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Updated on 2023-04-13


Ace Solar is a small-sized solar panel installation company located in North Andover, Massachusetts. It was founded in 2015 and has since been named among the leading solar contractor/developer firms in the New England area. 

At the moment, Ace Solar offers commercial, residential, and utility-scale installation services. The company has made a name for itself by being customer-focused and providing the best value possible. This approach has resulted in numerous positive reviews on the company’s website.



Ace Solar Costs and Processes

Ace Solar Costs

Verified Ace Solar customers have reported that although their quotation for the installation process wasn’t the cheapest, their outstanding work fit the bill. This is primarily because the company focuses on quality and not cost. As such, they only use top-tier solar panels guaranteed to last. In addition to their competitive rates and top-notch quality services, the company provides you with experienced staff.

With Ace Solar, you are offered four payment options:

  • Upfront purchases
  • Loans
  • Leases – leases are a 10-20 year commitment that allows you to go solar with little or no initial cost
  • Power purchase agreements (PPA) – this means that you can make payments upfront and finance the project with a loan. 

This option enables you to save roughly 10-30% from what you usually spend on electrical bills. Leasing also makes your federal income tax liability much lower than solar tax credit value. The lease bears a likeness to the power purchase agreement, which lasts for 20-25 years. With this payment option, the power generated by the solar panels is sold to you at a fixed rate, often lower than your utility’s rate. However, no incentives are generated with this option, nor will you receive tax credits. 

Taking into consideration the quality services and payment options offered by the company, we recommend Ace Solar for their pricing services. 


Ace Solar legitimacy

Ace Solar is indeed a highly legitimate company. Below are some of their working licenses:

  • It is licensed in Massachusetts and boasts of having some of the most qualified people in the industry as part of its team. 
  • Ace Solar’s licenses include Licensed Master Electrician, Construction Supervisor License, NABCEP Certification, Professional Engineer, and many more.
  • Ace Solar has come out transparent about its contact details and location, all on its official website, aiding ease of contact. They also provide a live chat section where you can inquire about their services. 

Our experts view Ace Solar as a reliable and legitimate company that provides top-tier services. Also, they are in partnership with Generac, the manufacturing company. The company’s numerous positive reviews and licenses loudly support its legitimacy. With 79.69 MW installed in 2021 and 301.92 MW installed, Ace Solar is a trustworthy choice.


Ace Solar Maintenance

Ace Solar provides customers with the necessary maintenance and care needed. Except for one or two disgruntled customers, the customer consensus is that the company is easy to contact even after installation. Additionally, all services were rendered within the stipulated time proposed by the company.

Customers also stated that the company was professional and easy to work with as they made the installation process stress-free with all the necessary permits, approvals, and plans in hand. To be more direct, Ace Solar takes care of all the paperwork. Customers also applauded the company for the design as it met their usage needs. These reliable services make Ace Solar a trustworthy and efficient company. 



The SolarEmpower view

Ace Solar appears to provide high-quality services at a competitive rate from top to bottom. Whether it is for residential or commercial purposes, Ace Solar is a good bet as they have years of experience in solar on brownfields, roof-mounts, landfills, schools, and more. Furthermore, the company’s legitimacy, top-level services, and quality customer care are reflected in various customer review databases.



Contact details:

Phone: (800) 223-1462

Address: 1600 Osgood Street # 2043 North Andover, MA 01845

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas


Is Ace Solar trustworthy?

Yes, they are. Ace Solar is licensed in Massachusetts and holds other certifications such as the NABCEP certification. The company has a standard procedure involving six steps. This procedure starts with a call from one of their experts to discuss your project, in which they will walk you through your solar options. This six-step procedure ends with your system successfully installed.

Does Ace Solar provide good services?

Yes! According to customer reviews and testimonials, the company provides good services. Also, the company focuses on quality and not quantity while being customer-focused.

Is Ace Solar worth it?

Yes, our expert analysis has found that Ace Solar is a reliable and excellent solar panel installation company for both residential and commercial purposes.

