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Updated on 2023-04-13

APG SOLAR Overview:

Alternative Power Generation (APG) is a mid-size solar panel installation company, based in Atwater, California. The company was founded in 2005 and has kept an excellent track record in the industry. It has experienced steady growth each year since its establishment under the ownership and management of Brent Jerner. With an estimated number of employees of 19, the company’s revenue is estimated to be around $4,620,000. APG’s installation prices are fair despite their low employee level.


The company offers services – among others – for residential, agricultural, commercial, off-grid use. Its business model is said to be based on its relationship with customers, referrals, and reviews. This is backed by the reviews we went through on and off-site. APG Solar has gained a lot of reviews over time with an average rating of 4.5 from 30 customers across the web. The company also possesses the California State Contractor’s License.



APG Solar Services and Specifics:

APG Solar prides itself in tending to your needs by answering all questions you might have and also providing recommendations. 


APG Products:

Solar Panels Offered:

APG offers different kinds of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels, using high-powered cells and silicon. Our team are huge fans of PV panels. PV electric solar is good as it comes with a fair price. The solar panels are reliable and have increased longevity, due to their durability. 

Types of Solar Offered: 

Thermal Solar

PV electric solar is offered by APG to create electricity for your home throughout the year. The company also provides thermal pool heating which is designed to heat your pool and increase your swimming seasons through water solar collectors. Domestic hot water is another solar and it is a tube-like collector that heats water in your home for different purposes including dishwashing and laundry.

Grid-tied Systems

APG offers grid-tied systems that allow electricity to flow back into the grid when not in use. These systems are connected to the utility grid and your PV system. Their off-grid systems are those that are not connected to the community electrical grid. For off-grid, unused power is saved for later if a battery system is installed. It is used in RVs, remote structures, mobile offices, houseboats, and so on. The company also specializes in hybrid solar systems and energy monitoring.


APG Solar specializes in installing and servicing many types of green solar energy. It caters to customers around Central California and its environs.



Installation Costs and Process

APG Costs: 

The company stated in its mission that they are focused on offering quality products and services for competitive prices. The implication therefore is that their  focus is on quality – and customers report that the process of installation goes smoothly and the representatives are very friendly. They commended the company for giving quality services and confirmed that the price was worth it. APG is open to negotiations from companies around Atwater, California and they’re ready to give reasonable prices for panels and watts. So far, there have been no complaints about pricing; but there has been praise for the company on jobs well done. The company has made no mention of financing support. We highly recommend APG Solar for their quality products and remarkable services.


APG Legitimacy:

APG Solar is a legitimate solar company, its licenses and affiliations prove it right:  

  • APG is registered in California. It has the California State Contractor’s License and is BBB accredited business.
  • The company is open to all as its social media handles are on its webpage. APG’s contact details, location, phone number, and email address are visible for all who want to contact them for consultation and inquiries.
  •  We see the company as a service provider that has made its way to the top and strives to maintain that position. There are 3 top executives mentioned but the partners’ information is not disclosed. APG is headed by Brent Jerner who participates in the invitation-only California State License Board C-46 series of workshops to facilitate the re-writing of the specialty solar license test.
  •  The company has a great working relationship with various local City and County Departments of Building and Safety. Its affiliations cut across California Solar Energy Industries Association, American Solar Energy Society, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and so on. APG’s outstanding reviews, affiliations, and participation give a solid ground to its legitimacy.

APG Maintenance:

This company has shown unwavering care and concern about the solar panels of their customers even after installation. One customer said: 

“A huge rainstorm caused a leaking roof so I called my salesman from APG since I couldn’t find the leaking spot. Despite the time since installation he remembered us, our particulars of installation, and jumped to help”. 


Evidently, the company is committed to helping its customers in time of need through its stable customer service support.


From consultation to the installation process, APG gives continued support and technical advice to its customers. They have a monitoring system in check to overlook the job done. Customers confirmed that the installation team and rep were easygoing and they got good deals, better workmanship, and a better system. Reviews show that the company does its work with honesty and integrity.



The SolarEmpower View:

Overall, APG Solar appears to provide the best services with only high-quality products, however, it comes at a cost. Looking at the value of the company, APG Solar offers competitive prices which are expected as the solar panels are seen to be long-term investments. Also, the great reviews and feedback from customers on the data analyzed show that the company is legit and it offers outstanding customer service.



Contact details:

Phone: (209) 358-1468

Address: Atwater, California, United States

Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: 2339 N Buhach Rd, Atwater, CA 95301.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
CALESIA – California Solar Energy Industries Association
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System

Service Areas

Select State:


Are APG trustworthy?

