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Updated on 2023-02-02

ABENDER Overview 

Targeting technically-challenging installations nationwide, by their own convictions, Abender is proclaiming to have designed and installed numerous unique solar PV systems since their inception in 2017. Serving residential (and commercial) installations in Western PA and South Florida, the team is marketed as having expertise in structural engineering and overall solar PV system optimization. Abender also provides other green lighting alternatives for the reduction of energy consumption. With offices in Florida and Pennsylvania, they are seemingly strategically located to serve the entire US with a particular focus on the East Coast.


Business Background

Offering 5-year warranties, including a 5-year leak-proof warranties and labour for any repairs caused, this company claims to give the best of both worlds: technical excellence and personal attention. Affiliations and certifications this company hold include the likes of an Electro-Mechanical Engineer from UCLA, an Electrical Contractor from Pittsburgh PA, and a Florida State Electrical Contractor. Abender is proud to make mention of their certified electrical contractors with solar energy expertise and formal engineering know-how.



Abender Services and Specifics

With expertise in both electrical and structural engineering, Abender aren’t shy to say they have a team of state certified electrical contractors with solar energy expertise and formal engineering knowledge. In handling the entire process, themselves, from permitting to final inspection, this company means no lost productivity. With expertise in IEC code compliance, and overall solar PV system optimization. 


Solar Panels and services offered by Abender 

Solar Electric PV Systems

With little known particulars about the type of solar panels they use and which manufacturers that entails, the only solid details to be found is the fact that Abender designs and installs Solar Electric PV Systems. These photovoltaic cells, convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaics (often shortened as PV) gets its name from the process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage), which is called the photovoltaic effect.


Installation Costs and Processes

In Pittsburgh as with Abender, solar panels cost customers around $3 per watt on average. If opting for this company, you as a homeowner would need a 7.0-kilowatt system costing around $13000.  As per the testimonial of one happy solar client, owner Daniel Camacho met with them immediately and spent ample time answering any and all technical questions. 

Assisting in all aspects including the paperwork needed for a PA solar energy grant and all the permitting, the entire installation was completed in a span of five days.  Regarding the installation process, Abender evidently follows-through on their handling of the entire process. Promulgating peak responsibility and no lost time, this company means lower costs and more value for your money. Whether this is entirely true, is tackled more thoroughly in the next section.


Abender Legitimacy

As per the testimonial of an Abender customer, he needed a larger sized array, but didn’t have the roof space. After seeking the right solar panel solution, he came across Dan Camacho. Dan guided this customer through the options while also educating on the pros and cons of each. A ground mounted design was chosen for the main array with 12 additional roof panels. His ground mount design left our yard fully usable, being high at its lowest point. 

As per the statements of this customer, the crew could not have been more thorough with their provisions. Where Dan paid particular attention to the design aesthetics for every step of the installation, the end result was something to be proud of. Described as friendly, respectful, and trustworthy, this customer clearly has no hesitation about recommending Abender.


Abender Maintenance

In recommendation of Abender Corporation for any solar work, one particular customer characterized the work that was done as “meticulous”. Praising the maintenance team as an absolute pleasure to work with, this customer claims to have had no issues with their solar system that’s been up and running for 8 years.



In Conclusion

This review leans toward a positive overall score of Abender. With seemingly little room for errors and call-backs, it looks as though Abender is keeping up with their convictions regarding service and quality. They might want to up their game in terms of publicly available information on their offerings, though.

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation


Are Abender trustworthy?

As per the customer testimonial of one particular happy client, Abender successfully installed four different systems - all of which are working well. Stating that the team demonstrated advanced levels of flexibility on the installation, customers are indeed happy to promote the trustworthiness of Abender. However, with limited information on the company website, there is room for improvement on their side regarding public service options.

Are Abender good to work for?

With a total of only 8 employees in their commercial and residential sectors in unison, definitive employee statements are nowhere to be found.

Can you cancel a contract with Abender?

As per the state laws of Florida and PA, respectively, one cannot revoke a solar contract with Abender at any time.

Abender Solar Details

Licensing Information


7480 NW 17th ST #305
Plantation FL

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