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Updated on 2023-04-13

Delaware River Solar Overview

Delaware River Solar sets up community solar farms. They invite both individuals and businesses to become subscribers to a certain farm, receiving solar bill credits in return. Delaware River Solar focuses on the New York State area and already operates over 40 of these farms. More specifically, clients using the following utilities can enroll:

  • RGE
  • National Grid

The company started in 2016 and in a relatively short period they garnered a positive reputation, boasting multiple active projects. Their focus seems to be enabling renewable energy projects to limit the necessity of using fossil fuels, while also helping communities save on their electricity bills. They launch new projects on a monthly basis, creating the opportunity for more and more customers to sign up. 


Delaware River Solar Services and Specifics

Solar Panels and Services Offered by Delaware River Solar

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Many of the Delaware River Solar projects are ground-mounted solar parks, also called farms. The company develops and builds these solar farms and also operate them. These farms form part of a network, incorporating grids, panels and energy captivators, in order to trap energy and store it. 

Specific Types of Solar Offered

Delaware River Solar clients can subscribe to gain access to the stored renewable energy, rather than using only power from the traditional grid. It’s an alternative that makes sense for property owners—residential or commercial—that don’t have space for solar installations on their premises. 

Clients subscribe to a specific solar farm, and if there’s no current availability, one can monitor new projects on the website to become part of. 


Delaware River Solar claims that after subscription and as soon as a farm goes live, most clients can save around 5% on their utility bills. In practice, credits a subscriber earns will go towards their utility, lowering that cost. Then, Delaware River Solar charges the subscriber for the credits, but at a discount rate and this is what results in the substantial savings.

Both on the Delaware River Solar website and social media pages, clients share positive experiences in relation to utility savings. They notice the savings from the first month of use. At times there are waiting periods if you subscribe to a farm that’s still under development. However, most clients are onboarded very quickly.

Clients also feel the company treats them fairly. For example, where clients apply to solar farms that are still being developed, they’re only charged from the month the system goes live. For most clients the savings reflect on a monthly basis and some of them report drops in utility expenses of up to 10%. 


Delaware River Solar is definitely a legitimate company. For one thing, there are multiple news stories mentioning them as a service provider in state projects. Around 2021 they were part of a 3 Gigawatts project in New York. The Clean Energy Pipeline also mentions the brand’s nine agreements with SolaREIT, relating to community solar projects. 

In addition, one can obtain up to date information about their various projects via their website, such as whether a project is sold out already. This proves they’re still in business and regularly starting new projects. 


For individuals or businesses that buy into one of the community solar farms, there’s no maintenance or upkeep to concern themselves with. Delaware River Solar handles all of this as part of operating the various solar farms. 

In terms of maintaining customer accounts and customer service, the company seems very efficient. Many clients’ feedback include a mention of how quick they are to respond to enquiries.



Delaware River Solar is helping New York State locals lower their carbon footprint while also saving money. It’s encouraging to see a company that seems driven to benefit both the environment and the community. 

Feedback shows there are many benefits, good customer care and no risk to sign up and partner with them. Using their services is a smart and viable option for anyone wanting off the grid, but who lacks space and resources. 



Contact Details

Phone:  (845) 414-3491 / +1 315-201-9370

Address: 140 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017, United States

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Delaware River Solar trustworthy?

Yes, in our research we found many reports of customers reporting fair treatment. Also, their associations with other market leading, trustworthy companies provides peace of mind about their integrity and being a trusted brand in the solar industry.

Is Delaware River Solar good to work for?

Delaware River Solar employs fewer than 50 individuals and the company gives these personnel the opportunity to benefit the greater community through their work. Also, based on some workers sharing their excitement at being employed by the brand, they’re a sough after employer.

I can’t get in contact with Delaware River Solar—what should I do?

Delaware River Solar has a customer portal, which is one of the best options to engage with the company. You can also use their online contact form and they’re prompt to respond to enquiries. Alternatively, for direct contact you can use: [email protected] or (845) 414-3491.

Is Delaware River Solar recommended?

Yes, we recommend Delaware River Solar, especially for clients who want to utilize renewable energy but don’t have the space or resources to set up solar panels on their own properties.

Can you cancel a contract with Delaware River Solar?

Delaware River Solar offers a 1-year term and for cancellations they don’t charge fees.

Delaware River Solar Solar Details

140 E 45th St
New York, NY

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Ange Paqui
Ange Paqui
March 3, 2023
Last 2 moths energy bill…
Last 2 moths energy bill came higher than normal thank you ??
Daniel Bohan
Daniel Bohan
September 29, 2022
Glad to be a part…
Glad to be a part of the move to solar power, and equally pleased to be enrolled with Delaware River Solar since its earliest days. Cat Scott is a great resource and always very pleasant to speak with when I have questions, including most recently when I needed to confirm that I can read my own meter, notify NYSEG online, and avoid estimated billing from Delaware River Solar. First-rate service.

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