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Updated on 2023-02-02

Affordable Energy Concepts, Inc. Overview

Affordable Energy Concepts is a small enterprise that provides professional solar and electrical contractors that serve in the residential, business, non-profit, and community solar electrical cooperatives based in Madison Heights, Virginia. The company was founded in 2010. 

Business owner David Wall has honed in on energy efficiency and prioritizes environmentally sustainable methods and materials. Mr. Wall believes that adaptation and innovation are critical for success in this business. As a result, the company has received high praise from clients on two solar energy websites.    

Mr. Wall explained that the company started doing residential photovoltaic and thermal solar systems in addition to having a Class A license for plumbing and electrical. Today, the business mainly focuses on solar and electrical energy, holding a Class A license for both.



Affordable Energy Concepts, Inc. services and features

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The company specializes in solar photovoltaic installations and solar water heating for your home, business, or utility-scale project. Affordable Energy Concepts is a licensed electrical contractor and will ensure that the installation is done correctly the first time. Affordable Energy Concepts also offers: 


Grid-Tied Solar Battery Backup 

This battery backup helps when the grid has lost power, or when the sun hasn’t come out for the day. 


Off Grid Solar Battery Bank

This battery captures and stores the excess energy that has been created by the solar system and allows the lights to be kept on in the evening or when the weather is terrible, preventing good solar production. 


Battery Back 

Affordable Energy Concepts is trained and experienced in installing battery backups in the Lynchburg and Central Virginia areas. The company is certified and trained by multiple battery manufacturers, and offers a variety of lithium, gel, absorbed glass matt, partial state of charge, and lead acid batteries. 


Tesla Installations 

Affordable Energy Concepts are certified as a Tesla Installer and are able to assist with any Tesla-related products. 


Affordable Energy Concepts, Inc. Costs

The company offers a free estimate and solar analyst to assist you in finding the financing you need to reduce the upfront costs. 

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit allows you to receive a 26% tax credit when you install a solar energy system at your home. 


Residential Finance Options 

Affordable Energy Concepts offers a Solar Energy Improvement loan program through Green Biz Financial. 


Commercial Finance Options

C-Pace provides long-term, fixed-rate, and low-cost capital to commercial businesses for solar energy, energy-efficient new construction, or significant renovation projects. C-Pace may cover up to 30% of the overall property value but not exceed 95% CLTV. The financing option could be used for multiple energy-efficient improvements. 

The programs have been approved by the local government as well as passed by the legislature. Unlike other project financing, the borrowed capital is above senior debt and is repaid over time using a voluntary tax assessment on the property. 


Affordable Energy Concepts Legitimacy

The company is not BBB accredited. 

Affordable Energy Concept is a highly legitimate company with the following accreditations:

  • Class “A” license: 2705 101372A
  • SIC Code 17,173
  • NAICS Code 23,238210 
  • Class A license for plumbing and electrical.


Affordable Energy Concepts Maintenance

Affordable Energy Concepts offers the following services to maintain the integrity of your solar system over time.

  • Troubleshoot any issues that you may be experiencing with your solar energy system. 
  • Periodic solar system checkups to ensure the system is working efficiently. 
  • Upgrading your old solar system, Affordable Energy Concepts will be able to look at the system to ascertain whether there is room for improvement. 
  • Install any additional solar panels. 
  • Individual production check on your panel.
  • Solar panel cleaning 
  • Entire home energy audit 



The SolarEmpower View

Overall, Affordable Energy Concepts appears to provide excellent service with good quality products, as indicated by multiple customers. Furthermore, Affordable Energy Concepts goes the extra mile to assist customers with financing options. In addition, the price per watt is reasonable, making this a significant long-term investment.



Contact details:

Phone: (434) 929-1166

General Inquiries: [email protected] 

Address: 161 Dillard Rd., Madison Heights, VA 24572

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Service Areas

Select State:


Is Affordable Energy Concepts worth it?

Yes, your solar investment is guaranteed with a return on investment and immunity from utility rate increases while increasing the value of your property.

Does Affordable Energy Concepts provide good service?

Yes, the customer reviews have been extremely favorable, with customers saying that "the team did a great job installing our system of 16 panels" and that "the crew was very professional and the installation was performed smoothly. The contractors took care to restore the worksite after the completion of work."

Is Affordable Energy Concepts trustworthy?

Affordable Energy Concepts is not BBB accredited but has received high praise from its past customers and has multiple accreditations.

Can I cancel a contract with Affordable Energy Concepts?

According to the law, you can not generally cancel a contract with a company. Once you have signed it, if you would like further clarity on whether a contract has been signed, you can contact Affordable Energy Concepts or an attorney directly.

Affordable Energy Concepts Solar Details

Licensing Information

2705 101372A

161 Dillard Road
Madison Heights VA

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