RE+ Northern California Solar Event 2023

Updated on April 19, 2023

RE+ Northern California Solar Event 2023

We need to find solutions that can help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources while creating new jobs and helping people improve their lives. That’s why SolarEmpower is so thrilled to tell you that this year’s RE+ Northern California conference is almost here! This event will help you meet others dedicated to exploring alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. You’ll learn about new technologies that can help your company grow and have the chance to network with other professionals who share your passion for clean energy.

If you’re in the Californian renewable energy business and missed the last RE+ Northeast conference, you can now get a taste of what it was like. Not only is RE+ bringing the conference to your very own doorstep — Northern California — but they will be giving all revenue generated from the event to SEIA and SEPA. Ready to seize this chance to support the U.S. clean energy market? Please check out the table below.

RE+ Northern California Solar Event 2023

Event: RE+ Northern California
When: March 28-29, 2023
Who: Suppliers and buyers in the Northern California Solar and energy storage market
Where: Sacramento, CA
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If you’re like us, you can’t wait to get your hands on all the cool new technologies that’ll be exhibited at RE+ Northern California and meet the faces behind the top competitors in the solar energy industry. But what if you won’t be able to make it? Don’t despair. We’ve interviewed some of the top companies that’ll be exhibiting at RE+ Northern California and brought their insights to this article so you can stay in the loop.


FTC Solar – Ken Johnston (Account Manager & DG Business Unit Leader)

<b>FTC Solar – </b><b>Ken Johnston (</b><b><i>Account Manager & DG Business Unit Leader)</i></b>

– Can you tell us more about yourself and the company?

 FTC Solar (Nasdaq: FTCI) is collaborating with solar EPC company AUI Partners servicing the Distributed Generation (DG) market with faster delivery and installation times for sites under 20MWs. This collaboration will help our customers achieve maximum energy optimization by utilizing FTC Solar’s proven Voyager+ 2P solar tracker and AUI’s extensive experience in site design and construction.

FTC Solar is a leading global provider of solar tracker systems, technology, software, and engineering services. FTC Solar’s innovative tracker designs provide compelling performance and reliability, with an industry-leading installation cost-per-watt advantage.Founded in 2017 by a group of renewable energy industry veterans, FTC Solar is headquartered in Austin, Texas

AUI was formed in 1983 and is a full-service commercial and renewable energy contractor based in Fort Worth, Texas. AUI Partners offers the Solar Power and BESS Industries a team of construction professionals who are capable of providing turn-key services for all design and construction needs. AUI is capable to plan and fast-track schedules, without compromising quality and safety. AUI has also been recognized four years in a row by Solar Power World as a Top Solar EPC Contractor.

Ken Johnston leads the FTC Solar DG Solutions Business Unit. He joined FTC in July of 2019. Leading FTC team to develop and launch Voyager+ with primary responsibilities now are to service the DG sub 20MW market. Staring in Solar in 2016, Ken has experience in Utility, DG and Residential with various roles and companies including business unit management, sales, product management, program management and supply chain. Before solar, Ken spent over a decade in semiconductors. 

– Can you tell us what the main focus of your exhibition at “RE + Northern California” will be?

We are very excited to connect with more IPPs, developers and EPCs in California at Re+ Northern California to discuss our unique solutions for the Distributed Generation (DG) market. We are also looking forward to hearing the panelists discussion on key industry topics impacting California and nationally. 

– What are your upcoming plans in 2023?

Our focus for 2023 is to continue to meet with customers and spread our brand and solutions into the DG market. 

We are also focused on completing our launch into DG our newest product, Pioneer, which is a 1P tracker that will be an excellent complement to the highly successful Voyager+ 2P product. Pioneer offers higher power density, fewer foundation piles with continued focused on reducing construction costs and built upon proven Voyager+ technology. 

FTC also is rapidly moving forward with our domestic manufacturing production with our JV partnership Alpha Steel

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Continued market awareness of FTC Capital, a subsidiary of FTC and our internal experts in Project Finance, have established 3rd party financing solutions. These are compelling and vetted solution providers who offer rapid financing for sub-20MW projects. Current products include letters of credit support and sell/lease back financing. 

In addition, FTC is focused on building out ecosystem partnerships which include pre-qualified module supplier relationships to ensure project success. 

– What other events will you be participating in this year?

We will be participating in all the US Re+ events (Re+ Texas, Re+ South East, Re+ Mid-Atlantic, Re+ North America, Re+ Florida, Re+ Midwest) and Clean Power Conference in New Orleans. 

Come meet us at any of these events and we will be happy to walk you through our solutions offering and so we can get to know your company and your projects. 

– Do you have anything you’d like to tell our readers, regarding your services or solar in general?

FTC and AUI Partners are focused on sub-20MW market space and offer a compelling solution. With FTC’s 1p and 2p tracker’s  value of reduced construction times and increased energy yield, combined with AUI expertise with full EPC services, we provide a winning solution for our clients. We offer entire ecosystem solutions from trackers, to pre-qualified modules as well as 3rd party financing solutions. Together, FTC and AUI bring holistic and compelling solutions to our customers.

SiteCapture – Anna Brummett (Marketing Manager)

SiteCapture – <b>Anna Brummett (Marketing Manager)</b>

– Can you tell us more about yourself and the company?

SiteCapture is an end-to-end software for managing operational processes like project and property management and storing data relative to the job. We operate in the Solar, Real Estate, and Construction industry with applications in many other sectors, such as Pest Control, Geothermal Energy, and other field service industries.

– Can you tell us the main focus of your exhibition at “RE+ Northern CA”?

This year’s focus is on meeting new solar installer customers and demonstrating how SiteCapture can help their business. We are looking forward to meeting potential partners as we begin to expand and grow our partnership offerings.

– What are your upcoming plans in 2023?

We are rolling out a number of features intended to help solar installers be even more productive.  We’re also partnering with a number of other software providers to build seamless integrations to make it easier for customers to use these products together.

– What other events will you be participating in this year?

You can find us exhibiting at RE+ Las Vegas (September 11-14)!

– Do you have anything you’d like to tell our readers about your services or general solar?

SiteCapture isn’t a one-and-done fix; it’s an all-in-one, comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to help you from initial property inspection to ongoing maintenance. Our easy-to-use app cuts time and costs by helping teams become more efficient, spending 75% less time in the field. In addition, the software has been shown to drive down costs by 10-20%. As you grow, we grow with you, making it easy to scale from 5 to 5,000 users, by creating simple and repeatable processes for your teams to capture site data accurately the first time.

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