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Emerald Sun Energy LLC Overview

Founded and overseen by CEO Anthony Fiorino, Emerald Sun Energy is a solar energy company that was established in 2015. Based in Orlando, Florida, the company provides solar energy solutions for homes and businesses across the state.

Touting itself as only offering top-line solar products with 25-year warranties, 25-year workmanship warranties, and 25-year roof penetration warranties, Emerald Sun Energy is a small-sized installer with roughly ten employees at its location and an estimated revenue stream of $1 million per year.



Emerald Sun Energy Services

  • Custom solar panel systems
  • Financing options
  • On- and off-grid installations
  • Solar design and installation
  • Solar maintenance and repair
  • Energy system installation
  • Free consultation
  • Solar consulting services



Emerald Sun Energy Products

The company partners with Solar World, SMA Technology, Heiline, Canadian Solar, Enphase Energy, SolarEdge, AXITEC, and FIMER. Listed are examples of some of the products offered.


Solar Panels

The company partners with Solar World, SMA Technology, Heiline, Canadian Solar, Enphase Energy, SolarEdge, AXITEC, and FIMER. Listed are examples of some of the products offered.

Emerald Sun Energy states that all of its panels sold have a minimum 10-year manufacturer warranty and 25-year performance guarantee and are hail-resistant and hurricane safe (up to 140 MPH).


350XL Mono (Solar World)

A monocrystalline panel with an efficiency rate of 17.54%. These panels can be used for commercial or residential grid-tied systems and possess a 25-year performance guarantee alongside a 10-year workmanship warranty. Having passed severe IEC 61701 salt spray conditions, this panel is resistant to salty air and ideally suited for coastal areas.


SPR-E20-327-E-AC (SunPower)

This panel has a power output of 320 watts with an efficiency of 19.9%. Possessing 0.5% degradation per year, it uses monocrystalline silicon and has a warranty of 25 years.



C250 Microinverter (Enphase)

An upgrade to string inverters, these attach to each solar panel in a system and convert DC electricity to AC electricity. Coming with a 96.5% efficiency, this product meets the needs of medium and large commercial installations.


P700 Power Optimizer (SolarEdge)

Increases the production of a string inverter system regardless of the solar system’s environmental condition. Acts as a step up from string inverters while costing less than a microinverter.

Alongside installing a solar system, Emerald Sun Energy offers customers the possibility of purchasing solar water heaters, solar attic fans, and/or a home battery system. Each of these products acts as a viable solution for reducing electricity consumption.



Emerald Sun Costs and Installation Process


The company does not provide its costs upfront, but it does provide an application process for solar financing options that can be filled out and submitted on the company’s website. 

Emerald Sun Energy provides a solar production guarantee that stipulates a guaranteed amount of kilowatt-hours (KWh) produced by an installed system for the year; if the system does not produce the amount of kWh stated by Emerald Sun Energy, the business will pay the difference.



The general installation process for Emerald Sun Energy involves the following steps:

  • On-site consultation: The company will review a potential client’s consumption habits and recommend cost-saving solutions alongside designing a solar panel system and setting up a battery storage system to meet energy needs.
  • Then, customers will be provided with cost-saving energy solutions.
  • If a customer goes forward with the company, the solar system will be designed, and a proposal will be drafted for the installation.
  • Emerald Sun Energy will oversee the permit and application process to officially begin the solar installation.
  • The solar system is installed, and power saving may begin.


Emerald Sun Energy Legitimacy

Emerald Sun Energy is a certified solar contract, and its license number is CVC57145, valid until August 2024.

On the company’s website, it advertises itself as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A+ rating since 2015, but on the BBB platform, the company is listed as not being an accredited business with a rating of A-. This discrepancy is either due to the company’s outdated website or the business simply providing the wrong information. Whichever of the two it is, this serves as a reminder not to take information on a company’s website at face value.


Customer Experience

With over 50 reviews spanning a number of years, the company has overwhelmingly positive customer experiences. Clients highly recommend the company to any Floridian, and they were specifically satisfied with how Emerald Sun Energy representatives were knowledgeable and patient while the end result was acquiring dramatically reduced electric bills once installations were operational.



The SolarEmpower View

Emerald Sun Energy is a relatively young company, having been founded less than ten years ago; this means that the future of the business is still unclear as it can grow to be a successful company or falter and fall apart. However, the early signs appear promising, as the owner has an extensive background in running and overseeing businesses.

As it stands, the company is recommended for residents of Florida as the business is highly transparent, information surrounding it is readily available for any interested or concerned parties, and customer experiences are recent, trackable, and overwhelmingly positive.

Service: 9/10 Quality: 9/10
Customer Satisfaction: 10/10 Availability of Information: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

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How do I get in contact with Emerald Sun Energy?

Other than physically visiting their office, there are three ways in which to get in touch with the company: (1) reach out through their email, [email protected]; (2) call their office at (407) 542-2431; or (3) fill out the contact form on their website, emeraldsunenergy.com.

Who owns Emerald Sun Energy?

The company is run and owned by Anthony Fiorino, who has an extensive background in running other companies and starting up his own companies.

Is opting for a solar financing option a good deal?

This depends on a customer’s circumstance or preference. The key features of financing options such as solar leases are that they are extremely affordable, allowing anyone to begin their solar journey.

Which states does Emerald Sun Energy operate in?

The company only operates in Florida.

Emerald Sun Energy Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 Year
Licensing Information

Florida Lic #CVC57145

2151 Consulate Dr, Suite 17
Orlando, FL

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