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Updated on 2023-04-13


Founded in 2007, CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. (CTES) have been providing turn-key premium-quality solar installations for both residents and businesses in San Diego. With over 14 years’ experience in the renewable energy market, this privately-owned business handles both small and large solar projects. 

The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been nominated for the BBB Ethics Torch Award, two years in a row. The company’s headquarters are located in Oceanside, CA, and employ up to 10 employees. 



CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Services and Specifics

While a small setup, the CTES project profile is extensive, ranging from large housing developments to individual homes. 


Solar Panels Offered by CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc.

Specific Solar Panels Offered

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. doesn’t mention specifications around the type of photovoltaic solar panels they use. However, they do emphasize the fact that they only use top-quality materials. The company uses the latest technologies and software tools to model the customer’s energy consumption, savings, and ROIs. 


Specific Types of Solar Offered:

  • Rooftop photovoltaic panels: The company is well-equipped to install rooftop, grid-tied photovoltaic panels on residential and commercial buildings. They use an FAA-cert drone pilot to get a complete aerial view of the property. Drone data makes it easier to create a 3D model of the rooftop while providing useful information such as shade analysis. A virtual solar layout is provided for the customer. 
  • Solar water heating: Offering three different types of solar water heating systems, the company can help you reduce the costs of using expensive electricity, propane, or natural gas to power the hot water supply. Depending on various factors such as climates, they’ll recommend one of the following systems for your solar water heating needs:
    • PV-powered hybrid solar water heating system
    • Indirect circulation systems
    • Integral collector-storage passive system
  • Solar pool heating: This type of solar system heats up pool water, extending swimming time beyond the summer months while reducing your monthly energy bills at the same time.
  • Energy storage: By providing backup energy solutions, the company can assure you don’t go without power on those days when the grid goes down. Using solar panels to convert energy in the batteries, this system keeps the power running even when there are outages. 

Besides solar systems installations, CleanTech Energy Solutions. Inc. offers component replacements, system upgrades and expansion, and reroofs. 



Installation Costs and Process


CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. advises customers to contact them directly for a quote. One online customer review mentioned that the company’s quote was highly competitive when compared with four other similar proposals. The company offers a 2% discount when paying with a check which makes the end price very attractive. 

Another customer mentioned huge energy bill savings once the installation was complete. Another raved about an” …outstanding job installing our solar, wiring our electrical, and planning the project. We are very pleased with the overall price as well.”

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. assists their customers in getting rebates and tax credits. All photovoltaic panel installations benefit from a 26% Federal Tax Credit. The Indirect circulation systems for solar water heating benefit from both the CSI-Thermal rebate as well as the 26% Federal Tax Credit. Commercial properties can take advantage of the 26% Federal Tx Credit for solar pool heating systems. 

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. partners with reputable financial institutions to assist homeowners and businesses when installing solar systems. These institutions are:

  • Sunlight Financial
  • Energy Loan Network
  • FortiFi

Based on this research, it’s apparent that CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. go out of their way to provide sustainable and affordable solar solutions for their customers. Furthermore, customer reviews clearly show that the company offers great service while using top-quality materials at a price that meet people’s budgets. 



The company is legitimate and still operating in the San Diego region.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. is accredited by the BBB and NABCEP
The company is a member of the California Solar + Storage Association 
Licensed Contractor – CA #910460
Licensed Solar Contractor – C-46
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The company’s website includes a map highlighting their location as well as contact details including email, phone, fax, and an online contact form. 



CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. clearly states that they offer both repairs and maintenance on all their solar systems including those not installed by themselves. 

One online customer review mentioned how the company’s technician was able to sort out a badly installed water heater, placed there by another company. Instead of replacing the whole system, CTES’s technician was able to save the customer thousands of dollars by sorting out the problems. 

The company works well with other roofing contractors and assists with reroof projects. CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. offers routine maintenance after installation to ensure the system continues to provide reliable service years down the line. 


Customer Service 

While online ratings range from 4.3 stars to 4.46, actual reviews written by customers show that they’re satisfied with the service and products they received from the company.

It’s worth noting the 5* reviews such as “I am very impressed with their knowledge of my old system installed by others years ago” and “They were knowledgeable and would be a pleasure to work with” or “The service was top notch.”
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The company website and their response to us also state “95% customer satisfaction” and based on our research, this could be attributed to how they support their clients as well. The website includes a chatbot for customers looking for quick answers to their questions. 



The SolarEmpower View

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc.’s website is comprehensive, providing ample detail on their services, completed projects, contact details, and background. Online customer reviews from various sites tell us that clients are satisfied with the service and solar systems provided by the company. 

Attention to detail seems to be the order of the day with CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. which makes us feel they’re a renewable energy company worth considering for solar installations. Doing your own research and getting recommendations from other local homeowners and businesses using this company’s services is advisable, before deciding to use CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc.



Contact Details:

Phone: 760-744-1001 / 888-765-2766

Address: 3784 Mission Avenue #148-337, Oceanside, CA 92058

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:
San diego


Is CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. a good company?

Based on online customer reviews, affiliations with local energy associations, and an active license state, this company is good when it comes to offering solar system installation.

Do CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. provide a good service?

Yes, the company has a dedicated team of professionals in the industry who are able to offer their customers good service.

Will CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. provide proper maintenance?

Yes, the company offers routine maintenance after installation as well as on solar systems not installed by themselves.

Which states does CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. operate in?

The company is a local business operating from Oceanside, CA. They provide services in the San Diego region.

CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information



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Gerda Petersen
Gerda Petersen
July 22, 2022
We are very happy that…
We are very happy that we had CleanTech Energy Solutions, Inc. to install our solar panels. They were very pleasant and knowledgeable to work with. They also to into account the aesthetic view of the final installation. We will highly recommend them.

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