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Cosmic Solar Overview:

Cosmic Solar and Roofing company provides solar energy services and installations in San Diego, Southern California. This company is located on Poinsettia Avenue in California and was founded in 2003 by Bahram Shadzi, who holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

To reduce the number of CFCs that deplete the ozone layer of our planet due to the burning of fossil fuels used for our daily energy needs, Cosmic Solar and Roofing was established to replace fossil fuel-based energy sources in Southern California homes.

Cosmic Solar and Roofing provides solar energy solutions to residential and commercial buildings. Over the years, it has developed a loyal customer base in and around California. This company is a small-sized company where most of the administration is looked after by the family members of Bahram Shadzi.

They maintain a team of select few experts in this field and have less than 25 employees. Despite its small workforce, customers state that their services are efficient and professional, and all the team members are knowledgeable in this field. Currently, the revenue of Cosmic Solar and Roofing is approximately $5 million per annum.

Cosmic Solar and Roofing Company Services and Specifics

The services by Cosmic Solar and Roofing are available for residential as well as commercial buildings. They have multiple categories of service as follows:

  • Energy Evaluation: Before installing any solar systems, experts from the Cosmic Solar and Roofing company provide energy evaluation services. Here, based on your power usage and requirements, they
    identify potential areas where you can make your energy usage more efficient. This analysis forms the basis for your project’s solar energy system size, PV size, and overall wattage.
  • Design and Installation: They also provide designing services for the solar energy system that will work the best for your needs. They ensure efficient designs that give maximum performance with minimum investments. After the designing stage, their team of installers installs the solar panels and, if required, builds the required supporting systems.
  • Solar Roofing for Residentials: They provide solar roofing services from energy analysis to designing to installation for residentials of small to large sizes. They also provide roof inspection and roof repair services for residential.
  • Solar Roofing for Commercials: They provide solar energy system design and installations for small-sized commercial roofs that help reduce heat transfer and increase energy efficiency and longevity of roofs.
  • Solar PV: They deal in solar photovoltaic cells separately based on customer needs. They are authorized dealers of SunPower solar cells.
  • Pool Heating Systems: In addition to roofing, Cosmic Solar and Roofing also provide solar heating systems for heating pools. They design and install solar collectors inside your pool to make it energy efficient.
  • Solar Battery and Storage Systems: Cosmic Solar and Roofing designs and installs solar power-based batteries for power-backup in residential based on your energy requirements. Their most used product is the SunPower SunVault Storage System with 13-26 KW/h power output. Solar panels and services offered by Valley Solar Inc. company


Specific Solar Panels Offered:

Cosmic Solar and Roofing is an authorized dealer of SunPower solar cells. For most of their projects, they use SunPower monocrystalline solar panels. These solar panels are known to be the most energy-efficient and durable market. There are different types of monocrystalline solar cells and panels manufactured by SunPower:

  • The A series: These solar panels have 22.7% efficiency and are the best in the market, with up to 470 Watts.
  • The X series: These solar panels also have 22.7% efficiency but produce lower wattage than the A-series and thus are more suited for smaller homes that require 350 Watt output.
  • The E series: These solar panels have 20% efficiency and work well for small-medium sized spaces.
  • The P series: These solar panels have 19% efficiency and are well suited for commercial projects without spatial limitations.

Overall, Cosmic Solar and Roofing uses high-quality solar cells and panels for its projects to ensure the best solar power for their customers’ energy requirements.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

The solar energy system installations by Cosmic Solar and Roofing apply to multiple roof types such as-

  • Metal roofs
  • Tiled roofs
  • Shingle Roofs

Ground-mounted solar energy systems are also installed by Cosmic Solar and Roofing.


Installation costs and process Costs

Based on customer testimonials and project spotlights available on their official website, their range of costs for residential projects can range from $37,500 for small residentials to $140,000 for larger residences. In both cases, customers saw more than a 90% reduction in their monthly energy bills. For commercial projects such as the Auto Gallery Mitsubishi-Corona, California, 546 solar panels that generate 5000 megawatts annually cost $335,000, resulting in $5,000 savings on electric bills per month. Customer feedback states that their services are efficient and quick and value for money due to a hefty decrease in their energy costs. In most cases, customers paid the quoted price and are satisfied with the results. Cosmic Solar and Roofing ensures that all their customers can receive incentives and tax rebates for going solar, as per the state laws.



Cosmic Solar and Roofing provides a 25-year warranty on solar electric panels, 10 years on pool heating panels, and 3 years on cosmic solar workmanship.

Overall, we conclude that Cosmic Solar and Roofing prices are competitive and on the higher side, but their products and services are value for money.



Cosmic Solar and Roofing is a legitimate company with a valid license in California- CSLB #831831. Their Standard Industrial Classification code is 16,162, and their North American Industry Classification System code is 23713,23. They are BBB accredited businesses.

Overall, Cosmic Solar and Roofing is a legitimate business with a transparent reputation.



Customers state that it is fairly easy to contact Cosmic Solar and Roofing in case of any queries or for availing maintenance services. They can be easily reached out at-

  • Call: (760) 749-1111
  • Visit: 943 Poinsettia Ave, Suite #401, Vista CA 92081
  • Email: [email protected]



Based on our detailed investigation, we conclude that Cosmic Solar and Roofing is a legitimate and trustable company that provides expert solar energy services. Their quality of service is high, and they provide a warranty. However, compared to other companies, their quoted prices are higher.


Cosmic Solar and Roofing
Licensed Business Yes
Wide Array of Services Yes
Quality Solar Panels Yes
Customer Support Yes
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Is Cosmic Solar and Roofing trustworthy?

Yes, Cosmic Solar and Roofing is a trustworthy and reliable company with valid licenses and certifications.

Can you cancel a contract with Cosmic Solar and Roofing?

No, according to the law of the United States, no solar energy contracts can be canceled once revoked.

Does Cosmic Solar and Roofing provide a good service?

Yes, according to customer testimonials, Cosmic Solar and Roofing provides good quality and efficient services.

Will Cosmic Solar and Roofing provide proper maintenance?

Yes, Cosmic Solar and Roofing provides maintenance, repair, and replacement services after installation.

Cosmic Solar Solar Details

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CSLB #831831

943 Poinsettia Ave, Suite #401
Vista, CA

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