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Updated on 2023-08-15


Founded by Erik Frederickson in 1974, Frederickson Electric has become one of the largest electrical and solar contractors in Washington State. By developing a strong reputation for quality work and outstanding customer service, it’s apparent that this company continually strives to maintain its standing as a respected and trusted electrical and solar contractor. With a crew of journeyman electricians averaging 17 years in the field, they are qualified to install and service virtually everything from residential to commercial electrical and solar-related.

As the story goes, the company only decided to move solar and dedicate an entire company to that endeavor in 2008, with the official launch of Cascadia Solar. This complete department within Frederickson Electric is dedicated to solar power and battery storage systems. The results of this review are thus based on the solar services and solutions offered and delivered by Cascadia – as the specific solar-designated department of Frederickson Electric.



Frederickson Electric Services and Specifics 

Frederickson Electric delivers commercial, residential, heating & cooling, EV charging, and grid-tier solar solutions. Frederickson Electric’s solar department, coined Cascadia Solar, installed its first grid-tied solar power system in 2008, and it has reportedly been meeting performance expectations ever since. 


Solar Panels offered by Cascadia Solar (AKA Frederickson Electric)

In collaboration with their solar department Cascadia Solar, Frederickson Electric stocks a large variety of quality solar panels manufactured by top brands, the likes of Solar Edge, Tesla, Enphase, LG, and Sonnen.

Specific Solar Panels Offered:

  • Cascadia Solar widely uses monocrystalline panels since they are proven to be more efficient and thus yield better investments.
  • LG solar panel modules are known to be particularly energy-efficient and long-lasting. This is but one great brand used for exceptional performance at Cascadia Solar.
  • Tesla solar panels are designed to be highly efficient, delivering maximum solar production year-round, even on roofs with more complex angles.
  • Sonnen is a solar installer in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – and of course, we may expect nothing but the best from these countries in terms of engineering.


Specific Types of Solar Offered 

The types of solar solutions offered by Frederickson Electric include solar solutions for residential and commercial purposes in all of the following forms:

  • Custom solar power system design: This personalized solar design helps you to make an informed, unbiased decision to find the best solar power system at the lowest cost.
  • Rooftop flush-mount solar systems: Flush-mount installation means the panels run parallel to the roof, following the roof’s natural angle. 
  • Rooftop tilt-up solar systems: By tilting them, preferably close to the same angle as the latitude of your home, you’ll be able to get the maximum average output from your solar power system year-round.
  • Grid-Tied: Cascadia Solar installs grid-tied solar power systems throughout Jefferson, Kitsap, and Clallam counties. 
  • General Rooftop: Frederickson Electric has been noted for its excellence in delivering one of its primary services, rooftop solar contracting.



Installation costs and process 


With a rating of 4.6 from 26 reviews, this company is fair at pricing, too. Cascadia Solar was happy to come up with reasonable options and pricing promptly. Their process starts with a phone call, typically 20-30 minutes, to discuss your site using satellite images. This provides them with an idea of available space and potential shading issues. 

By the end of this discussion, customers will have reportedly gained a preliminary idea of what type of a solar array might be best for their particular site. This also includes a cost estimate and potential payback through energy savings and incentive payments. If this preliminary information satisfies, a free on-site evaluation is offered, followed by a fixed-price bid for the custom-designed solar PV system.


Fully licensed to operate in the state of Washington, this review has gathered an overwhelming amount of evidence of the legitimacy of this company. With customers using feedback terminology like “honest, reasonable, and efficient,” it seems the company is transparent about its reputation. 


Frederickson Electric’s Solar Division Cascadia Solar is SEIA Certified.
Frederickson Electric / Cascadia Solar is BBB accredited with an A+ rating.
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As per customer testimonials readily available on Google Reviews and several other reviewing platforms, this company is happy to work on existing grid-tied solar systems to get them back into service generating clean power at any point in time without a hassle. With a promise of providing unmatched warranty support, customers have been quick to note rapid response, pleasant, and professional customer service on top. As per one particular customer conviction, the “price was fair; work was done in a timely manner without any defects. As far as maintenance, we could not find any solid information that points to the falsity of their claims.


Customer service (review analysis)

With a 5 star rating out of a whopping 237 reviews, we couldn’t find any particularly bad information regarding the services and solutions they deliver.



The SolarEmpower View

With such a long-standing history in the electrical industry, Frederickson Electric certainly made the right move at the right time with their solar department coined Cascadia Solar. With an overwhelming amount of evidence that points towards authenticity and above average level of execution, Frederickson Electric shines through.


💲Cost: 8/10 ✅Legitimacy: 9/10
⭐️Quality: 10/10 📞Customer Service: 10/10
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I can't get in contact with Frederickson Electric- what should I do?

The customer service department at Frederickson Electric is heavily promoted and cannot be missed. They are available for anyone with queries at any point. You can reach out to them by email or phone.

Does Frederickson Electric provide a free consultation?

Cascadia Solar provides a free estimation for interested solar owners.

How long has Frederickson Electric been in business?

Having been in business for over 40 years – this company stands firmly in the electrical and solar industry.

Cascadia Solar (Frederickson Electric) Solar Details

402 Glen Cove Road
Port Townsend WA

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