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Updated on 2023-04-13

1 Sun Solar Overview

1 Sun Solar is a large solar provider in Las Vegas. The company was founded in 2007 and provides various energy-saving and green energy alternatives, like solar installations and LED lighting options. The highly skilled team brings in-depth knowledge to every project. The company’s annual revenue is estimated at around $6 million, making them one of the larger providers in the field. 

The team is committed to providing residential and commercial property owners with a range of solutions to living more energy-efficiently and thus being kind to themselves and the environment. The company is able to handle projects of all sizes. 

There are only a few reviews available on the brand. While these reviews don’t leave an excellent rating for the provider, it is vital to note that the reviews related to installations have achieved 5* rating. All 1* reviews refer to their sales and marketing team trying to sell their solutions to clients who aren’t interested. 



Solar Panels and services offered by 1 Sun Solar

Specific Solar Panels Offered

The company doesn’t explicitly state what solar panels they prefer. Still, the brand has partnerships with some of the most reputable manufacturers, such as LG Solar, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, and SolarEdge Technologies. 


Specific Types of Solar offered

The company offers solar installations to residential and commercial properties. It also provides the installation of EV charging stations, enabling its clients to charge their vehicles with solar power. 


Residential Installations

The team has the skills and experience to take care of every aspect of your solar installation. The company’s service portfolio includes every step, from design to sourcing the most advanced equipment and careful installation. The team prides itself on offering its clients access to the most advanced technology. As they have licensed engineers on their team, they will ensure your solar installation is of the highest standard. 


Commercial Installations

Owners of commercial properties can enjoy many benefits from this advanced saving solution. With a 25-year warranty on its products, opting for solar indeed turns into a long-term investment. As with residential installations, the team also offers premium products and excellent workmanship. 


Monitoring Services

1 Sun Solar will monitor the technology their clients depend on to ensure optimal power generation. The company has the needed technology to take care of monitoring remotely. As part of this solution, they advise clients on how much energy they produce and alert them as soon as their system becomes less functional. 


Administrative Support

Getting the necessary paperwork in place can be a major headache for most clients. So, this team takes care of completing rebate and grant applications. They help their clients to access every incentive available to make these installations more worthwhile. 


Off-Grid Solutions

The company helps clients free themselves from the grid through this option. The team has all the knowledge needed to supply and install sufficient energy-storage options to ensure convenience even off the grid. Energy storage capabilities remain the determining factor in getting off the grid. They can offer this solution through the brand’s partnerships with trusted manufacturers in the field. 


EV Chargers

The company can install home-charging stations necessary to charge vehicles at home. This is one of the most advanced green energy solutions available. They offer these installations at both commercial and residential properties. 



Installation costs and process 


Nowhere on the company website or in the reviews on the brand is there any mention of affordability. Thus, we can only assume it is reasonably priced but not exceptionally affordable or cost-effective. 



1 Sun Solar doesn’t have a BBB rating. Yet, the brand appears to be legitimate based on the following observations. 

The company has licensed business incorporation and electrical contractor numbers. 
It belongs to the Solar Energy Industries Association.
The brand belongs to Green Alliance Nevada Energy Star Partners.
The company has been around for more than 10 years, 
The company website contains all relevant contact information. 
While reviews on the brand’s marketing strategy are harsh, those commenting on its products and services are highly complementary.  
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The range of maintenance solutions offered by the company is quite vast. It covers their solar installations and LED systems to reduce power consumption further. When it comes to solar, the team provides the diagnoses of low-performing systems and preventative, corrective, and inverter maintenance. They’ll also take care of solar panel cleaning, and they do so for both residential and commercial properties.



The SolarEmpower View

The solar provider has been around for longer than many others in the field. During this time, it appears it has set itself up for success. The brand has grown substantially, earning a feasible annual revenue. It doesn’t come across as if there is any reason not to trust the brand. They offer a complete service, taking care of all residential and commercial energy needs. It offers premium products and backs its trust in the quality of solutions and workmanship they provide with reasonable warranties. 

