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Updated on 2023-04-13

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems Overview

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems is a small company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trevor Bell started Bell Solar & Electrical Systems in 2007, and sold it to the current owners, who made it an employee-owned business in 2020.


Bell Solar & Electrical Systems has been a BBB-accredited company since 202 but there is very little information of the company available online. 



Services offered by Bell Solar & Electrical Systems

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems offers residential and commercial solar and electrical systems. Their services include: 


Residential Electrical Services

  • Smart Home Installations
  • Pool / Spa Electrical Repair
  • Installation of Lights
  • LED Lighting Retrofit
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Home Inspections (Electrical)
  • Circuit Breaker Repair / Maintenance 
  • Electrical Car charger installation
  • Backup Generators Repair / Maintenance
  • Solar Panel Installation


Commercial Electrical Services

  • LED Lighting Retrofit
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Emergency Electrical
  • Circuit Breaker Repair / Maintenance
  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance and Wiring
  • Backup Generator Repairs / Maintenance


Solar Panel Installation

  • Residential Solar Panel Installation
  • Commercial Solar Panel Installation


Residential Electrical Services

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems can securely and efficiently repair your home’s solar panel or completely rewire it. They can discover the cause of your electrical issues and safely fix them to restore your home to normal.


The crew at Bell Electrical are trained and certified in photovoltaics, and the company has experience in various electrical fields.


Commercial Electrical Services

The firm recognizes the importance of a company’s energy infrastructure, and provides comprehensive electrical services for businesses and factories across all sectors.


Solar Panel Installation 

The company has been providing services to the Valley as electricians since 2010, and their expertise extends beyond fixing standard electrical issues to installing and maintaining solar panels as well.


They also advise their customers on making their homes more energy efficient, lowering their utility bills, and reducing extensive upkeep.



Installation costs and process 


The company’s website boasts that the organization is among the top three percent of all contractors in the state. In contrast to their rivals, they relish being unique. They are a not-for-profit organization run by women committed to the well-being of their staff and patrons.


The company has a 4.5-star customer rating, and most customers state that its service is excellent and its prices are reasonable prices. 


Most reviews regarding their electrical work are good. However, some customers have complained about the quality of their solar panel installation. People have said good things about Bell Systems as an electrical firm, but they don’t recommend installing solar panels on a tile roof. Also, there are some negative comments about their after-service support.


Bell Solar and Electrical Systems have several positive, in-depth testimonials from satisfied customers on its website. Most reviewers praised the company’s helpful customer support representatives for their openness, friendliness, and professionalism. Many satisfied customers commended the affordable prices and high-quality installations.



Since 2020, Bell Solar & Electrical Systems has maintained its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. On the other hand, neither the official website nor the external links supplied by Bell Solar and Electrical Systems provide evidence that the company possesses the necessary solar licenses or certifications.


It is not evident whether the company has training and processes that are up to date.



The company provides maintenance services for all electrical work it has completed. The organization has received numerous favorable reviews from many customers regarding the quality of the electrical maintenance they provide. On the other hand, some critical remarks have been made about how they maintain their solar arrays.


In addition, the company’s response rate has been rated as poor, and there is no evidence of any solar installation certification.



The SolarEmpower View

Bell Solar & Electrical Systems is a small-size company that offers a wide range of electrical services and residential and commercial solar panel installation. The company has been serving the Las Vegas community for 14 years. Bell Solar and Electrical Systems is a BBB accredited company. However, there is no accessible proof of solar panel installation certification.


Our expert opinion is that Bell Solar and Electrical Systems is a reliable option if you need electrical service. However, it’s possible that a different solar provider in the area would do a better job installing a more complicated solar system.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Are Bell Solar & Electrical Systems trustworthy?

Yes, the company is trustworthy. According to clients, their services are high-quality.

Will Bell Solar & Electrical Systems provide proper maintenance?

On most occasions, yes. However, some negative reviews have been reported regarding the poor maintenance of their solar panel installation.

Do Bell Solar & Electrical Systems provide a good service?

Overall, Bell Solar & Electrical Systems provides a good service.

Bell Solar And Electrical Systems Solar Details

955 Grier Dr #A
Las Vegas, NV

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Bob Galloway
Bob Galloway
April 12, 2023
Would give this zero stars…
Would give this zero stars if I could!!

I had them come out and quote me on the solar had Tommy as my rep and finalize the numbers everything was good until installation came they did site survey and I have been since 2006 and never had a problem with my roof, Installation day came and the installed the solar and it rained theee weeks later and water has been pouring out of my roof ever since.

I now keep two tubs from Home Depot under the ac vent and light fixtures for every time it rains this has been the worst decision to choose this company!

