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Updated on 2023-04-26

Ecomen Solar Overview

Ecomen Solar is a solar energy solutions company headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey. The company also operates in Pennsylvania and New York. Ecomen Solar was founded in 2011 and focuses on providing solar solutions for the residential, commercial, and non-profit markets.

The company handles both high-cost and low-cost projects and offers services such as energy consultation, solar design, solar installation,solar leasing and financing, and generator solutions.



Ecomen Solar Services and Specifics

Ecomen Solar provides the following services;

  • Energy Consultation: Ecomen Solar offers energy consultation for clients who wish to go solar. The consultation is usually followed by a solar design that is customized to the energy needs of the client.
  • Solar Design: Ecomen Solar experts design solar systems that are configured for a property’s energy needs. The company’s solar experts help the client choose the best solar panel, inverters, etc. depending on the client’s budget or energy preferences.
  • Solar Installations: Ecomen Solar provides solar panel installations based on a solar design for residential, commercial and non-profits clients.
  • Solar Leasing and Financing: Ecomen Solar also offers solar financing options in the form of solar loans or leases.
  • Generator Solutions: Ecomen Solar provides standalone backup generators for power unexpectancies or grid failures.


Ecomen Solar services have received very positive reviews from their clients.

In the positive reviews, customers commended the company particularly for their;

  • Knowledge in the field
  • Timeliness
  • Professionalism
  • Competitive prices
  • Installation Quality



Solar Panels and Services offered by Ecomen Solar

Ecomen Solar systems use n-type or p-type monocrystalline solar panels.


Specific Solar Panels Offered

Ecomen Solar installs solar products from the following solar manufacturers;

  • Axitec Solar USA – is the American subsidiary of German brand Axitec. In terms of panel quality, they are well above average. Their PV modules have high panel efficiency and a low temperature coefficient (the lower the temperature coefficient, the better). Their product warranty period is 15 years. Their panels are available at a reasonable cost, making them offer competitive value proposition.
  • Enphase – is an American energy technology company that develops and manufactures solar micro-inverters, battery energy storage, and EV charging stations primarily for residential customers.
  • SMA – They are producers and manufacturers of solar inverters for photovoltaics systems with grid connection, off-grid power supply and backup operations. Their inverters have an average rated power of 4000 watts and CEC efficiency of 96.5 percent.
  • SunPower – is an American company that has been the leading brand of solar panels in terms of efficiency (22%) and electrical specifications. In 2020, SunPower split into two separate entities, SunPower and Maxeon Solar Technologies. As a result of the demerger, Maxeon now makes the solar panels, and SunPower runs the retail dealer network selling integrated solar and energy storage products. SunPower (or Maxeon) solar panels are made up of IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) solar cells. IBC cells are currently the most efficient solar cells in mainstream solar production 
  • Trina Solar – manufactures, sells and does research and development (R&D) on solar products. They also develop and sell smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary systems and energy cloud-platform operations. A typical Trina Solar PV module has an efficiency of 20% and output of 390 watts.
  • Canadian Solar – produce panels with slightly lower efficiency (18-19%) and slightly higher temperature coefficient (0.36) than that of SunPower but they produce almost exactly the same amount of power as a SunPower system of the same size.
  • Sharp – manufactures solar panels that are known for high quality, high performance, and long-term reliability. They are mostly applied in electric cars, UAVs and drones.
  • Power One – designs and manufactures inverters for alternative/renewable energy products.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Ecomen Solar LLC offers grid-tied solar installations. They handle the following types of solar projects;

  • Residential Solar – Grid tied: In this service, Ecomen Solar LLC installs a complete solar energy kit customized to the electricity needs of a resident’s home. The system is grid-tied so the client benefits from net metering.
  • Commercial Solar – Grid tied: This service is designed for business organizations. It targets business owners who wish to opt for more economical energy-saving strategies to maximize profit long term.



