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Updated on 2023-04-13


365 Solar was founded in 2016 and is located in Covina, California. 365 Solar installs solar systems and provides other critical services that people can use. This solar business takes an effective approach that helps them to stand out above the competition. They also service both residential and commercial clients.



365 Solar Services and Features

365 Solar Products

365 Solar offers a combination of solar products and services that are unmatched:

Solar System Installation: 365 Solar can install solar systems quickly and efficiently


PV Solar Panels: 365 Solar offers PV panels which are nicely designed and of high quality. They also feature a special glass covering which helps protect them from adverse weather conditions, helping them to last longer. Some of the brands of solar panels include SunPower, Q Cells, and LG.


Solar Inverters: 365 Solar offers solar inverters that are efficient and serve as a vital tool within a solar energy system.


Energy Monitoring: This solar company can show you how to monitor your energy by use of devices that you may already use, such as a smartphone or computer.


Repair Services: Repair to products such as solar systems, panels, and other necessary equipment may be able to be made.


Covina solar professionals can set up and install solar systems, in addition to many other valuable services within a short amount of time. 365 Solar services the Covina area and may service surrounding areas depending on distance.



365 Solar Process and Cost

365 Solar Costs

365 Solar has a goal of helping people save up to 50% of the costs of what they pay every month on electricity. They show people how it’s possible to begin getting a return on their solar investments. 365 Solar has leasing available for their solar systems. They also have options available for no money upfront to get started.

365 Solar walks people through the process every step of the way and works with customers to help them find the best route to take. The process can involve making an appointment, having a consultation, going over planning, and taking any other necessary steps until the installation has been completed. They aim to make getting solar simple, so that you can focus on more important things when it comes to transitioning to renewable energy. 


365 Solar Legitimacy

365 Solar may be a legitimate solar company, although more information is needed in order to get a better understanding about them:

  • We could not find any information on accreditation for this business.  
  • We also did not locate any details on licensing.
  • 365 Solar has contact information including an address, phone number, email and contact form on their website in order to get in contact with them. They also have some social media methods from which they can be contacted. People found communication with 365 Solar to be clear and that the company was good at helping them to understand more about the process.
  • 365 Solar expresses partnerships with SunPower, Enphase Energy, and LG.


365 Solar Maintenance

365 Solar offers a 10-year warranty for the service and work that they do, as well as a 25-year warranty for the solar panel output. 365 Solar also has a guarantee, for added security when it comes to trying their services out. The company may also be able to help with follow up so that consumers can maintain their solar products. 365 Solar can also be contacted if any issues with the solar system should arise.

Many reviews acclaim to have had good experiences with this company. 365 Solar is customer oriented and sees the importance of putting customers first, which reflects in many of the positive reviews that we’ve observed. This company has a ton of great reviews from people that were impressed with their services. Many reviewers liked the speed in which they worked, friendliness, workmanship, and so many other good things that people have had to say about them.



365 Solar Summary

365 Solar aims to go just beyond installing products. They strive to impact people in a way that really has an effect on their lives. As a result, this would be a good solar company to consider.



365 Solar Contact Details:

Phone: +1 (626) 672-1668

Address: 20474 Carrey Rd., Walnut, CA 91789

Email: [email protected]

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:
Los angeles


Is 365 Solar trustworthy?

365 Solar is a trustworthy solar company. They have met many of the considerations that help to reflect what it means to be a trustworthy business.

Is 365 Solar good to work for?

We’ve found a few reviews on what it’s like to work for 365 Solar.  Some of the reviews from people that have worked for 365 Solar express negative experiences with management, the workplace, and leadership. As such, it’s important to consider looking more into this company before making a decision to work for them.

Can I cancel a contract with 365 Solar?

We did not see any information about if 365 Solar allows cancelled contracts. However, you can find out more about their contract policies upon directly contacting the company.

365 Solar Inc Solar Details

Licensing Information


20474 Carrey Rd
Walnut, CA

365 Solar Inc User Reviews

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March 25, 2023
Wanted to drop this one…
Wanted to drop this one star review for anyone considering this company. Don't use them, run! I will update and expand this review in very much detail in next two days but for starters issues top to bottom. Company costing me a lot of money at this point. System STILL not working over 2 months out from the supposed finish of install. Promised install would be done before new year. Nope. Damaged my property then didnt tell anyone or offer to fix it until I called the manager. Have had to miss many days off work for me or school for wife costing money to have them back to "fix" issues and they leave still not working. Routinely don't show up at all or don't show up until 4-8 hours after appointments.

Again I will give full synopsis and call out the problem players in next couple days. I've had enough. I'm also contacting the better business bureau.

UPDATE: still trying to work out issues with this company to avoid going to court. but hope that says enough. still plan to update with more info, pictures, and details. again if you are on the fence, dont, or contact me before you do and ill be happy to tell you the facts
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz
January 18, 2023
Great service! I had a…
Great service! I had a great experience with this company from the start and will never go anywhere else. I have NEVER met anyone who loves solar energy like Bekka does.
The Life of Vonyeè
The Life of Vonyeè
January 10, 2023
Kirstan Witt has great customer…
Kirstan Witt has great customer service and a pleasure to speak with and very informative!!
Bekah Carswell
Bekah Carswell
January 10, 2023
Such a great company to…
Such a great company to work with! Kennedy had awesome customer service and the install team worked quickly and efficiently! Would recommend to anyone who is looking to go solar.
R Emery
R Emery
January 10, 2023
Great company…
Great company
Kim Alleva
Kim Alleva
January 10, 2023
Amazing experience. Anthony Venezia was…
Amazing experience. Anthony Venezia was the most professional and experienced in all things solar. Highly recommend!
T Lanez
T Lanez
January 10, 2023
Recently had the pleasure of…
Recently had the pleasure of trying the solar panels and I’m very happy with the results of money saved. Planning on upgrading my parents house to solar panels as well great company to go wit
S Witt
S Witt
January 10, 2023
Kirstan has great customer service,…
Kirstan has great customer service, very friendly.
Zac Karvon
Zac Karvon
January 10, 2023
Nothing but good experiences with…
Nothing but good experiences with this company. They're very easy to work with and super friendly.
Bethany Philips
Bethany Philips
January 10, 2023
Great customer service, and very…
Great customer service, and very good work! I'm very happy with my solar system installed by 365 Solar Energy!

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