I have text messages from Estevan as well as there project manager passing the blame on to me over and over as well sending out laborers who didn't have no work for the day to come out and pass the blame on me over and over when the leaks are clearly from the solar
This company is a joke and a fraud!
Jonny Sasperilla
Jonny Sasperilla
April 6, 2023
I’ve had my system for…
I've had my system for over a year now and I'm extremely happy I decided to use Bell Solar. I had summer power bills in the $300s and for the last year I've only paid NV ENERGY $13 a month. Ryan Brack made the process super simple for me and delivered on exactly what he said he would. The install only took one day and went up with no issues. I received my entire tax credit and used half of it for home repairs and put the other half towards the over all cost of the system. Over the last year Ryan has checked in with me several times he even helped me with some landscaping. I like Bell because they are a local company that has been around for a long time I highly recommend them and Ryan Brack who been with the company for years and is definitely experienced, passionate about what he does and honest.
Romeo Soto
Romeo Soto
February 17, 2023
This has been a the…
This has been a the worst company I’ve dealt with. We decided to go solar for our home with them back in September of 2022. They came, measured and everything, installation day came and everything was great.
Well until today, we have not had our system turned on and we are stuck with an extra bill now. Not only we are paying about $300 monthly to NV Energy but we are also now forced to pay about $160 additional a month for solar panels that we are NOT using because they have not wanted to get it turned on.
DO NOT go solar with this company. I have hear better things about other companies.
Karla Gomora
Karla Gomora
December 5, 2022
(Translated by Google) useless solar…
(Translated by Google) useless solar panels
I have been asking for your help for 8 months and no one answers my requests.
I have my test electricity bills that don't work.
In case someone wants proof that they only steal your money.

Paneles solares inservibles
Tengo 8 meses pidiendo su ayuda y nadie contesta mis peticiones.
Yo tengo mis billes de luz de prueba que no sirve.
Por si alguien quiere pruebas de que solo te roban tu dinero.
Bontal Shi
Bontal Shi
December 2, 2022
We installed many new solar…
We installed many new solar panels in our house and for months now it is not working. The Bell Solar is not responsive and not getting back with us. They sent someone over more than a month ago and charged us $180 for a few minutes service fee, but it is still not working. Don't use this company! We spent thousands of dollars for the system, and still have to pay full bills to Nevada Power. We are sorry to ever getting into using this awful company.
Rachel Zetts
Rachel Zetts
November 6, 2022
We used Bell Solar for…
We used Bell Solar for our new house. Thomas Gill was helpful and thoroughly explained the whole process. Thank you!
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
November 4, 2022
We had a great experience…
We had a great experience with Bell Solar. They were very open and informative about the process. The salesman, Tommy Gill, assisted us with the process and has been helpful in answering any questions that we may have.

We were nervous about buying solar panels and thanks to Tommy’s guidance it has gone as planned. Would recommend Bell Solar to anyone.
Ray ZZ
Ray ZZ
October 27, 2022
Just installed solar panels on…
Just installed solar panels on the roof of my new house and start saving. Had a great experience working with Bell Solar! Tommy was being super helpful and patiently answering all my dumb questions and walk through every single step with me! great communication! I definitely recommend Bell Solar!!
Remington Scott
Remington Scott
October 25, 2022
I’ve been wanting to get…
I’ve been wanting to get a solar system for the house for awhile now, but I found it difficult to choose a reputable company that offered the very best for their customers. However, after working with Thomas Gill the decision was clear. The overall solar system installation had been clearly explained beforehand, the low cost is reasonable compared to electric, the use of high quality equipment, and let’s not forget about their 25 year warranty, which is very reassuring.

Bell does all the work, they worked with my HOA, so I didn’t have to. A tech came down to inspect, and about a week later I was completely solar.

I’m a very satisfied customer, and thank you for supporting our nations veterans.
Dan Baker
Dan Baker
October 14, 2022
Update: Following my review, Bell…
Update: Following my review, Bell Solar & Electrical did initiate contact with me and promptly completed the repairs on my roof in coordination with a licensed roofer. Even though it took way more effort on my part for this to happen, I am now satisfied with this resolution. I increased my review to three stars to recognize how very satisfied I am with the solar installation and performance of the panels in generating power to reduce our electricity bills.
I can't comment or review Bell Solar & Electrical for general electrical services, but I do strongly suggest not using them for solar panel installation. Bell Systems installed solar panels on my house in Henderson last year and during the installation broke or cracked dozens of roof tiles and then completed the project while assuring me that my new panels and roof were fine. They knew I would not go on the roof and perhaps never discover the damage they did.
Initially Bell Systems accepted responsibility for the damage they did to my roof after repeated contact from me and performed the first stage of repairs. That was over a month ago and now they don't return my calls and have made no contact with me to complete the project.
In short - Bell Systems is probably a good electrical company but they will not support their services after completion and they should not be trusted on a tile roof!

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