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Updated on 2023-02-04


Energy In The Bank (EIB) is a renewable energy manufacturing company located at Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania, USA. Common in the renewable energy sector, EIB is also a small-sized company of about 11-50 employees. Founded in 2009, the company builds, develops and operates commercial renewable energy systems.

Energy In The Bank provides both residential and commercial solar services but specializes in high-cost solar projects of 25MW and above (utility-scale solar) such as solar farms, they also offer solar research and development and financial services such as solar financing.



Energy In The Bank Services and Specifics

Energy In The Bank focuses on solar projects in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Washington DC and they offer the following renewable energy services;

  • Solar Installations: EIB offers the following solar installations;
  • Solar Rooftops
  • Solar Ground mounts
  • Solar Carports
  • Utility-Scale Solar: Utility-scale solar facilities are pv power stations (solar farms) or concentrated solar plants that produce electricity greater than 1 MW which is supplied to the grid and distributed as utility. EIB specializes in manufacturing these facilities.
  • Solar Research and Development: EIB offers research and development insights to other solar manufacturers on improvements to PV systems.
  • Solar Financing: EIB provides solar financing through power purchase agreements for residents and business owners who wish to procure or install solar systems in their homes or establishments.

Based on EIB’s services, it seems the company’s business model largely targets government bodies or organizations as they specialize mostly in capital-intensive projects.

It is worth noting that EIB has received very little feedback from residential customers, most of which were very negative, with most describing the company as incompetent and dishonest in their service.


Solar Panels and Services offered by Energy In The Bank

Specific Solar Panels Offered:

The solar brands that are leading the race in producing larger, higher wattage panels for solar farms are;

  • Risen Energy
  • Trina Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • Jinko Solar
  • JA Solar
  • AE Solar
  • Astronergy

EIB’s solar panels are not publicly known, but as a company specializing in building solar farms; their choice of solar panels would most probably fall on one or more of the above-listed companies.


Specific Types of Solar Offered:

Energy In The Bank installations are grid-tied and they provide the following types of solar services;

  • Residential Solar: Although they specialize in high-cost projects, Energy In The Bank also offers low-cost solar solutions to residential homes.
  • Commercial Solar: Energy In The Bank also provides energy-saving solar solutions for business owners.
  • Community Solar: This is EIB’s major specialty, except the company manufactures the community solar facilities rather than distribute the generated power.



Installation costs and process


Typically, the cost of residential and commercial customers would fall within the range of $2.5 to 3.0 per watt (before solar incentives). 

The costs of building capital-intensive facilities like community solar farms are extremely irregular and depend heavily on the energy demands of the community in need of the facility, but the range previously stated can drive an estimate.

Energy In The Bank also provides solar financing for its customers. Solar financing can either be in the form of a lease or loan.



  1. EIB’s website is currently offline.
  2. The company has no license displayed on any public platform.
  3. The company is not accredited by any regulatory organization.
  4. The company’s contact details are publicly available. These include their street address, phone number and operating hours.

Based on available information (or lack of) and customer reviews, Energy In The Bank cannot be described as a legitimate business.



Based on customers’ feedback, EIB has very bad customer and maintenance service with most customers complaining of unprofessionalism, unresponsiveness and incompetence.



The SolarEmpower View

Energy In The Bank is a solar energy company in Pennsylvania, USA that specialize in building community solar services. They also offer residential and commercial solar solutions.

EIB’s website has been down for a while and they have received very negative reviews from their previous customers, with the majority of complaints revolving around issues of dishonesty, unprofessionalism, lack of knowledge of the work and unresponsiveness.

Most of the reviews on EIB point to very high risks of fraudulent practices. Anyone interested in doing business with Energy In The Bank, should exercise due diligence by;

  • Verifying if the company is a registered corporation
  • Requesting for relevant licenses and certifications from the state government and regulatory organizations such as NABCEP, BBB, etc.
  • Researching the company and
  • Asking for references, among many other precautionary measures

The table below is a summarized review of Energy In The Bank:

Locations served Headquarters at Pennsylvania, USA. Operates in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Washington DC.
Services Solar Installations (Residential and Commercial), Utility-Scale Solar, Solar Research and Development, Solar Financing
Cost Range of $2.5 to $3.0 per watt
Maintenance Very poor maintenance services
Legitimacy Company’s website is offline, no operating license, strong negative feedback from previous customers
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Are Energy In The Bank trustworthy?

Based on customer reviews, Energy In The Bank are not trustworthy in terms of delivering quality, professional solar services.

Is Energy In The Bank recommended?

No. Based on the few available reviews, most EIB customers have warned against dealings with the solar company.

Will Energy In The Bank provide proper maintenance?

Based on customer reviews, Energy In The Bank does not provide proper maintenance services, with most customers expressing heavy dissatisfaction with the company's executives. Customers have expressed issues of unresponsiveness and a lack of knowledge in the field.

Energy In The Bank Solar Details

Licensing Information

PA DEP Certified Sunshine Program.

2577 Milford Road
East Stroudsburg PA

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