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Updated on 2023-03-18

D&M Alternative Energy Overview

D&M Alternative Energy is a solar installer operating in the regions of Columbia County, Greene County, Albany, and the Capital Region. The company is small-sized and has its main office in Coxsackie, New York. D&M Alternative Energy was established in 2010, generates less than $5 million in revenue, and has managed to gather a few reviews online from past customers.

The company also installs Solar Thermal to help you greatly cut the costs of electricity bills. Currently, D&M Alternative Energy shows no indications it offers more than Solar Panels and Solar Thermal for residences and commercial buildings. However, with these limited services, D&M Alternative Energy is licensed to operate in Washington and the above-listed areas.

Although mid-sized, you’ll still be spending a few thousand on installing solar panels and thermal with the company. However, from our research in customer reviews, D&M Alternative Energy seems like a trustworthy business to handle your solar installations.



D&M Alternative Energy Services

D&M Alternative Energy specializes in installing AEE solar panels and thermals. Asides from the installation, they also run maintenance and repairs on systems installed from them by their customers.


Solar Panel Installation

D&M Alternative prioritizes providing solar solutions for its customers over any other service. As a result, the company has experts and professionals installing solar panels on roof-tops, off-grid sites, and other mounting areas. In addition, the company specializes in installing AEE solar panels that have been dealing in solar systems for over 30 years and offer the best competitive prices in the market.

From reviews, the process of getting solar panels installed in your home or workplace is quite easy, and it starts by filling out a contact form available on the company’s site and online affiliates. When you fill out this form, a company representative will contact you for consultation on the design that best suits your needs. This is then followed by a representative to help set up a comprehensive site evaluation and system design plan.

From there, the plan proceeds with pricing and getting an estimate that will cover the expenses of installing a solar system for you. As of now, there are no reviews showing if the energy company offers a financing plan; hence you might be paying a part or all of the costs upfront. When this is done, it’ll be followed by the installation, operation, and maintenance.

The business process might vary a bit, requiring further design and consultation for the best service. However, the reviews we managed to get about installation from the company deemed the cost worth the price. The person gave a five-star rating for the Sales process, getting a price as quoted, being on schedule, having excellent installation quality, and good after-sales support.

The review said, “Mark and Dusty (staff of D&M Alternative Energy) installed an off-grid system in Schoharie, New York, and did an excellent job.”


Solar Thermals Installation

D&M Alternative Energy also installs Solar thermal for residents who seek to reduce their electricity bills from water heaters, boilers, and other heat-generating appliances. D&M prides itself in supplying and installing solar thermal that provides 35% to 85% of your water heating needs.

These thermal systems are cost-effective, affordable, and usually work with various heating systems. Although the thermal systems are quite pricey, they’ll save you more money on electricity bills than what you’ll incur in about 3 – 7 years.

As with Solar Panel installations, there’s also a process that comes with installing solar thermal systems. You can reach out to them from their website or listed contact on affiliate sites, and a professional from the company will come for site evaluation and the system that will fit your requirements. From this, pricing begins, then installation, operation, and maintenance.


Operations & Maintenance

D&M Alternative Energy is highly skilled in everything related to solar installations and will help run maintenance on their supplied products. Suppose you need repairs and maintenance on solar systems; reviewers say the professionals at D&M are highly responsive and patient to whatever questions you may have about faults and repairs.



D&M Alternative Energy Costs And Processes

D&M Alternative Energy is a small-sized company, and from reviews, they’re keen on delivering premium solar panels for their customers. They also do this without the need for intermediaries, keeping costs relatively low and competitive.



You’d be looking to spend thousands of dollars installing with D&M Alternative Energy. The company’s primary choice of solar systems is AEE systems, and as such, you’ll be spending as low as $5000 on smaller systems and could go as high as $40,000 for huge installations in homes and businesses. Unfortunately, reviews do not show if the company has a financing plan; hence you’ll be required to find out directly by contacting the company.



D&M Alternative Energy is registered under the name D&M Alternative Energy LLC and is licensed to operate in New York and regions including Columbia County, Greene County, Albany, and the Capital Region. The company is an AEE solar dealer and is certified by NABCEP.


D&M Alternative Energy Maintenance

From reviews and our research, we’ve seen that you can easily get in contact with D&M Alternative Energy for maintenance and repair works. This is with the easy access to their contact forms and dialing their business number. In addition, customers describe their customer service as responsive, friendly, and supportive.




D&M Alternative Energy is small-sized and will fit your needs for the installation of smaller solar systems either in your home or business, as recommended by reviewers.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar

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Does D&M Alternative Energy provide a good service?

From reviews, it'll seem the energy company has professionals to provide excellent services in installing solar panels and thermal systems.

I can't get in contact with D&M Alternative Energy - what should I do?

Fill out the form on their website, and a representative will reach out to you.

Are D&M ALternative Energy trustworthy?

D&M is a legitimate business; you can trust them with your solar installations.

D&M Alternative Energy Solar Details

39 Washington Avenue
Coxsackie NY

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