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Updated on 2023-04-13

Aneva Solar Overview

Aneva Solar is a large solar company based in Scottsdale Arizona.  They service a large district including Phoenix, Glendale, Prescot and many more neighboring areas. They began operating in 2013, and have been continuously running since.  

Aneva Solar focuses on providing cheap residential solar installation, claiming the ability to beat competitive solar quotes by as much as 20%, while still using better components. They are registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and have strong positive reviews online.


Aneva Solar Services and Specifics

Aneva solar focuses on residential solar installation.  Prior to installation, they will complete a roof evaluation on every home, ensuring there are no leaks or weaknesses that may cause any issues. They also note any shade implications from vents, chimneys or surrounding trees. Aneva Solar will design a solar system, and install solar panels that best suits each individual household’s requirements.


Solar Panels

Aneva Offers 2 types of solar panels to cover both the high, and low end of the market.



LG is a premium solar panel. Their energy efficiency rating is 19.8% – 22.0%. LG have a great warranty, service and support system for their panels.  As of 2022, LG have announced that they will cease production of solar panels, so they will most likely not be on the market for much longer. LG solar panels are a high quality product, at a price point to match.



Hyundai is known as a low cost, low frills solar panel.  Their solar panels range in efficiency from 18.1% to 20.3%, and they have an output warranty lasting up to 12 years. Although their efficiency and warranty aren’t as high as many others, they are still regarded as a good panel for the low end market.


Types of Solar offered

Aneva Solar specialises in custom designed solar solutions for residential properties. They supply and install both roof and ground mount systems.



Installation Costs and Processes

Aneva Solar Costs

Aneva prides themselves on being one of the cheapest solar installation companies in Arizona.  Previous customers state that the final bill was very similar to their quoted price, with little difference.  

Avena use Hyundai Solar panels, which are at the budget end of the market. They can then pass this saving onto their customers.  Installation costs for Avena Solar are quite low compared to their local competitors.

Aneva solar also offers financing options if the upfront cost of solar panels are an issue.


Aneva Solar Legitimacy

Aneva Solar has been operating for almost a decade, with many positive reviews online.  Their owner Anthony Enzo Iannucci is licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (CR – 11 Electrical Licence, as required for Solar Installations). There are no open or previous complaints against this company in the Registrar.  They have been an accredited member of the BBB since 2015.

Avena boasts a 5 star rating on multiple review sites, and customers seem happy with the services provided by them.

Avena Solar is a legitimate company that prides themselves on their customer service and budget installations, making solar more affordable for more people.


Aneva Solar Maintenance

Aneva Solar only uses products that offer 10-20 year warranties, and are very thorough with customer service and follow up.  They provide each client with a highly trained Project Manager that will be there throughout the entire installation and planning process. The Project Manager provides weekly status updates, and is in constant communication with their clients. They will usually come back out 3 months after installation to monitor and evaluate the solar panels.

Avena solar are a very easy company to get in contact with.  All of their contact details are available on their website and social media accounts. They even have a highly responsive chat-bot on their website.



The SolarEmpower view

Overall, Aneva Solar provides a good quality, low budget option to assist people with solar installation.  Previous customers have been very happy with the service, products and follow up provided by Aneva Solar.

Aneva Solar is a large, well run solar installer.

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Service Areas

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Are Aneva Solar Trustworthy?

Yes, Aneva Solar have a very good reputation

Does Aneva Solar provide a good service?

Yes, Aneva Solar provides a quality service, using quality products and a fair price.

Does Aneva Solar a free consultation?

Yes. They will will provide a free consultation and a complete a roof evaluation on every home.