💲Cost: 8/10 ✅Legitimacy: 7/10
⭐️Quality: 9/10 📞Customer Service: 8/10
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Contact details

Phone: 702 309 9300

Address: 2708 Highland Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

Email: [email protected]

Industry Certifications

ASES – American Solar Energy Society
ASES – American Solar Energy Society

Service Types

Solar Panel Installation

Service Areas

Select State:


Are 1 Sun Solar trustworthy?

Yes, there is no reason to suspect anything else. Even without being BBB rated, it appears that the brand generally has a good and trustworthy reputation.

Does 1 Sun Solar provide a free consultation?

Yes, clients can reach out to the brand via the company website to book a free consultation.

Does 1 Sun Solar provide a good service?

Yes, every review of their service is complimentary and strongly recommends the brand. Considering that the company has been around for longer than many other solar providers, we would’ve liked to see more positive reviews. Nevertheless, the ones we found were all good, except regarding the brand’s marketing strategy

1 Sun Solar Solar Details

Workmanship Warranty
10 years
Licensing Information

Business Incorporation: 26-1265932
Electrical contractor: 71332

2708 S. Highland Drive
Las Vegas, NV

1 Sun Solar User Reviews

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Allyson Arendt
Allyson Arendt
September 6, 2022
I don’t even have solar…
I don’t even have solar yet. This place is a scam. The people who came into my
home wouldn’t leave my house, wouldn’t offer me information on the solar program, and kept trying to get me to run my credit. The company called me just now trying
to get me to do solar. I told the guy on the phone about the two guys, he told me to repeat myself because he was eating. Then he said oh, that doesn’t sound like us. must be somewhere else. This place is a straight scam.
August 13, 2022
Louise and her team gave…
Louise and her team gave us the best service and the best savings out of 7 quotes. I didn’t have to pay a dime. I was given constant updates without asking. Would highly recommend them to my friends and family.
Craig Murphy
Craig Murphy
August 13, 2022
In the years I’ve worked…
In the years I’ve worked in the renewable energy industry… I have never known such a class act as Louise Helton and the team at 1 Sun Solar Electric.
This will sounds crazy, but for years I was hesitant to put solar on my property, even though I WORKED in the industry, believed in its benefits wholeheartedly, and helped others make the conversion! ?
That is, until I was blessed with a meeting at 1 Sun Solar Electric, and the opportunity to work with them.
I finally felt comfortable with a contractor, trusting that this team WOULD be around for the long haul in case I needed ANYTHING. They proved it to me time and again, job after job.
1 Sun Solar Electric has served the Vegas Valley for nearly 15 years, surviving longer than 95% of companies in this industry, empowers women in the construction industry, and has gone that entire time without a SINGLE complaint. That does not happen by accident.
I am not just a happy customer, I am a happy partner, and happy to help Louise in anyway I can. She embodies what this industry is supposed to be. Community service that can change lives, and the world, one home at a time. She helped me love solar again. I wouldn’t recommend any other installer if you are a resident or business owner in Clark County.
Lonny Hennessy
Lonny Hennessy
June 30, 2022
This might by the best…
This might by the best interaction I've had with any company in my adult life.
I bought my home with solar already installed, but received no paperwork on the installer. I'd called about a dozen different companies to see who installed it before getting to 1 Sun Solar. Louise picked up the phone to help me, and to say she was helpful is an understatement. Louise informed me that 1 Sun Solar did not install my system, but stayed on the phone with me anyway for TWENTY MINUTES giving me information about the make and model, pulling permits tied to my address to help me find the correct company, giving me warranty information on my equipment, and giving me tips on what might go out first and how to tell if everything is working properly. I've never had customer service like this
before. I was blown away. At this point, I think I might rather spend my money doing business with this company than taking advantage of whatever warranty I may have gotten from the original installer. Just an incredible experience, I'm so happy I happened to call.

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