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Updated on 2023-02-02

Boston Solar Company LLC Overview

About Boston Solar LLC

Boston Solar LLC is one of the largest solar design and installation companies in Massachusetts. Founded in 2013, the company has experienced incredible growth employing over 75 staff and generating in the region of $18million in 2021 alone.


Boston Solar’s rapid success over the years led to it being purchased by the publicly traded company SinglePoint Inc, in 2021 for a sum of $6.5million. Since then, Boston Solar and SinglePoint Inc have begun building a solar conglomerate, purchasing several other well-known solar companies across the US, including Ecodaptive, BOX Pure Air, Digs Hydro, and Energy Wyze.



Solar Panels and services offered by Boston Solar LLC

Specific Solar Panels Offered

The company does not provide any information on the solar panels it uses; however, our research suggests that the following brands are among those used by the company:   


LG Solar Panels

LG has been a trusted global icon of excellence in the electronics industry for more than 60 years – including over three decades of experience in the solar industry. LG Solar’s photovoltaic modules are uniquely designed to offer superior quality, field-tested performance, durability, and reliability.


Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla solar panels are designed to be highly efficient, delivering maximum solar production year-round, even on roofs with complicated angles. Tesla’s Powerwall can also be bundled with solar, allowing customers to generate clean energy and store it for use anytime. 


Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar’s residential panels offer home and business owners reliable power paired with great aesthetics. These panels are generally available with black or silver frames and deliver a sleek visual profile, backed by Trina Solar’s quality guarantee.


Specific Types of Solar offered

Boston Solar offers two main categories of solar systems: residential and commercial. 


Residential Systems: Residential solar systems are the main service provided by Boston Solar, having completed thousands of residential solar installations across the state. 


The company aims to tailor each and every system to fit the goals and needs of its customers by using well-known solar panel manufacturers that possess extensive ranges of solar systems. 


Commercial Systems: Boston Solar provides end-to-end EPC services (engineering, procurement, and construction) for commercial businesses throughout Massachusetts. The company works with commercial and non-profit property owners to deliver a cost-effective and high-quality plan to ensure that they are happy with their solar system.


As part of a larger, nationwide company, Boston Solar is also able to assist commercial customers in going solar with seamless nationwide rollouts.


Additional services

Customers of Boston Solar are also able to make use of the following additional services offered by the company:


Solar Energy Monitoring: With Enphase’s PV Monitoring, customers are able to see the impact their system is having on the environment and the amount of power being produced by their systems.


Battery Storage: Boston Solar offers customized solar-plus-battery solutions that enable customers to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.


Racking: The company designs and installs both ground and roof-mounted systems to maximize exposure to sunlight and electricity output.


Inverters: Boston Solar offers Enphase inverters. With their inverters, customers’ solar panels are optimized even further for maximum solar panel energy output.



Installation costs and process


Each installation begins with a customized quote based on several factors, including how much the customer spends on electricity, how large their roof is, and if they’re a residential or commercial customer.


The company also informs all customers about the potential tax credits, 0% down financing options, and solid warranties that are available to them. There is also a refer-a-friend benefit available to existing customers that allows them to earn up to $500 for each successful installation completed from their referrals. 


The company has amassed a massive 858 reviews across numerous sites and has managed to maintain an overall rating of 4.8*. Among the reviews are several mentions of the company being competitively priced when compared to other companies. Here’s an example:


“Boston Solar was both the lowest price and the most organized of the three solar companies I contacted.  They laid out a 3-4 month process from design and permitting through activation and pretty much held to that schedule.  


We had some supply chain issues with the panels that they were able to resolve and still hold the schedule.  Overall the installation was neat and professionally done and I am very happy with the array.  I recommend them and would use them again should I ever have the occasion to put solar panels on another house.”


This is a very good sign. In addition, the company provides customers with its unique Production Guarantee. This benefit assures energy production of at least 90% over the first ten years that the system runs — or the company will pay the customer the difference. The Production Guarantee covers energy production for the first ten years of the system’s lifespan and is assessed every two years. 



Boston Solar LLC is legit. Here are some of their accreditations:

Boston Solar LLC has been registered with the Massachusetts Secretary of State since the 5th of January 2013 – ID #: 001106173.
The company was legally purchased by SinglePoint Inc in 2021 and has acquired several more well-known solar companies since then. 
The company holds several certifications, including with the SEIA and Solar Power World. 
Boston Solar LLC’s parent company, SinglePoint Inc, is a publicly traded entity, making it one of the most legitimate businesses of its kind.
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In addition to its already impressive array of accreditations, Boston Solar LLC is a proud and official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox. 



  • The company uses its own extensive network of contractors to perform its services and does not outsource any of its work. 
  • Their PV systems are covered by a twenty-year manufacturer’s warranty, while inverter warranties are valid for 12 to 15 years.
  • Boston Solar also provides a workmanship warranty and production guarantee for a 10-year period following the installation. 


Among the vast amount of customer reviews were 27 reviews (3%) that received ratings of fewer than 3*. The most common trend among the negative reviews was related to post-installation delays, mainly around maintenance services and system connection. 


Interestingly, some of the negative comments were not toward Boston Solar directly but rather toward its subsidiaries, such as Ecoadaptive. 


Customer Service (Review Analysis)

Based on the customer reviews, the vast majority of customers have expressed excellent customer service levels by the company, and this is emphasized by the company responding to each customer despite receiving a large number of reviews.



The SolarEmpower View

SolarEmpower views The Boston Solar Company LLC as a company that has rapidly risen to the top tier of solar companies in Massachusetts, having assembled an impressive portfolio of successful project completions. In addition, the company has joined forces with other leading related businesses and has generated excellent publicity and brand recognition. 


The consistency in the issues raised among the relatively small percentage of dissatisfied customers does toss up some questions around the company’s ability to manage the quality and ongoing maintenance of their work when you consider that they are providing their service on such a large scale. SolarEmpower suggests that customers should aim to deal with The Boston Solar Company LLC directly wherever possible rather than its subsidiaries.

Cost: 8/10 Legitimacy: 9/10
Quality: 7/10 Customer Service: 8/10
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Industry Certifications

CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Solar Power World
Solar Power World

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

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Are Boston Solar LLC trustworthy?

Yes, Boston Solar is one of the largest and most established of its kind in Massachusetts. The company has been extensively reviewed and displays numerous examples of its previous residential and larger work projects on its website.

Which states does Boston Solar LLC operate in?

The company is locally based in Boston but services customers throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Will Boston Solar LLC Inc provide proper maintenance?

The majority of customers have reported that the company lives up to expectations relating to post-installation maintenance; however, there have been instances noted where the company (or its subsidiary) may have fallen short of the mark.

Can you cancel a contract with Boston Solar LLC?

No, according to Massachusetts State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Boston Solar LLC or an attorney directly.

Boston Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10 years
Licensing Information

MA HIC.169698 | ELC.22161A

55 Sixth Road
Woburn MA

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