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Updated on 2023-03-29

Clayco Electric- solar power Overview

Clayco Electric is a solar provider company based in Alpine, California. The company offers high-quality and faster installation services but at a high cost. Clayco Electric is made up of a small but professional team and has gradually grown since its establishment in 2011. Its revenue is not public, but our experts found out that from the past four years it has worked on projects worth approximately 1.2M.

The company offers commercial and residential services to families, homeowners, and businesses. It owes its business customer referral and continued relationships. This is evident in the customer reviews we tracked across different solar review panels and social media. It has over 200 5-star reviews, which are still 100% compared to a single unverified complaint they have about a leaking roof. Meaning, the company offers excellent services across its customer. Clayco is licensed by the California license board and is BBB accredited. So you can trust them for professional work.



Clayco Electric Services and Specifics

Unlike other companies, Clayco does all the installation processes for you without using go-betweens. However, they have partner companies they work with to offer quality services. Below are the services provided by the company. 


Solar Panels and services offered by Clayco Electric

The company offers different solar panels depending on the type of project and budget of the customer. But the service is the same top quality. Check out the specific solar panels they have.


Monocrystalline (Mono-si)

These solar panel types are commonly used where the space is limited, like in a home. They thrive in such conditions because of their high efficiency, above 20%, and ability to generate up to 400 watts per panel per hour in the hot season. This helps you save excess power for the winter season. Also, solar panels have a high lifespan of more than 30 years. They are a long-term investment that will not incur regular costs of changing. However, due to their complex manufacturing process, they are the most expensive.


Polycrystalline solar types (Poly panels)

Our experts also found evidence  that the company uses multi-crystalline panels from their former projects. Poly,are best for commercial settings like industries. They produce less energy per cell than mono-si, which requires large quantities to get enough energy. Although their lifespan and efficiency rate is low, they are affordable. 


Grid-tide solar system

The company works with Sunpower and LG, the lead suppliers of batteries and inverters, to help you bank excess power for wet days. They also offer hybrid systems, which are the improved version of grid-tie. And lastly, they offer off-grid systems.  



Clayco has a qualified team that can install your new roof and do repairs, thus saving on the roof maintenance cost. BBB customers reported quick and clean installation.



Installation costs and process

Clayco costs

The company’s customers reported paying competitive costs for their services. But you can always talk your way into a slight price reduction or utilize their generous discounts to get the best prices per watt in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The company’s staff is friendly and professional, providing quality service to ensure you get the best value pricing.

Generally, we recommend Clayco for their quality and quick services, even if they charge high upfront costs. For those unable to pay upfront, the company has extensive financial support for them. It alleges quality service over costs and offers in-depth financing knowledge before supporting you in choosing the best plan. Their solar panels have a 30% tax credit which the system will be able to in about 5 years instead of leasing, which might take 10-20 years. They also offer financing loans like Yegre, Hero, and credit union loans.



Clayco is a legit company licensed to conduct business by the California license board and AZ License Board. It’s been BBB accredited since 2016. Additionally, it’s Sunpower authorized dealer and has a micro training and battery training certificate from Enphase.

The company is transparent about its contact details, and its customer support email, phone number, and address are public on its website, as well as a 24/7 fully functioning online chip.

Apart from the SunPower authorized supplier, the company does not officially have much information about its partners and whether they supply inverters, batteries, solar panels, or both. However, we traced info that they have other partners like LG. plus it’s headed by Clayton Mauldin, a licensed contractor.



The company’s contact details are open, and customer support service is quick to respond. Customers reported patient and friendly sessions with them. However, it’s not clearly indicated on their website whether they offer free maintenance or it’s charged, but the company has continued care for your solar panels. Clayco does free quotation and consultation and has warranties for their panels.



The SolarEmpower view

From our detailed analysis, Clayco seems to offer quality service and a competitive price per watt. Their staff handles customers professionally, and the company is transparent. Below is a summary table of how we rated the Clayco.

Services & features Points
  1. Quality
  1. Legitimacy
  1. Transparency
  1. Service
Overall score 9/10
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Is Clayco trustworthy?

Yes, the company is BBB accredited and licensed by the California license board.

Is Clayco good to work for?

From the reviews of former employees of Clayco, the company has a small team and pays well however needs to improve on trust in colleagues.

Can you cancel a contract with Clayco?

According to California State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you want further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, contact Clayco or an attorney directly.

I can't get in contact with Clayco - what should I do?

The company has various contact options. Check below for their contact details.

Clayco Electric Inc. Solar Details

Licensing Information


2710 Alpine Blvd Suite K-440
Alpine, CA

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