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Updated on 2023-03-18

My Energy Monster Overview

My Energy Monster is a mid-sized solar installation and home services company with revenue of $6 million. They have branches based out of Worcester, Massachusetts, Lincoln, Rhode Island and Largo, Florida. 

The company specializes in Solar Energy, Insulation, Air Sealing, and Thermal imaging. 



My Energy Monster services and features

My Energy Monster Products

Solar Energy: My Energy Monster provides solar panel and battery storage installation. On their websites, they don’t provide details on their warranty/service program. They can assist clients with tax credits as well as finding financing if required. They use panels, inverters, and battery storage equipment from Panasonic HIT Photovoltaic modules, Enphase Energy, Charge-Point, LG Electronics, and Silfab Solar. 

Home Insulation: My Energy Monster provides home insulation installation, including fiberglass, plastic, cotton, wool, spray foam, and cellulose insulation.

Doors and windows: My Energy Monster provides energy efficient door and window installation.

Lighting: My Energy Monster provides energy efficient lighting installation.

Thermal Imaging scans: My Energy Monster provides residential thermal imaging scans for evaluating the thermal efficiency of a home.

Heating and cooling systems: My Energy Monster provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Air Sealing: My Energy Monster provides residential air sealing services that find and seal air gaps in a home to improve energy efficiency.

Blower Door Test: My Energy Monster provides blower door testing, which reveals the air tightness and energy efficiency of a home.


My Energy Monster Costs

Their average installation cost is $13,645, but individual installation prices may be much higher, depending on the size and type of installation. We found one installation project that included a solar installation, backup battery, as well as spray foam insulation that was $90,975.


My Energy Monster Legitimacy

Our research found:

  • The Massachusetts branch has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2012, and has an A+ rating with the MA BBB.
  • The Rhode Island branch is not yet officially accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it has an A+ rating with the RI BBB.
  • The Florida branch is not yet officially accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and has an F rating with the FL BBB.
  • Certified with the Building Performance Institute (BPI). 
  • They were listed as a 2019 Top 100 Solar installer by Solar Reviews.
  • Energy Sage seal of approval.


My Energy Monster Maintenance

My Energy Monster does not provide specific details on their maintenance and continued support policy on any of their 3 websites.



The SolarEmpower view

The Massachusetts and Rhode Island branches of My Energy Monster, Inc. provide solar installations as well as other home energy efficiency services.  According to their Florida branch website, the Florida branch primarily provides insulation services. However, according to the Florida BBB website and several other reviews, the Florida branch has also installed complete residential solar systems.

My Energy Monster, Inc. is a full service energy efficiency and solar installation company for home and residential properties. Their websites are easy to navigate and provide basic information about the services they provide and their blog has many articles about solar energy, tax incentives, etc. However, their website does not go into specifics about their pricing, warranty, installation costs, or maintenance programs. You will need to contact them to get specific details.

After researching customer reviews across the web, the vast majority of their customers were very happy with them and the customer service they recieved. 

One of the advantages of My Energy Monster, Inc. is that they are a one stop shop, so that you won’t have to hire multiple contractors to complete your project. They also offer solar hardware products from a wide variety of suppliers, so you will have a greater choice on what kind of system suits your budget and needs.

We rate the Massachusetts and Rhode Island branches 7/10. We would have rated them higher if they provided more specific details on their price structure, and warranty and maintenance/support programs on their websites. Because of the F rating with the FL BBB, we rate their Florida branch 6/10.



My Energy Monster Contact details


  • (855) 627-7674 Massachusetts
  • (508) 796-5525 Rhode Island
  • (727) 592-5930 Florida

Address: 100 Lamartine Street, Worcester, MA 01608

Email: [email protected]



Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Is My Energy Monster worth it?

Our analysis found that My Energy Monster is worth it. The best advertisement for any company is a satisfied customer, and the overwhelming number of positive 5 star customer reviews and customer recommendations says that they are good at what they do.

Is My Energy Monster good to work for?

My Energy Monster does not have any employee reviews at or any other employment review site we looked at.

Is My Energy Monster trustworthy?

Yes! They have A+ ratings with the MA and RI BBB, and have certifications with other solar trade bodies.


They also have complaints. One customer in MA complained that the job is taking too long to complete. Another customer complained that the Florida branch did not know how to get the proper permits, which caused long delays. Another Florida customer had wiring problems with their installation which caused inverter problems.


Every company will have some complaints. Some of these are significant and need to be addressed. However, overall, the majority of their customers seem to find them to be trustworthy.

Can I cancel a contract with My Energy Monster?

In Rhode Island, a contract may be cancelled by midnight of the third business day. In Massachusetts and Florida, a contract may be cancelled within 3 business days. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract can be cancelled after it has been signed, you should contact an attorney in your state. You can also contact Energy Monster to ask what their cancellation policy is.

Energy Monster Solar Details

Licensing Information

MA CSL: CS-071498 MA HIC: 188796 MA Electrical: 22683-A NH Electrical: 0481C

311 Main Street 2nd Floor
Worcester MA

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