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Updated on 2023-04-13

Choose the Right Solar LLC Overview

Choose the Right Solar (CTR Solar) LLC. is a small-sized solar contractor company based in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 2020, the company specializes in the procurements, design and installations of solar energy products particularly for residential purposes.

Choose the Right Solar operates in San Antonio, Dallas, Texas City, Houston and El Paso in the state of Texas and they handle both low-cost and high-cost projects, which means they handle residential as well as commercial solar projects.



Choose the Right Solar Services and Specifics

Choose the Right Solar provides the following solar services;

  • Solar Installations: CTR Solar handles full service solar projects which includes:
    • Solar panels installation
    • Battery storage systems
    • Inverter integration and
    • Commissioning
  • Solar Design: CTR Solar offers their solar design services using this four-step process;
    • Energy Consumption – They determine the monthly power consumption of your property.
    • Site Analysis – The shape and orientation of your roof is examined.
    • System Selection – The findings are used to determine the ideal solar system configuration for the property.
    • Inverter Choice – The company’s solar experts help you choose between standard inverters, micro-inverters, or a central inverter with optimizers, depending on your solar system’s configuration.
  • Solar Financing: Choose the Right Solar also offers solar financing through their lending partners.


Based on reviews from external databases, customers are deeply satisfied with Choose the Right Solar after services, with some saying that the company’s service delivery actually surpasses its cost.



Solar Panels and Services offered by Choose the Right Solar

Specific Solar Panels Offered

Choose the Right Solar installs in particular U.S.A. made solar panels for their customers. Available US made solar panels in Texas include;

  • Solaria
  • SunPower
  • Mission Solar
  • Tesla/Panasonic
  • Solar Electric America
  • Prime Solar


These solar brands manufacture some of the most efficient, cost-effective and durable solar panels in the United States. Based on information from the company’s website, Choose the Right Solar’s choice of solar panels would most likely come from one or more of the above-listed companies.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Choose the Right Solar provide the following types of solar services;

  • Residential Solar: With this service, Choose the Right Solar offers low-cost solar installations, repairs and maintenance to residents for their homes.
  • Commercial Solar: Choose the Right Solar also offers energy-saving solar strategies and installations for business organizations.

Choose the Right Solar has received very positive reviews from both residential and commercial customers. In their reviews, most residential customers expressed satisfaction with CTR Solar’s pre-installation process while most commercial customers expressed satisfaction with the company’s quality of products and pricing system.



Installation costs and process


Based on external reports, solar panel systems in Texas cost an average of $2.73 per watt. The average amount of power required for a typical residential home of four is 5kW, making the typical cost for a residential solar system to be about $13,650. This does not include any solar incentives or available credits. These estimates can only be used as guides. Before installation, Choose the Right Solar will calculate the exact amount of power your home demands to determine the size of system required to satisfy your energy needs, from there, the cost can be calculated.

CTR Solar customers can also take advantage of the following solar rebates and tax credits;

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credits – Worth 26% of the total cost of your solar system.
  • Texas Solar Rebates and Tax Credits Texas doesn’t offer any statewide solar tax credit or solar rebate program but many utilities and local governments in the state offer incentives to homeowners who wish to go solar. Here are some solar rebate programs in Texas:
    • Austin Energy: Austin residents can get a rebate of $2,500 from Austin Energy. They are also eligible for the Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff, which pays $0.097 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) your solar panels generate.
    • CPS Energy: CPS Energy customers are eligible to receive $2,500 for installing a solar system in your home plus $500 if you install locally-sourced solar panels.
    • Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, and the City of Sunset Valley also offer rebates for solar patronizers in their areas.
  • Renewable energy systems property tax exemption – Texas has a renewable energy property tax exemption so that residents of the State don’t pay extra taxes as a result of the value their solar panels add to their homes.

Anyone interested in doing business with CTR Solar should know that taking advantage of the solar incentives in Texas can reduce the cost of their services by more than 50%.



  1. Choose the Right Solar LLC is registered and certified to carry out solar installation projects in the state of Texas.
  2. The company is registered under the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Texas Solar Power Association.
  3. The company is also a member of the Smart Electric Power Alliance and Texas Solar Energy Society.
  4. Their solar installation projects are managed by NABCEP certified engineers.
  5. The company’s contact details are publicly available on their website. These include their street address, email, phone number and operating hours.

Based on public records and customer feedback, Choose the Right Solar LLC is a fully legitimate and trustworthy company.



CTR Solar’s maintenance service is largely powered by an online portal which can be found on their website, this is where clients, dealers or partners can sign in and raise any complaints about their system and get prompt responses.

CTR Solar also offers extensive 30-year warranties available on select products and 25-year warranty on workmanship.

CTR Solar customers have expressed much satisfaction with the company’s maintenance service, commending especially the addition of the online portal to their website.



The SolarEmpower View

Choose the Right Solar is a solar contractor company based in San Antonio, Texas.

According to customers’ feedback and pubĺic records, the company is legitimate and trustworthy.

Choose the Right Solar LLC is a very young company nevertheless the company executives and employees are certified and very experienced in the field of solar services.

So far, almost all their customers have given them positive reviews. They had a hiccup during the COVID era in 2020 which left a bad review on their timing but based on the circumstances that year, they could be understandably pardoned.

Anyone interested in doing business with Choose the Right Solar should exercise due diligence by;

  • Verifying all the company’s solar certifications and society memberships, among other precautionary measures.


The table below is a summarized review of Choose the Right Solar:

Locations served San Antonio (Headquarters), Houston, Dallas, Texas City and El Paso
Services Solar Installations, Solar Design, Solar Financing
Solar brands Solaria, SunPower, Mission Solar, Tesla/Panasonic, Solar Electric America, Prime Solar
Cost $2.73 per watt (estimated, before solar incentives)
Maintenance Powered by an online portal on the company’s website.
Warranty 30-year warranties on select products and 25-year warranty on workmanship.
Legitimacy Registered Texas solar contractor, Company website is operational, SEIA, Texas Solar Power Association, Smart Electric Power Alliance and Texas Solar Energy Society memberships, NABCEP certified
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Does Choose the Right Solar provide a good service?

Based on customer reviews, Choose the Right Solar provides very good professional services.

Is Choose the Right Solar recommended?

Choose the Right Solar comes highly recommended by previous customers.

Are Choose the Right Solar trustworthy?

Yes. Based on customer feedback, Choose the Right Solar is a very legitimate and trustworthy company.

Choose The Right Solar Solar Details

14310 Northbrook Drive Suite 260
San Antonio TX

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Andrea Holmes
Andrea Holmes
August 15, 2022
I have been unable to…
I have been unable to contact the company about issues with the HOA approval that was not properly submitted before our solar panels and generator were installed. The number on the website has been disconnected.

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