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Updated on 2023-06-20


Baker Roofing is one of the largest roofing contractors in America, starting from humble beginnings in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded in 1915, the company has become one of the nation’s most respected and largest roofing contractors, situated in over 20 locations in the Southeast but operating all across the country. 

Baker Roofing’s revenue is expected to be around $373 million, with around 920 employees. 

The company caters to both businesses and homeowners, offering a wide range of roofing services such as installation, reroofing, and renewable energy installations. Baker Roofing has amassed a 4.9/5 star rating out of 376 reviews, with stellar testimonials crediting their quality of materials, installation crew, and communication. It also boasts a 99% approval rating for value for money. 


Baker Roofing Services and Specifics 

Solar Panels and services offered by Baker Roofing 

In 2009, Baker Roofing opened its new Renewable Energy department; Baker Renewable Energy. This division provides everything from design, engineering, and installation of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and wind power systems for commercial and domestic purposes. 


Specific Solar Panels Offered: Baker Roofing works with various different solar panels that would suit the customer/client’s best needs. These range from Q-Cell panels to S-Energy Panels. 


Roofing options offered: Baker Roofing specialise in roofing. They provide new roofs, roof repairs, and roof replacement. These roof systems come in many different options to suit your needs, as well as budget, by also offering financing options. Their choices range from Asphalt Shingle, Clay Tile, all the way to Slate and Metal. 


Siding options offered: Baker Roofing state that siding replacement is one of the most important investments that a homeowner can make. Their installers will fit, finish, and detail all siding. 


Window options offered: Baker Roofing offer a range of window installation options that will not only provide a defensive barrier for your house and deliver energy performance demands but also upkeep your architectural desires. 


Gutter options offered: Baker Roofing also have a gutter team that offer gutter installation, replacement, repair, and guards. 


Door options offered: The company also has a door installation service. This service brings you the latest styles and colours that will match your preferred aesthetic. They also offer storm doors for more practical uses. 


Baker Roofing Installation Costs and Process 

Baker Roofing offers complimentary roof repair and replacement quotes. They also offer maintenance plans to help elevate the longevity of your roof, making the investment more worthwhile and longstanding. Baker Roof’s testimonials from past customers and clients have an overwhelmingly positive response in regards to value for money. Baker Roofing also offers financing options to help spread any larger costs, helping to make the investment more manageable. 

The company has gained the reputation of having one of the most respected roofing services in the states. Their staff are well-trained and professional from both a customer service standpoint and also the roofers and contractors. 

Baker Roofing proudly holds onto its original motto; “We shall do good work. At a profit, if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good work.” 


Baker Roofing Legitimacy 

Baker Roofing is a highly legitimate company, proudly earning its spot as one of the most respected and largest roofing services in America. Some accreditations include:

  • Baker Roofing is registered in North Carolina. They own multiple stores around the Southeast including Asheville, Birmingham, Greensboro, and Memphis. 
  • Baker Roofing is not BBB accredited. They have, however, had 106 years in business. 
  • Baker Roofing is transparent about its company details and reputation. They provide a link on their site to a respected testimonial site. They also have all contact details and locations easy to find. 
  • We would say that the legitimacy of this company is vindicated by its longevity, testimonials, and reputation. Baker Roofing has also expanded into different divisions over the years, showcasing its dedication to the trade and commitment to exploring new avenues in the roofing industry. 
  • Their social media accounts are active and filled with user-generated content, as well as reviews and engagement. 


Baker Roofing Maintenance 

Baker Roofing boats an incredible customer service team, this includes helping with any questions or issues after the work on your house or company is complete. They also have a “BakerBot” which is a 24-hour chatbot that helps users on their site find an answer to any question. 

Testimonials also show that calls and emails are answered promptly. They also schedule times around the customer and complete the work on time. 

Baker Roofing also offers maintenance options for roofing work completed on your home. This ensures that you will have prolonged contact with the staff to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. 

An above-average standard is shown throughout reviews and testimonials in regards to customer service and professionalism in the company.


The SolarEmpower view

To summarise, Baker Roofing is one of the most trusted and established companies for all your roofing needs that the nation has. They offer high-quality services at reasonably priced costs. Their services focus primarily on long-term investments for your home, and their commitment to the trade reflects through reviews and testimonials.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Is Baker Roofing trustworthy?

Yes, Baker Roofing is a trustworthy company, as shown throughout it's 106-year long run as a well-established company.

Does Baker Roofing provide a free consultation?

Baker Roofing provides a free review and quote for roofing jobs.

Is Baker Roofing good to work for?

The majority of previous employees would recommend this company to a friend and approve the CEO.

Baker Renewable Energy Solar Details

517 Mercury Street
Raleigh NC

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