive no response for two weeks, and call back. This time Erica Henderson answers on 2/15/2023 and I have to explain the whole process again and send pictures. She tells me she will reach out to the team and see what happened and they will be following up, but I recieve no response. I call again on 3/1/2023 and Erica happens to answer again and she happens to remember me. She genuinely seemed upset with my situation and wanting to help. She said she would be sending an email to the bosses and to give her a call in two days to keep her updated. I get a glimmer of hope when I receive a call from Israel Rodriguez in regards to my situation and to help get my issue resolved within a few days, but now I am dealing with the warranty department for some reason. Again I am told to send pictures and Israel tells me “it is an easy fix” and to be patient that they will try and schedule a technician to come out. I keep getting emails from Isreal every week that they are still trying to scheudle someone. Now it is 4/6/2023 and I receive an email from Israel stating that they still have no availability; however, now we are reaching the 30 day mark. After which I can hire an electrician to perform the work instead. He will provide instructions on how to go about this process. It has been 4 months that I have been trying to fix this problem and I keep getting strung along and now have to deal with another process which who knows how long that is going to take. To top it off I also get an email in March informing me that they discovered an alert with my solar monitoring or performance that they will be addressing it and stating they will confirm a resolution either way and it has been a month with no follow up. I would not trust Energy Service Partners to resolve any issues or higher them for any project as they are not capable of resolving any installation errors or system problems.
Michael Walton
Michael Walton
April 6, 2023
I signed my contract with…
I signed my contract with ESP on August 7th, 2022, which stated with certainty (and in writing) that my system would be installed on or about November 5, 2022 and operational by month's end.

It is now April 5, 2023.

My system did not get installed until February 1, 2023. The inspection took place on March 3, but didn't pass because the system on the permit was not the system installed. First thing that came to mind is bait and switch, so I kindly asked them for data/spec sheets for comparison. To date, I have received nothing.

The first payment on my system will begin in 3 days.

Paying for full electric AND solar was not on my Bingo card. I was led to believe payment would start after production began, but apparently it begins three months after funding, because it seems reasonable that it wouldn't take even three months to start producing after installation. If it's done right.

My roof is unfinished (which they made me spend an additional $8,000 for!), they installed a physically smaller array than the array that was planned, so the roof trim around the array is jagged and the support brackets protrude outside the system. (This is an assumption based on split-cell differences between the two panels, which ESP have not disputed).

Despite phone calls, texts, emails, support tickets posted, I have not gotten any substantial feedback, except one call defensively stating that my contract stated "or SIMILAR" when describing the system I purchased (but not similar enough to pass inspection).

The ESP company rep, Dan Cheldin, has stopped communicating with me as of March 8. He assured me this was an honorable company wanting to earn my trust, and that he'd be right there for every step. I've seen him pitching ESP in my HOA community and I'll be making sure our 900-plus members don't fall in the same trap I did.

Nobody seems to want to tell me what's going on except that they resubmitted the permit on March 11, a full 8 days after failing the initial inspection.

Today is April 5th, 2023.

And I'm still waiting. Now I'm paying. Nothing is finished.

I have given ESP every opportunity to prevent this review, and they straight-up act (by their inaction) like they don't care.

Most solar companies offer to pick up your payments until you're operational. This one hasn't. They don't care.

They just don't care.
Debbie Landosky
Debbie Landosky
April 5, 2023
Stephanie has been a godsend…
Stephanie has been a godsend for our solar experience. She has always kept us updated on the status of our solar installation. She made everything very easy for us. We never felt in the dark or a bother when we had questions. You are all lucky to have her. ?

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