Aneva Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information

AZ ROC# 287715

9393 N. 90th street Suite 102/353
Scottsdale, AZ
Office Locations
747 W. Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite A104
Phoenix AZ

Aneva Solar User Reviews

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Robert Scheidt
Robert Scheidt
April 8, 2023
After receiving quotations from 5…
After receiving quotations from 5 companies in the Phoenix area, Aneva was hands down the right choice. I am a registered electrical engineer and did the technical research to choose the components that I felt were best. Aneva understood my requests and worked with me to provide a quality installation that has been working flawlessly for the last year. Costs were comparable or less per watt than all of the other companies.
Jack Trombetta
Jack Trombetta
March 18, 2023
I live in Tucson and…
I live in Tucson and have had my Aneva Solar system online for about 2 months, and the system is working great. The entire process with Aneva was very efficient. From start to finish, they communicated with Tucson Electric, my HOA, and any other outside agency required to get the system installed and approved. I didn't have to do anything. They listened to my solar needs and designed the system to meet my current and future growth plans. I know two other individuals that have Aneva Solar (one in Phoenix and one in Tucson) and none of us have had any issues whatsoever. There are so many companies out there doing solar that you can drive yourself crazy trying to pick one. Just skip right to Aneva and know that you will have a seamless experience and state of the art equipment that is supported by them, not a third party agency. I highly recommend them.
Bruce Chisholm
Bruce Chisholm
January 21, 2023
Aneva professionally installed our…
Aneva professionally installed our solar almost two years ago. we have had zero problems. We highly recommend Aneva. The sales people were great. No high pressure sales pitch. The installers were fantastic. You will be happy when you chose them to install your solar.
Patrick Daley
Patrick Daley
January 20, 2023
Aneva Solar installed our solar…
Aneva Solar installed our solar system 2 years ago.
It has worked out exactly as Aneva Solar projected.
This past year we paid nothing for electricity, receiving a little over $400 check from APS for electricity APS purchased from our home.
The installation was precisely as Mark and team presented it and was hassle free from our perspective.
We highly recommend Aneva Solar.
Cindy Walpole
Cindy Walpole
November 21, 2022
Aneva was recommended to us…
Aneva was recommended to us by our neighbor. We chose them to install our solar because they were professional, communicated well and no high-pressure sales pitch.
Ashley was our representative and she did a great job explaining their system and answering our questions about Aneva's product vs. others we were looking at.
Buddy was the project manager for our installation, and he did an excellent job in communication and ensuring we were happy with the installation.
We felt we received a good value for our money and the follow-up after installation has been excellent.
We would recommend Aneva to anyone interested in purchasing solar for their home.
Emily Kirkland
Emily Kirkland
September 22, 2022
Great experience, very professional and…
Great experience, very professional and on top of things. Our system has been up and running for 3 months now.
Lisa Berkson
Lisa Berkson
September 15, 2022
Great experience with solar panel…
Great experience with solar panel installation. I would highly recommend recommend
Alex Pinhasov
Alex Pinhasov
August 10, 2022
Aneva is a great company….
Aneva is a great company. Everyone I have dealt with throughout the entire process has been excellent. I initially received multiple quotes from a number of solar contractors. Not one offered what Aneva had to offer. I would definitely get a quote from Aneva If you’re in the process of finding a solar installer.
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason
June 15, 2022
I worked with Herb on…
I worked with Herb on my home solar project. They spent a lot of time in the design, tweaking for efficiency, install, and follow up. They were always ready to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend them, especially vs some of the hard-sell solar vendors that knock on your door.
Dan Algarin
Dan Algarin
May 22, 2022
All the Folks at Aneva…
All the Folks at Aneva are so Nice and Helpful, From Garrett to Herb to Buddy and his crew, and Natalie was very helpful also explaining the billing. I spoke with Herb the most, he answered a million questions (still does 5 months later when i call)
We looked all over for the RIGHT solar, we found scams, and shoddy reps and then we found Aneva, great Reputation and reviews. I have to talk a bit about Buddy and his guys, omg ! so nice, polite, their knowledge of what they are doing is impressive... they will explain it to you ! they did not leave a mess or any bits. Buddy came when the city inspection was done and walked us through the turn on.... so fun and we are saving so much money !!

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