Virginia Solar Incentives and Rebates

Virginia offers a range of solar incentives and rebates to encourage residents and businesses to install solar panel systems. These incentives include the Federal Investment Tax Credit, state-wide solar initiatives, and tax exemptions. 


The Federal Investment Tax Credit in Virginia

One of the most significant incentives for solar installation in Virginia is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC is a federal program that allows homeowners and businesses to claim a credit of 22% of the cost of their solar installation on their federal taxes. This means that if you install a solar panel system for $10,000, you can claim a credit of $2,200 on your federal taxes. The ITC is set to expire at the end of 2021, so it’s a great time to install solar panels and take advantage of this incentive.


The State Tax Credit in Virginia

Unfortunately, there is currently no state tax credit for solar installations in Virginia. However, the state does offer a range of other incentives to encourage residents to go solar. You can find more information about the state’s renewable energy initiatives on the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy website


State-wide Solar Initiatives in Virginia

One of the key state-wide solar initiatives in Virginia is the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) program. Under this program, homeowners and businesses that generate solar energy can earn SRECs for every 1,000 kWh of energy they produce. These SRECs can then be sold to utilities to help pay off the cost of the solar installation.

In addition to the SREC program, Virginia also offers net metering, which allows homeowners and businesses to receive credit on their utility bills for the excess energy they generate. However, it should be noted that Virginia does not conform to the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) which is the Federal rule for accelerated depreciation of solar systems.


State-wide Tax Exemptions in Virginia

Starting January 1, 2023, residential and agricultural solar panel systems will be exempt from local and state taxes in Virginia. This is a great incentive for homeowners and farmers to go solar and start saving on their electricity bills.


State-Specific Laws on Solar Easements in Virginia

Virginia also has laws on Solar Easements, which are legal agreements that allow homeowners to share their solar panel systems with their neighbors. These laws are outlined in Chapter 496 of the Code of Virginia and can be found on the Virginia General Assembly website


Net Metering in Virginia

In Virginia, the power generated by solar panels is credited to homeowners and businesses through net metering. This means that if you generate more energy than you consume, the excess energy is sent back to the grid and credited to your utility account. This can help offset the cost of your electricity bills and save you money in the long run.


Benefits of Going Solar in Virginia

By installing solar panels in Virginia, homeowners and businesses can enjoy a range of benefits, such as reduced electricity bills, increased property value, improved home resale value, and tax incentives. Going solar is also an environmentally friendly option, as it helps to reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions.



In conclusion, Virginia offers a range of incentives and rebates for homeowners and businesses to install solar panel systems. These incentives include the Federal Investment Tax Credit and state-wide tax exemptions. By going solar in Virginia, homeowners and businesses can save money on their electricity bills, increase their property value, and do their part to help the environment. Overall, going solar in Virginia is a smart financial and environmentally-friendly decision.




What incentives are available for solar power in Virginia?

Incentives available for solar power in Virginia include a state-wide net metering policy, tax credits, and rebates. More info available at SolarEmpower.


Are there any grants for installing solar in Virginia?

Yes, there are several grants available for installing solar in Virginia. These include the Virginia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program and the Virginia Solar Energy Development and Energy Storage Grant Program.


Is there a solar renewable energy credit (SREC) program in Virginia?

Yes, the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) Program is available in Virginia. It allows customers to earn credits for generating solar energy and selling the energy back to the grid.


Is solar power reliable in Virginia?

Yes, solar power is reliable in Virginia. Solar panels are designed to be durable and reliable, and solar energy is a renewable resource that is available in abundance in Virginia.


How much does it cost to install solar in Virginia?

The cost of installing solar in Virginia depends on the size of the system, the type of system, and the location. Generally, the cost of installing a solar system in Virginia can range from $10,000 to $30,000. Find expert reviews of verified solar installation companies in Virginia at SolarEmpower.