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Updated on 2023-02-02

BESolar, Inc Overview

BESolar, Inc is a solar power company located in Newport Beach, California. The company was founded in 2016, and the president of the company is Paul Radford. BESolar, Inc has a team of 20 employees who are trained in electrical and solar installation. The company’s annual revenue is around $800,000.


The company has experience in solar engineering, including advising, maintaining, designing, installing, and repairing commercial and residential solar systems. With only 20 employees, the company is much smaller than its competitors. Even though the company claims to be a provider of solar products in Newport Beach, California, there isn’t much information about the company on its website, and the company only has one review with a 3.75 rating. 



BESolar, Inc. Services and Specifics

Solar Panels Offered by BESolar, Inc.

Specific Solar Panels Offered 

The company does not provide information about the specific solar panel they use. We also did not find any online information indicating where they source their solar panels.


Specific Types of Solar Offered

Even though there isn’t much information about the specific solar panels the company offers, the company claims to have 25 years of combined experience installing, repairing, maintaining, and designing commercial and residential solar systems. 


They mostly provided grid-tied solar systems for businesses and residences. However, residences can also benefit from the company’s hybrid solar systems. Also, the only review about the company indicates that they are quick in delivering their products and services, which usually requires only seven days.



Installation Costs and Process


There are no reviews or guarantees to show whether customers paid for the quoted prices that the company offers.


When we asked BESolar about costs, they told us:

“Quality is a priority for us, and we are committed to ensuring that our services can fit into different budgets.” 
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This is a good sign, and the emphasis on quality places customers in good stead. However, they only have one review, which makes it hard to determine customer experience. 


The company doesn’t provide information about financing options, and the absence of customer reviews makes it difficult to draw a definitive conclusion.



BESolar shows signs of legitimacy, which include:

  • NAICS recognized, with NAICS Code 23,237.
  • SIC recognized, with SIC Code 16,162.


However, the company does not provide further information about licenses, certifications, and parents. In addition, there aren’t many customer reviews to determine whether the company is legitimate.


Also, BESolar, Inc isn’t transparent with its contact details. They don’t provide their email or phone number, which makes it difficult to reach them. The primary contact option for the company is through the owner, Paul Radford. 



The company does not specify whether they provide maintenance, implying that customers will have to confirm this with BESolar, Inc, or they will have to rely on third-party organizations for maintenance. 


Also, there’s no contact form or email for customers to reach out to them with questions.



The SolarEmpower View

BESolar, Inc is a solar power company located in Newport Beach, California, that offers solar power systems for residences and businesses. We feel that the absence of information about the company and their products and service is because they are only 6 years in business. However, there aren’t many online customer reviews, and with that, we urge major caution when doing business with BESolar, Inc. 

💲Cost: 5/10 ✅Legitimacy: 5/10
⭐️Quality: 5/10 📞Customer Service: 4/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

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Will BESolar provide proper maintenance?

We did not find any evidence that the company will provide proper maintenance, so we recommend you inquire about a guarantee from BESolar.

Which state does BESolar operate in?

The company operates in California.

Who owns BESolar?

BESolar is a solar power company located in Newport Beach, California, and Paul Radford owns the company.

How long has BESolar been in business?

BESolar has been in business for about six years.

BESolar Solar Details

20301 SW Birch Street #203
Newport Beach CA

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