ACE Solar Solar Details

Licensing Information


1600 Osgood Street # 2043
North Andover, MA

ACE Solar User Reviews

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Clark Williams
Clark Williams
April 10, 2023
I had so many questions…
I had so many questions for the guys at Ace Solar, as going in I had many potential home projects on the table and not much of an idea of which of them were worthwhile. Ace did several rounds of modeling the impacts of tree removal (in the end it became clear it was worth removing all the pines casting shadows on the south roof) and then explored several configurations of panels as I tried to decide whether or not to relocate some roof instructions, whether to go with an inverter that supports a battery, etc. Despite my indecision, I never got the impression that they were losing patience with me, and Ace gladly provided me with all the information I could wish for to make informed decisions.

The final system is easy to monitor and producing lots of clean energy. Couldn't be happier!
Ward Bowman
Ward Bowman
March 23, 2023
Install team is excellent, but…
Install team is excellent, but once you have an installation expect to be ignored. Months to get someone be to look at your system, and then you have to be the one pushing for updates. Expect 2+ months for answers and expect them to not deliver on what they say.
5 stars to sell and install.
0 stars for post installation support.

Updating 2/27/2023: Ace reached out to me and indicated the PV system has worked the whole time I have had the system, which is mostly true (almost 1/2 were not connected even though I was paying for them while waiting for the batteries), they seemed to forget that I have both a PV and battery system.

The battery system was down 5 months of last year, it was installed in March, failed in June. This is where the review comes from. 2 months to get someone to answer, and then come out to look at the batteries. This had direct impact to the value of a battery system with the Connected solutions intiatives.
Best of all, batteries seemed to be acting up again today.

Will update as more info is found about Batteries year 2.

Update 03/23/23: Still no updates. Possible finally coming out to look at problems in 6 weeks. That is for the problems reported Sept 2022. Ace also backed out of commitments due to questions from 2022. With additional emails and their support team saying they haven’t seen any problems. Sure system isn’t and didn’t work, but no problems on Ace’s part.
William Bannister
William Bannister
October 20, 2022
Very satisfied with the installation…
Very satisfied with the installation and performance of the system. System output actually exceeds my expectations. Ace Solar has followed through with all all contracted requirements. I would use again without hesitation.
Ss Zhao
Ss Zhao
August 29, 2022
If you have issues after…
If you have issues after it is installed.. Good luck.. They have been delaying my case weeks by weeks.
michael schmidt
michael schmidt
June 21, 2022
We’ve used ACE Solar to…
We've used ACE Solar to install close to 30 panels almost 5 years ago. They still look the same as back then and continue to produce the expected amount of solar energy. We haven't had any issues so can recommend this company. No energy bills and a cleaner environment is the way to go!
Moe L
Moe L
May 13, 2022
I couldn’t be any happier…
I couldn't be any happier with my solar installation from ACE Solar. From the start, they responded to my e-mails and calls within hours and took time to answer all of my questions. They handled the entire process, from design to permits to installation to utility company interface, quickly and efficiently while I was away. They took care of setting up the SRECs with a broker and followed up with me on numerous occasions after the installation. The entire process was seamless and quick. Oh, I just received my first electric bill since the installation; it was a credit balance for $28.32. Awesome!

EDIT: It is now May 3, 2022 and my system has been down since January (almost 4 months). The problem has been a faulty inverter but despite repeated communication with Ace Solar, they have not responded. I have incurred significant electric bills from the local utility and have lost the ability to generate SREC credits. The initial installation was great but their follow up service STINKS. For this reason, I've reduced my review from 5 stars to 1 star. I'll be happy to update when and if I hear from them.

UPDATE May 13, 2022: Ace finally replaced my inverter on May 10 & 11. I have a newer, updated model and the technician reset the gateway as well. I am able to view the system in real time on the app once again. Although I'm disappointed at the length of time until repairs were made, I've learned that the solar energy industry is not immune to global supply chain issues. Ace did a good job in effecting repairs. Thanks!

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