Yes. Through our investigation and research, we found out that APG Solar is an outstanding provider of solar panel installation. It is accredited by BBB and the California State authorities.

Are AAPG good to work for?

APG is an average-sized company that works with a small team. There isn’t enough data to tell if their work culture is great.

Do APG provide a good service?

Yes, according to our research and reviews by customers, the company provides good service and workmanship. They’re easy to work with and ensure to follow up after installation.

APG Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

CSLB # 859901 B
C-10 and C-46

2339 North Buhach Road
Atwater CA

APG Solar User Reviews

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Jose Vera
Jose Vera
March 15, 2023
High praise for APG Solar!…
High praise for APG Solar! For years, my parents were dealing with interconnection issues that many other companies offered to help with but ended up not following through. Coleby was very upfront with the challenges we would face but still offered his services and made sure everything possible was done to help my parents’ system get connected to the grid. He was thorough in explaining every step and was available at a moment’s notice. I can’t thank Coleby and the team at APG Solar enough for their commitment to resolving our issue. They truly know what customer service is about. Thank you!
Gustavo Santos
Gustavo Santos
January 4, 2023
Used to company and all…
Used to company and all I can say is that they offer great and professional service to their customer/clients. I highly recommend it!
Ramon Salinas
Ramon Salinas
November 23, 2022
When I started my search…
When I started my search for solar, it came with a couple of unexpected surprises and costs. I started out with the typical searches on the internet and received dozens of calls and emails wanting to sell me solar. Most of them were southern California companies or even out of state where I discovered would sub- contract out to regional companies.

During the home visit from one of the solar salesmen, it was brought to my attention that my HVAC system was aging and not properly functioning correctly that directly caused my energy costs to go up. This then affects how many solar panels that my system will be to avoid any true ups. On top of that it was also brought to my attention that my attic insulation was inadequate and that would need to be addressed in the near future.

So, on top of solar I would need a new HVAC system and insulation, this project just turned into something that I thought was financially unattainable.

APG Solar was the last of the companies to give me a quote due to the fact that I thought a bigger company would be a better choice due to the resources it has. The fact of the matter is, all solar companies will sell you on their preferred panel, or inverter or say they have the best finance companies in the market. It just comes down to doing your own research and finding the best for your home and finances.

Darren Smith, the salesman for APG came by my house. I was honestly thinking of pulling the project due to the estimate quotes I had already received and that there was no way APG could match, let alone beat those quotes.

It wasn’t until I gave all this information to Darren and expressed by concerns about the cost that I fully understood the value of working with local companies and the resources they have at their disposal. By the end of the meeting, I had local HVAC company scheduled for a visit and an insulation company that gave me a quote estimate.

When all said and done, I got my solar, insulation, and a whole-house fan in a package deal where I was able to get the federal tax rebate on. The HVAC system needed to be completely replaced, I was able to get an amazing deal that literally cost half the price of other HVAC quotes I received, all by going with APG Solar.

Installation was prompt on all parts, from start to finish. Everything was completed within 3 weeks. Finalizing all the paperwork with PG&E and building permits only added another 2 weeks.

My recommendation is to do your own research and evaluate each company. Be open-minded and look at smaller companies that can offer you better deals. APG Solar was by far the best company for me and my situation. Darren is very helpful and stays in constant communication throughout the whole process even after everything is signed off to see if I have any questions or concerns.
Judy Jones
Judy Jones
October 18, 2022
Applied solar to our home….
Applied solar to our home. The installation crew were fast and efficient and and very pleasant love our sales representative Jeff. We have now made a friend for life! Quality was superb ? ? ?
Nicholas Buie
Nicholas Buie
October 5, 2022
My family and I purchased…
My family and I purchased an older home in Merced and quickly found out that electricity rates were sky high. We called APG Solar and Ron got back to me extremely quickly. He provided a very competitive quote for a solar system large enough to power all our needs. His team was able to upgrade our panel and install 30 solar panels in three days after we received all of the work permits. Their work was clean, professional, and timely. From start to finish APG proved why they are the best solar company to go with. I would highly recommend APG Solar.
Gail Lassallette
Gail Lassallette
September 14, 2022
We recently had solar installed….
We recently had solar installed. The installers did a great job. I worked with Ron who was very nice and informative. He was patient with me as I was trying to make up my mind. He kept me up to date on the process as it went along. I'm happy that we went with a local company and had Ron to guide us along the way.

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