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Updated on 2023-07-01

Clean Energy Solutions Overview:

Clean Energy Solutions is a small solar energy consulting company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was incorporated in 2000 with the aim to provide green energy solution consultations for low-income communities and city and state policymakers. Despite having a small team, we estimate that the company’s revenue is around $ 1 million. The Company consulting services are of high quality – however, they come at a high cost. 

Currently, the Company’s customer base is low-income families, city and state policymakers, and nonprofit and private organizations. Its business model is based on approaching new clients, providing quality consulting services, and building strong and long-lasting relationships with customers. The Company has not earned any customer reviews, neither has it any complaints. It boasts accredited business status according to the Massachusetts Department of business. 



Clean Energy Solutions Services and Features:

Clean Energy Solutions Services:

Clean Energy Solutions offer consulting services on a wide range of the spectrum, from finance, marketing, procurement, contracting, and reporting. They include:

Energy performance contracting: The Company provides consultation on energy performance contracts that offer guaranteed savings on their investments. The Company helps customers smoothly transition by choosing the best energy solutions, designs, and procurements. 

Property assessed clean energy: Clean Energy Solutions offers financing arrangements that help the customers lower upfront costs. It guides customers in energy-related property improvements with a special tax assessment that does not require paying upfront costs. 

Critical infrastructure resiliency: The Company, in collaboration with local government, the community, nonprofit organizations and various other organizations, prepares models which secure and protect vulnerable communities from natural and manmade disasters. It pilots community microgrids that secure shelters and communications in emergencies. 

Solar and storage procurement & financing: the Company develops project scopes that are economically beneficial for businesses or families. It provides guidance in procuring, financing, implementing, evaluating, and verifying solar energy installations. With this guidance, the Company effectively develops tax-free and efficient energy solutions. 

Enterprise building: Clean Energy Solutions supports other clean energy companies by procuring public and private investments for their clean energy projects. 

State energy programs: The Company assist local and state government in devising policies that are environmental and clean energy-friendly and help the government achieve their clean energy goals. 

Local economic development: The Company assists government agencies in procuring investment locally and internationally in clean energy. They provide services in securing funding by developing, implementing, and marketing future clean energy programs. 

Clean Energy Solutions services are concentrated around its principal office in Boston. However, the Company also offers its service in Washington DC and NC. 



Clean Energy Solutions Costs: 

Clean Energy Solutions provide customer driven prices. The Company’s consulting services differ in their costs for various segments of its customer base. As the Company helps lower-income families secure clean energy, they provide its services to this customer base at a subsidized rate. However, it charges a competitive price for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The Company itself claims that it is focusing more on quality consultation and advice rather than costs. Nonetheless, with a little negotiation, the Company might offer the best prices compared with its competitors in Boston. With such a price, the Company has excellent and experienced staff who provide quality guidance and policy recommendations. The Company has five employees who have been running the business for more than twenty years which speaks for their credibility and quality of consultation. If you struggle to choose clean energy solutions or it is difficult to finance your project, you can reach out to Clean Energy Solutions for guidance. With their proposal and financial and tax advice, you can get the best clean energy solution. Although the Company lacks any customer reviews, we still recommend the Company. 


Clean Energy Solutions Legitimacy:

Clean Energy Solutions is a highly legitimate company. Following are some of its most recent accreditations: 

  • The Company is registered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in Washington DC and NC. 
  • The Better Business Bureau opened the Company’s file in 2017, and since then, the Company has held an A+ rating from the Bureau. 
  • The Company has a 3.0 ESG ranking on D&B. 
  • Clean Energy Solutions provides its contact details on its website. It has listed its location, phone number, and email address on its website for easy contact. However, it does not have any presence on social media websites which could have further eased customer support. 
  • Our experts view the Company as a quality service provider. It has listed all its staff, partners, and project details on its website. David Dayton, the founder, heads the Company and is Chairman, who, with his experience in energy development and the nonprofit sector, has uplifted the Company. 
  • Although we could not retrieve any customer reviews, the Company’s accreditations from various agencies speak of its legitimacy. 


Clean Energy Solutions Maintenance:

The Company offers quality care for its clients. Being a consulting company, Clean Energy Solutions takes care of its customers continuously. The Company’s team is highly efficient and has vast experience in consulting, advising, and preparing business plans. The Company follows up on its free quotation and provides a comprehensive consultation service. Once the Company starts a partnership with any agency, it helps it throughout the process, creating proposals, finance planning, procurement, installation, and monitoring the project. The Company’s quality services are reflected through its successful projects and partnership with various organizations. It is the continued support of the Company that has helped it expand its client base and manage in building partnerships with state agencies. 




Clean Energy Solutions offers high-quality consultation services to low-income families, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. It provides the best prices. Moreover, the Company has been at the forefront of the clean energy movement for the last twenty-five years. Its formulated policies have helped the government agencies procure funding for clean energy projects and meet its clean energy goals. The Company is dedicated to conserving energy, reducing costs, and protecting the environment from hazardous energy sources. Furthermore, the analysis of the Company’s performance and expanding client base for the last twenty-five years reflects the Company’s legitimacy and quality of service. Overall, we recommend the Company.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Clean Energy Solutions worth it?

The Company has built a strong customer base and has successfully completed some major projects. The Company can be considered an excellent consulting company based on its accomplishment.

Is Clean Energy Solutions trustworthy?

Yes, Clean Energy Solutions is a registered business in the state of Massachusetts and has multiple accreditations from various agencies. The Company's history makes it a trustworthy partner for your renewable energy solutions.

Is Clean Energy Solutions good to work for?

It is a small company comprising only five employees working in a close-knit team. However, we do not have enough information available to make any firm judgment about the Company's work culture.

Can I cancel a contract with Clean Energy Solutions?

Under the Standard contract, one cannot cancel a contract once it is legally signed and sanctioned. The parties are estopped by the principle of estoppel unless there is force majeure. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed or you can cancel a contract, you can contact the Company's legal team.

Clean Energy Solutions Solar Details

85 Merrimac Street, Suite 300
Boston, MA

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