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Updated on 2023-06-14

Clean Energy America (CEA) Solar Overview

CEA Solar is a solar energy company operating in over 25 states in the United States with its headquarters located at El Paso, Texas. The company is the solar division of Clean Energy America Home Technologies, a company dedicated to providing water purification systems and solar energy solutions to their customers.

Founded in 2017, they specialize in providing solar energy solutions for residential purposes only.



CEA Solar Services and Specifics

CEA Solar operates in the following states; Texas, Georgia, California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland and Massachusetts.


The company provides the following services;

  • Solar Design: CEA Solar provides solar designs and specifics for customers based on the energy needs of their homes.
  • Solar Installations: After the solar design is complete, customers can move on to get the solar system installed based on the configurations and specifications of the proposed solar design.
  • Consultation Services: CEA Solar offers free consultation services for potential customers who wish to make enquiries about switching to solar power for their homes. Their consultation service can also be further used to design the perfect solar system for a customer’s home.


CEA Solar services has received very positive reviews from their customers. They have expressed much satisfaction with the company in terms of their customer service, installation and product quality, rates, fees and after sales support.



Solar Panels and Services offered by CEA Solar

Specific Solar Panels Offered

CEA Solar systems use n-type or p-type monocrystalline solar panels.

These solar panels have a high efficiency of around 20% and a maximum power output ranging between 280W to 370W (depending on the weather’s temperature).


Specific Types of Solar Offered

CEA Solar systems installation is grid-tied and they handle the following types of solar projects;

  • Rooftop Residential Solar: In this service, CEA Solar installs a complete rooftop solar energy kit customized to the electricity needs of a resident’s home.
  • Ground Mount Residential Solar: CEA Solar also offers ground mount solar installations for residents due to the following benefits;
    1. Flexible panel orientation to maximize the amount of sunlight.
    2. Ease of maintenance.



Installation costs and process


The price of a CEA Solar system and installation service will vary depending on the electricity needs of the customer.

Typically, CEA Solar’s pricing would be between $2.32 and $3.10 per watt.

This means that, for a 5kW system, the total cost before any tax credits or solar incentives would range from $11,600 to $15,500. But with the 26 percent federal tax credit for solar, which every American is eligible for, a 5kW solar system would cost between $8,584 to $11,470. Additionally, there are plenty of other solar incentives, some of them offered by state governments, others by utility companies, solar energy associations, or non-profits. These incentives (sometimes called rebates) can further reduce these costs to very affordable levels.

And with CEA Solar, customers can choose to pay either by cash, loan or lease.

CEA Solar has received very positive reviews based on their cost vs quality ratings, with many customers commending the company for quoting very competitive and transparent prices.



  1. CEA Solar is registered in the state of Texas and has been licensed to operate in over 20 states in the US.
  2. The company has been accredited and certified by Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  3. The company’s contact details are publicly available. These include their physical address, email and phone number.

Based on public records and customer feedback, CEA Solar is a fully registered and legitimate company and they have demonstrated sound competence in the field of solar energy services.



Based on customer reviews, CEA Solar’s maintenance and customer services are very responsive, supportive and professional.



The SolarEmpower View

CEA Solar is a solar energy company based in Texas and Georgia, USA, with its headquarters located at El Paso, Texas.

The company has completed several residential solar projects in different states in the US and they come highly recommended from a lot of their customers who have expressed much satisfaction with their quality of service.

Backed by internationally recognized accreditations, they have proven to be legitimate and trustworthy in the business of solar energy services.

The table below is a summarized review of CEA Solar:

Locations served Headquarters at El Paso, Texas. Office at Lawrenceville, Georgia. Operates in over 25 states in the US.
Services Solar Design, Solar Installations, Consultation Services
Solar panels used N-type or P-type monocrystalline Si solar panels
Cost Range of $2.32 to $3.10 per watt (before solar incentives)
Legitimacy Registered in the state of Texas, BBB accredited
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Does CEA Solar provide a good service?

Based on customer reviews, CEA Solar provides very good professional services.

Is CEA Solar recommended?

CEA Solar comes highly recommended by previous customers.

Are CEA Solar trustworthy?

Yes. Based on customer feedback, CEA Solar is a very legitimate and trustworthy company.

Clean Energy America Solar Details

4855 N Mesa St. Suite 122
El Paso TX

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Maru Ra
Maru Ra
March 9, 2023
This company is fraudulent. Do…
This company is fraudulent. Do NOT buy anything from them! They scammed my parent's who are elderly. This address doesn't even exist and they change their address randomly. My parents purchased
a water softening system from them and they were promised lifetime change of filters. They never answered them back or went back to finish the installation process. Shame on them for scamming elderly and disabled people such as my parents!
Edie Trocki
Edie Trocki
November 4, 2021
I purchased a system from…
I purchased a system from C Tec salesman wrote me that panels and inverters were covered by warranty, Now have a problem and C tec wants to be paid for a service call. I would recommend going elsewhere for solar
June 28, 2021
Has any CTEC customer achieved…
Has any CTEC customer achieved their expected annual kWh savings? For the second year in a row the panels installed will generate less than 90% of the engineered design. CTEC guarantees as low as 80% of designed production. The system seems to be designed to generate between 80-90% of the guaranteed annual kwh. Given this design the financials for solar power using CTEC don’t appear to be worthwhile. When I inquired about the shortfall last year I was told that the panels do better in the second year. I’ve spoken with neighbors who installed the Tesla system and they’re over achieving their contract.

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