Installation costs and process


The cost of going solar with Ecomen Solar is estimated to be about $2.75 per watt before any solar incentive. There are several solar incentives available that could cut these costs to very affordable levels. Incentives such as;

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC): With this solar incentive, every solar patronizer in the US is eligible to a 26% tax credit for solar systems installed in the years 2020 to 2022, then it comes down to 22% in 2023. This means you can reduce the total cost of installing a solar system for your home or business by 26%. But remember this incentive applies to those who buy their system either by cash purchase or solar loan, and not leases.
  • Net Metering Program: New Jersey and New York has passed legislation that mandated all electric utilities to offer “true net metering” to customers with solar PV systems.


Some of the solar incentives available in New Jersey include;

  • Transition Renewable Energy Certificates (TRECs): Solar users earn one TREC for every 1,000 kWh generated by their solar panels, and each TREC sells for $91.20 (as of November 2021).
  • New Jersey Solar Tax Exemption: Solar panels are exempt from the 7% sales tax in New Jersey, and home value increase after going solar is also exempt from property taxes.


Ecomen Solar offers the following financing options;

  • Lease – Low monthly payments to add solar to your home or business..
  • Loan – You can apply for a loan through your local bank or credit union or explore Ecomen Solar’s loan options, allowing you to finance your solar system even if you cannot purchase it outright. Clients can also utilize tax credits and rebates for a cheaper payment.
  • PACE – Through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, businesses in participating areas can pay for their solar system through their property tax, allowing repayment for up to 20 years on a fixed rate loan.



  1. Ecomen Solar is registered and licensed to operate in New Jersey and New York.
  2. The company’s solar engineers are NABCEP-certified and NYSERDA-certified.
  3. Ecomen Solar is not BBB accredited.
  4. Ecomen Solar’s website is offline as at the time of this review.
  5. The company’s contact details are publicly available on external databases. These include their street address and phone number.


Based on our findings and customer reviews, Ecomen Solar is a registered and legitimate business but the absence of a company website makes us less confident in the company’s legitimacy.



Ecomen Solar provides after sales support and the company’s solar products come with the following warranties9;

  • 15-year product warranty
  • 5-year workmanship warranty

N.B. May vary with solar manufacturer


Customers have expressed much satisfaction with Ecomen Solar’s maintenance team for their availability and timeliness.


Customer service

Like the maintenance service, Ecomen Solar’s customer service has received very positive reviews with most customers commending its responsiveness.



The SolarEmpower View

Ecomen Solar is a solar energy solutions provider headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey, and also operating in New York.

The company is roughly ten years old, which speaks well for their experience in the field. Based on customer feedback, Ecomen Solar is an excellent company to work with if you want to go solar in New Jersey or New York. Their engineers are NABCEP and NYSERDA certified, which boosts our confidence in their level of competence in the field.

However, the biggest letdown comes from the state of the company’s website which is currently offline as at the time of this review. This greatly reduces our confidence in the company’s legitimacy.

Therefore, we cannot recommend Ecomen Solar for solar projects in New Jersey and New York.

The table below is a summarized review of Ecomen Solar:

Locations served Headquarters at Freehold, New Jersey. Also operates in New York.
Services Energy Consultation, Solar Design, Solar Installations, Solar Leasing and Financing, Generator Solutions
Solar brands used Axitec, Enphase, SMA, SunPower, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Sharp, Power-One
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 5-year workmanship warranty

N.B. May vary with solar manufacturer.

Cost (Expected, not confirmed) $2.75 per watt (before solar incentives)
Legitimacy Fully registered and licensed in New Jersey and New York, Website offline, NABCEP & NYSERDA certified engineers, BBB unaccredited, contact details publicly available.
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar


Does Ecomen Solar provide a good service?

Based on customer reviews, Ecomen Solar provides high quality equipment and good installation service.

Is Ecomen Solar recommended?

Yes, Ecomen Solar has been recommended by 90% of its customers.

Are Ecomen Solar trustworthy?

Ecomen Solar's website is down as at the time of this review. This obscures the transparency of the company significantly. Therefore, Solar Empowerer cannot vouch for the company’s trustworthiness.

How long has Ecomen Solar been in business?

10-11 years.

EcoMen Solar Solar Details

PO Box 7606
Freehold NJ

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