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Updated on 2023-09-28

Apricot Solar LLC Overview

Apricot Solar is a California-based company offering solar designing and installation services. The small-size company was founded in 2020 and operates from its hub in Lincoln. 


Apricot Solar focuses on working with homeowners during their installations; however, the company seems to struggle with maintaining positive customer satisfaction. The company has received dozens of negative reviews, including whole domains set up to question the company’s expertise.



Solar Services and Specifics

Apricot Solar does all the installation process for you, including the site surveying, paperwork, and installation.  They also provide quality solar panels and other water heater products.

Specific Types of Solar Offered

Apricot Solar offers high-quality solar panels like LG, SolarEdge, and Panasonic. 

Types of solar systems offered

Apricot solar offers grid-tied and off-grid systems. A grid-tied system is simple to install and maintain and can pay for itself through metering. 


The off-grid system uses battery backup and generators for backup. Due to its complex backup, this system is expensive to install and maintain. 


Other services the company offers include:


Rooftop mounting: Apricot Solar offers rooftop mounting for roofs with suitable designs.


Ground mounts: The company also does ground mounts when there’s space for ground mounts, and if the roof can only provide limited energy production.


EV Charging: Apricot Solar provides EV charging systems for clients with Electric cars. 


Do note that despite Apricot Solar claiming to install these systems, there have been many negative reviews about outcomes, processes and issues!


Installation costs and process

Apricot Solar Costs

Apricot Solar’s customers reported contradicting information about the company’s service pricing. Most clients reviewed horrible experiences with the company terming its prices as valueless and inconsistent. 


Similarly, most consider the company to provide poor value based on their unprofessional services and low-quality solar systems. Furthermore, Apricot Solar is said to have never offered any of the referral funds it promises.


Apricot Solar claims to offer financing options to its customers, including; zero down payment and zero-interest loans with long terms of at least 5 years. Based on the customers’ testimonials and our experts’ analysis, we do not recommend the company’s pricing. 

One quite damning review we found went as follows: “Apricot must model the company after the Ponzi scheme. Aggressive, high energy, attentive and promises of great customer service that has your best interest in hand type of sales pitch. Once the sale is complete and they have your money, then you no longer matter.”


Apricot Solar’s legitimacy is questionable. Our experts couldn’t find any of its certifications. This is a significant concern that customers need to be aware of before deciding to work with them. 


However, the company is transparent about its contact details. It has provided its address, email, phone number, and a contact form.


Apricot Solar has partnered with Freedom Solar, but this information is not published on their website. Also, the company claims to have partnered with Tesla and Panasonic, but some clients differ with these claims. There are also significant doubts surrounding Apricot’s customer service.



According to numerous customer reviews our experts trailed, Apricot Solar maintenance is poor. Most complained that the company takes a long time with many back and forths before completing the installations. Additionally, the company is hard to contact after installation.


Their previous clients termed their customer support unsupportive and hard to work with. They claimed that Apricot Solar doesn’t reply to emails or calls timely and do not take the necessary measures to help customers with faulty systems or other related issues.


The company claims to offer a 25-year warranty on its solar panels. However, some clients complained that the company doesn’t have a well-structured system warranty plan.


Apricot Solar has dozens of negative customer reviews about its maintenance. The company has complaints about neglecting customers after installations. Based on these reviews customers should be highly cautious before signing a contract.  



The SolarEmpower View

Apricot Solar has several negative reviews on top of its legitimacy concerns. Customer testimonials indicate that the company’s pricing is unclear and that they do not provide proper maintenance and customer support. Therefore, we don’t recommend it for PV installations.

💲Cost: 5/10 ✅Legitimacy: 6/10
⭐️Quality: 3/10 📞Customer Service: 5/10
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Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Are Apricot Solar trustworthy?

No, the company has vital information missing. It’s not clear if the company is a licensed contractor and it has a trail of disapproving reviews from previous customers.

Are Apricot Solar good to work for?

Based on the reviews our experts researched from the former employees of the company, they complained about lack of transparency and trust. Based on these findings, Apricot may not be the best company to work for and most ex-employees don't recommend it.

