Oregon Solar Incentives and Rebates

Oregon is a state that is making significant strides in the area of solar energy. With a variety of rebates and incentives available to residents and businesses, it has never been a better time to go solar in the state.


The Federal Investment Tax Credit in Oregon

One of the biggest incentives available to Oregon residents is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This credit allows residents to claim a 22% credit on the cost of their solar system, making it a significant financial incentive for those looking to go solar.


State-Level Tax Incentives in Oregon

While there is no State Tax Credit in Oregon for solar energy, there are still a number of state-wide solar initiatives that residents can take advantage of. These include the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program, Solar Electric Incentive Program, and Solar Within Reach.


State-wide solar initiatives in Oregon

The Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program offers a rebate of up to 40% of the total system cost or $7,500. The Solar Electric Incentive Program provides a rebate of up to $1,200 or $900 for PGE and Pacific Power customers. Solar Within Reach offers rebates to PGE and Pacific Power customers in the amounts of $1.40 per watt (up to $8,400) and $0.70 per watt (up to $4,200). Additionally, the Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) offers a rebate of $0.40 per watt or $2,000.


State-wide tax exemptions in Oregon

In addition to these state-wide initiatives, residents of Oregon also benefit from fully exempt state-wide tax exemptions. 


State-specific laws on Solar Easements in Oregon

In Oregon, there is no legislation in place to establish and enforce solar easements, leaving it to property owners to come to their own agreements with neighbors.


Net Metering in Oregon

Power generated by solar panels in Oregon is credited through a process called net metering. This allows residents to earn credits for the excess power their solar panels generate, which can then be used to offset their electricity costs.


Benefits of Going Solar in Oregon

Going solar in Oregon has a variety of benefits, such as reduced electricity bills, increased property value, improved home resale value, and tax incentives. By taking advantage of the rebates and incentives available in the state, residents can save thousands of dollars on their solar system and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.



In conclusion, Oregon is a state that is making great strides in the area of solar energy. With a variety of rebates and incentives available to residents, as well as fully exempt state-wide tax exemptions, it has never been a better time to go solar in the state. So, if you’re thinking of going solar in Oregon, don’t hesitate to explore the many options available to you.




What types of solar energy are available in Oregon?

Oregon offers a variety of solar energy options including rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar, and solar water heating. Find out more info on the types of solar systems available in Oregon at SolarEmpower.


Are there incentives available for installing solar in Oregon?

Yes, Oregon offers federal incentives to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources, including solar. Find verified solar installation companies in Oregon.


How much money can I save by installing solar in Oregon?

The amount you can save varies depending on the size of your system, but the average homeowner can save up to $1,000 per year on their electricity bills.


What is the best type of solar panel for Oregon?

The best type of panel for Oregon is a monocrystalline panel, which is the most efficient and cost-effective option.


Is solar energy reliable in Oregon?

Yes, solar energy is reliable in Oregon. The state has an abundant amount of sunshine and the right conditions for solar energy production.