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Updated on 2023-04-13

Ecohouse Solar, LLC Overview

Ecohouse Solar is a solar business located in Columbus, Ohio, started in 2008. Ecohouse Solar specializes in providing solar energy solutions. Furthermore, the company also seems to have the desire to make an impact and be competitive when it comes to offering the best service.

Ecohouse Solar services both residential and commercial customers. Ecohouse Solar has performed well in various sectors. Many people see them as experts and as a company that is the place to be if you want to transition to a solar system. They have also been working to reach a wide range of people in order to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of going solar.



Ecohouse Solar Services and Features

Ecohouse Solar Products

Ecohouse Solar provides different solar products and services to address different needs:


Solar Panel Installation: Some of the solar equipment brands that they install include Enphase Energy, SolarEdge, and Qcells.


System Monitoring: Ecohouse Solar helps people to monitor their solar systems online. This allows them to oversee the performance quickly and easily as needed.


Energy Storage Systems: Ecohouse Solar can help you with energy storage solutions, so that you can have a power source during both critical and noncritical times..



Ecohouse Solar Cost and Process

Ecohouse Solar Costs

Ecohouse Solar have an array of financial options that can work for most financial situations. Ecohouse Solar also offers different methods of financing and have options to get solar with no money down.

People can request a quote or estimate at no cost to get started. Ecohouse Solar can then provide a customized design so that customers can get the right product for their specific needs. And they will give customers an estimated time in which the work should be done. They also help customers to submit the paperwork needed in order for the project to progress. Afterwards, the solar products can be installed.


Ecohouse Solar Legitimacy

Ecohouse Solar is a legitimate solar company for various reasons:

  • Ecohouse Solar has an A+ BBB rating and is accredited.
  • However, we did not see any information on licensing for this company.
  • Ecohouse Solar has contact details available including an address, phone, number, email and a contact form on their site. There are also many different social media platforms from which they can be contacted. There is also a contact form on their website where further inquiries can be made.
  • Some of the companies that they express partnership with include McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, and Soligent.


Ecohouse Solar Maintenance

Ecohouse Solar can provide customers with continued service as a part of the process. They offer maintenance services, which can be a critical part of making sure that solar systems are performing as intended. Craftsmanship is also something that Ecohouse Solar takes pride in when completing installations. Ecohouse Solar offers 25-year warranties on solar products, for added security and confidence. 

Some people found that the process of working with Ecohouse Solar was great. People have expressed that Ecohouse Solar are experts in the area of solar. Communication was positive for some reviewers when it came to keeping in touch with the company. Things like punctuality and professionalism also came up. Some mentioned that the process overall was a good experience. One negative review mentioned trouble with the products and lack of timeliness when it came to fixing problems.



The SolarEmpower View

Ecohouse Solar seems to be a reputable company that is set on delivering good solar products and service. Although some reviewers were disappointed with a lack of timeliness, the company seems to offer good solutions across the board.



Company Contact Details:

Phone: 614-456-7641

Address: 1809 O’Brien Rd., Columbus, OH 43228

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Ecohouse Solar trustworthy?

Ecohouse Solar is a trustworthy company, based on the information that our experts found

Is Ecohouse Solar good to work for?

We did not find any information or reviews from employees on the experience of working with Ecohouse Solar. Considering this, it’s difficult to say whether it’s a good place to work.

Can I cancel a contract with Ecohouse Solar?

We did not see any information about the contract policies from Ecohouse Solar. Yet asking the company directly would be the best way to understand if contracts can be canceled with this company.

Ecohouse Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


1809 O’Brien Rd.
Columbus, OH

Ecohouse Solar User Reviews

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George Gornall
George Gornall
April 1, 2023
We had Ecohouse Solar install…
We had Ecohouse Solar install a 14kw system a few months ago. They were very knowledgeable through every step of the process, and answered all of my questions in detail. I wanted a clean look to the system, and their install team made every effort to make the final appearance of the system as discreet as possible with no external conduit visible. I would definitely recommend this team to anyone considering solar for their home.
Patrick Farrell
Patrick Farrell
March 25, 2023
I agree with the other…
I agree with the other reviewers that Ecohouse Solar is outstanding!

Produce enough energy to offset the full electrical consumption of our home and electric vehicle throughout the year while simultaneously providing us with daytime backup in the event of a grid failure.