Can you cancel a contract with Apricot Solar?

According to California State law, you cannot generally cancel a contract with a company once you have signed it. If you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Apricot Solar or an attorney directly.

Do Apricot Solar provide a good service?

From the previous customer reviews, the company seems to offer poor services and is not customer friendly. Most clients complained of poor service by the company.

Is Apricot Solar a Pyramid Scheme

While SolarEmpower cannot conclusively state whether Apricot Solar is a pyramid scheme, we would forewarn potential investors that numerous customers have alluded to the fact that their legitimacy is questionable. Our full review details some of the issues with Apricot's services.

Apricot Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
25 yr production guarantee
69 Lincoln Blvd Suite A-181
Lincoln, CA

Apricot Solar User Reviews

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Lindsay Brown
Lindsay Brown
Fayetteville, Arkansas
March 29, 2023
Solar Advisor
From the CEO to the leaders of the teams, this is an A++ company. There are numerous servant leaders always available and the goal of doing what’s right for every homeowner helps bring integrity back to the solar industry.
Ben C.
Ben C.
Carlsbad, California
March 29, 2023
Apricot was great – freedom forevor panels
I had a terrific experience with my Apricot representative and I an completely happy with my solar system and vivent smart home. When you get solar through Apricot, you are getting the best panels in the business, with the best customer service as well. From the time I did the application to construction, it was only 3 weeks! On top of this, I had a Vivent smart home package installed that gives me free home monitoring for three years for free! Rock was my representative, and he was great! I an very happy with Apricot and glad I went with them.
Rodney Lacson
Rodney Lacson
Naples, Florida
March 22, 2023
Excellent culture. Above all, we put the Home Owner’s needs first.
I have been partnered with Apricot since November 2022 and have had the privilege of helping several Home Owners with their energy needs. From site audit to installation, the experience has been stellar.
Lucas Mayotte
Lucas Mayotte
February 17, 2023
Apricot Solar provided amazing service….
Apricot Solar provided amazing service. They were on top of it along the way and any little issue that came up, they were Jonny on the spot. They made what normally would've been a stressful situation a breeze. Rock Thomas, Jim Scuderi, Rodney Lascon and the rest of the Apricot team was amazing. Couldn't recommend them enough.
Von Patterson
Von Patterson
February 17, 2023
Outstanding attention to detail!…
Outstanding attention to detail!
February 14, 2023
Apricot Solar is an amazing…
Apricot Solar is an amazing company with great leaders.Rock Thomas recruited me to become part of Apricot Solar. The BEST solar company in the USA.
Because of my experience in the industry Ive been solicited to come work for other companies. After doing the research about Apricot Solar and Freedom Forever, there wasn't a question of which team I wanted to be apart of. Thank you Rock for believing in me and letting me team up with you and Apricot Solar. We are totally changing solar in FAVOR of the homeowner. This statement speaks volumes to me.
Eze Rosario
Eze Rosario
February 8, 2023
JULIO AQUINO one of your…
JULIO AQUINO one of your authorized dealers got me with Freedom forever solar. Worst decision I ever made on my life. Lied about everything.
Trevor Snodgrass
Trevor Snodgrass
February 7, 2023
Nothing but good things to…
Nothing but good things to say about Freedom and my solar project a few months back. Waited awhile to write a review to see how my production worked out and come 3 months later I do not have a electric bill anymore. Thank you Marcel from Recon Roofing for the roof repairs and Apricot Solar for putting this together for me!! Thanks guys!!
Mary Ann Kelley
Mary Ann Kelley
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
January 10, 2023
Advisor with Apricot Solar
I have been with Apricot Solar since September 2022. I love the live Zoom trainings on solar power, selling to the warm market, and personal growth. The leader, Ed Ayala, is very knowledgeable and personable.
mike mastropietro
mike mastropietro
January 10, 2023
I am very excited to…
I am very excited to be apart of Apricot Solar. The culture is world class. They make you feel like a person not a number/ producer. Training is consistent and next level. Thanks Apricot

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