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Updated on 2023-07-01


AltWays is an independent solar agent that services all of New Mexico and Florida. They are the leading agent in all of North Florida. Their mission statement is to connect solar customers with a variety of solar businesses, including manufacturers, installers, utility companies, educators, government officials and environmentalists to ensure customers get the easiest installation possible and take advantage of all benefits and products available.

Representing all the leading solar companies, AltWays offers the unbiased expertise of the entire solar industry, and offers their services free to homeowners and businesses, which is valued at around $900. They have helped over 12,000 customers save on their bill, keeping 204,000 pounds of CO2 out of the air, saving the equivalent of 3000 trees greenhouse gas, so customers can be assured of their quality and commitment to green energy.


AltWays Products and Services

AltWays offer services to house, commercial and non-profit installations, as a team of solar professionals that will work closely with you throughout the entire process, from design,installation and beyond. Reviewers say they felt “guided through the process from the first sales meeting until the handover of the system.” 


Solar System Simulation: Using satellite imagery to survey your property, AltWays can create a cutting edge geospatial presentation of anticipation installation, which includes a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis based on your personal energy usage and bill. 


Inspection: AltWays has NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) engineering, and one of their engineers will come survey the properties, including the roof, or area you are putting the panels, and electrical grid to give you the best advice. They have over 15 years of solar engineering and 40 years of tech financial analysis. Past customers praise the analyses, saying the approximates are “right on target.” 


Quotes and Installers: Backed by the knowledge from inspection and electrical grid, AltWays contacts the companies they trust their customers with, and provides you with a variety of quotes to ensure you get the best deal. You will only ever deal with AltWays, so no cold calling sales pitches, and there is no pressure to buy after the inspection. You’ll receive detailed financial analyses, and if you decide to take a quote AltWays will help with the project oversight and coordination. Reviewers say their “effective coordination” helped “smooth some wrinkles in the process”, getting them the “great system wanted”. 


Battery Backup: Solar Power has come a long way in the last few decades, and it’s only getting more reliable. A lithium-ion battery integrates into your electric grid and holds excess power generated by solar panels. During power outages, it streamlines the energy to the critical sources, like fridges, and during extended outages works with a generator for optimal usage.


AltWays Costs

AltWays services themselves are free to home and business owners. But due to their connections across the solar industry, you get an unmatched variety of quotes across a variety of budgets. They guarantee you the best price available.# 

Their services extend past just the installation. If you’re interested in financing your PV solar system, AltWays can connect you with banks or national lenders, with terms as low as 3.99%, zero down payment and up to 20 years to pay. Solar panels return on investment for as long as 40 years, sometimes more, typically doubling or even tripling your investment. More than that, the installation adds value to your property as a homeowner. Bypassing property tax, it is one of the smartest and most environmentally friendly financial decisions you can make, and AltWays helps you maximise that process. 

AltWays understands that non-profit organisations face specific challenges, including not having direct access to the benefits solar can offer via income tax. Due to AltWays’ relationships to national funding, AltWays can offer non-profit organisations 15% off the standard price of PV units.


AltWays Legitimacy and Maintenance 

AltWays is first and foremost committed to green energy. They are a founding member of the U.S Green Chamber of Commerce North Florida Chapter, and can offer special discounts through this. All their customers speak of their “expertise”, with special mention to Matthew Herzog CEO. Herzog has previously worked for the largest distributor in the industry, and is NABCEP Certified, a PV Installation Professional (Certification # 032611-141) and a NABCEP Certified PV System Inspector (Certification # PVSI-072417-006718). This hands-on experience and expert knowledge allows AltWays to identify the best quality and prices for their customers, backed by trust. 

Solar panels do not require high maintenance. Primarily, keeping the panels clean is a must, as debris affects the conversion of sun to solar energy. If anything further is needed, customers say that the team “always answer questions”, and AltWays are there for you beyond installation. 


AltWays Overall

AltWays is focused on providing their customers with all the knowledge they need to create the best solar system for their own individual needs. Using their industry connections, they streamline the process, and maximise the financial benefits, with honest financial analyses.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar
Energy Monitoring System


Is AltWays worth it?

Yes! They make the process of comparing services, installation and project overview easier for their customers. You can go from contacting them to reaping the rewards of solar energy in a matter of weeks.

Are AltWays trustworthy?

Yes! They have years of experience, and are motivated by sustainable energy for all. They have vast connections across the industry, and leading knowledge that you can trust.

Are AltWays good to work for?

There are no reviews on AltWays as a place of work online, but as a forefront in solar with a focus on doing good, it appears to be a rewarding workplace.

Can you cancel a contract with AltWays?

You have three days to cancel a contract after signing, but double check your local laws. After that, the contract is legally binding, but contact AltWays for any further information.

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47 Water St.
Saint Augustine, FL

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