We purchased:
16.2KW system consisting of:
Panels: 45 x Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G10+ 360
Microinverters: 45 x IQ8PLUS-72-2-US
Enphase Sunlight Backup: 8 x Circuits

The sales process with Ecohouse was smooth sailing. Mike Hopper was our Project Manager. I cannot say enough great things about him personally and the entire Ecohouse Solar team. They took care of all the permits and did a great job with the installation.

The result:
Our solar system worked perfectly from the day it was installed and the installation quality was top notch. We did experience one issue with the sunlight backup that was ultimately traced back to a defective board in the system controller which resulted in intermittent failure to control loads. Enphase sent out a field technician to troubleshoot the problem and replace the board under warranty. Problem solved.

We live in Ohio and our solar system was activated in late October 2022 so our first full bill with net metering didn’t come out until late December. That’s definitely not the best time of year for solar production. Our electricity bill fell to 1/4 of its normal amount by our February billing cycle and we had a small surplus by our March billing cycle. I just read that our utility company AEP Ohio will be increasing rates by 30% this summer. I just smiled knowing that I made the right choice both to go Solar and in my choice of Ecohouse Solar. You should strongly consider them too!
Mike O'Shaughnessy
Mike O'Shaughnessy
February 4, 2023
Ecohouse and Mike Hopper were…
Ecohouse and Mike Hopper were great to work with. There is a lot involved with the process and the whole team made it super easy. Also, top notch install, looks fantastic with the newer black panels.
Rajeev Krishna
Rajeev Krishna
January 18, 2023
We worked with Mike Hopper…
We worked with Mike Hopper as our install manager. It was a great experience. He did a thoughtful evaluation of the house, and gave a really clear calendar of what to expect and when, and the team pretty much met the timeframe they set except for fully predictable challenges around weather and approvals and such. They have gone out of their way to make sure any issues, even some that turned out to not be related to the install at all, were addressed or appropriately considered. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend! We had a ~16kw system installed as well as a 240v line for an electric car charger.
Jason James
Jason James
January 13, 2023
had a system installed in…
had a system installed in August 2022, so far so good. It is now January 2023 and we have already cut are electric bill more than half in less than 6 months for the yearly average. I am sure sure it will be better when in use for an entire year. Mike was great and always responded when I reached out to him. I wished I had did this 10 years ago.
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart
January 6, 2023
Working with Ecohouse Solar and…
Working with Ecohouse Solar and Mike Hopper was a great experience. Mike is very knowledgeable, clearly explained the system and helped us with the 30% tax credit that made this project financially possible. The work crew was very professional, efficient and friendly. The work was done promptly, and the clean-up was excellent. After we started the solar panel part of the project, we decided to add a Generac generator to the system. Mike worked really well with Mid-Ohio Generators to help with the hook up requirements. We strongly suggest that you think about a generator from the start. We are now not only producing our own electricity, but we are also covered in case of power outages. I recommend Ecohouse Solar enthusiastically and without any reservations.

Sam Stewart
Terry Oneill
Terry Oneill
December 2, 2022
Ecohouse installed my 8.1KW system…
Ecohouse installed my 8.1KW system in September 2022. I worked with Matt Perkins as my sales consultant. Matt did a really great job of explaining many things as I had tons of questions. The entire team made the installation go smooth with a very professional installation from start to finish. My first full months AEP billing for November, after AEP finally got the smartmeter working correctly, was amazing. I went into December with a 200KWH credit! I did check 3 other companies before choosing Ecohouse. I'm so glad I chose Ecohouse! They did exactly what they promised.
Bryan Mescher
Bryan Mescher
October 7, 2022
I spoke with Scott today…
I spoke with Scott today and what a great guy. Unfortunately, they were unable to help me in my situation but gave me a reference to help me. You truly know a great company when they are willing to help a customer even if they aren’t the ones who will profit. I’d recommend giving them a chance simply because of their character.
Linda LeMay
Linda LeMay
August 29, 2022
Very professional and clean working….
Very professional and clean working. Work was done when they said and kept all their promises. Would highly recomnend.
Joe Hahn (Perfect Timing Band)
Joe Hahn (Perfect Timing Band)
July 1, 2022
These guys came out and…
These guys came out and repaired another companies mess and did it professionally and expertly. The cells are now working better that ever. They did a GREAT job and I would recommend them highly. Thanks Again!!!!

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