Interview with Dan Gawrych - Lunex Power

Updated on June 9, 2024

Interview with Dan Gawrych - Lunex Power


In today’s interview we have Dan Gawrych, CEO and President of Lunex Power.

| Can you please introduce yourself and maybe tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Dan Gawrych and I am the CEO and President of Lunex Power.

| Is Lunex Power your company?

Yes, 100% owner since inception.

| Were you a part of the solar world before entering this company, or is this something you just started out?

Yes, I’ve been working in the solar industry for over 15 years. I started out as a lead generator at a big box company called SolarCity. I instantly knew I wanted to be more involved and learned the design and engineering side of the business. Eventually I helped start someone else’s company and eventually built my own.

| What about your team? Do you have full time employees or work with contractors?

We have over 100 full-time employees. One of the things that makes Lunex Power unique is that we do not work with any subcontractors, we do all of the work in-house ourselves including, design, engineering and installation!

| Do you have a lot of competition over there?

Yes, there are hundreds of solar companies that exist in FL today. Specifically Tampa Bay.

| WE can say you’ve been in the business for a long time, right?

Yes, technically its not like we’re a new company, we’re on year 5. Definitely not new but not too old.

| Can you maybe tell us a little about the changes you’ve witnessed through these years? Changes that may have made your business (and the installation process) easier, harder, etc?

The financing options have gotten quite a bit creative over time (low interest rates, third party ownership etc.). At the same time a lot of competition has shown up due to the popularity of the industry – Roofing, HVAC and general home improvement companies are all trying to get on board with being able to offer solar as a product in their product line.

|While we’re on the subject of money… do people still think they have to be super rich to be able to afford a solar system?

It comes up quite often, thankfully now we have plenty of finance options available to negate the up front costs.

| What are your thoughts on the rest of the United States, about solar energy in general? And also, what are some of its major challenges?

The United States as a whole is far behind other countries in terms of deployment of renewable resources. Although effort is there to make it a bit more popular and acceptable, politics still plays a big part in how soon it’s adopted across the country.

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